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  1. Dude, Ived been spamming trade chat telling people he's a liar. Nobody took notice I guess. He also begs on his low lvl alts in the main cities. Him and his little friend think they're cute. They scammed me when I ran them through Deadmines for cloth, they never gave me the gold for the run. More crying on the forums though, I'm sure they're eating this up.
  2. From the way you guys were responding it sounds like half of your team was split in Crow's very provocative suggestions. Seeing as he thinks all PVE is the devil's witchcraft I'm glad that you guys still disagree on throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Letting gear drop instantaneously isn't ideal, but farming in a group with a couple friends becomes very worthwhile now. Crow's Cache is something in-between. It is a compromise. Compared to the incredible claims of leveling up getting tier 50-60 acquiring your full tier one, the new drop rates in the world have seemingly brought it slightly closer to what Laughing Skull was when it launched. Getting gear from the Cache & farming in world in Dungeon Blues or Greens is more than viable for farming. After playing it for a couple days people are outside more than ever, and after explore the world more along with future events like this being added we could see a very very busy world guys. One where people wont be able to predict your next objective as a spying gank squad because there are so many things worthwhile to occupy yourself with. Crow inspires us all to 10v10 once again!!! The gold & gear that we donated for the Original Crow event was well worth it.
  3. Jizzelda


    <CAW!><CAW!> LOK'TAR OGAR <CAW!><CAW!> LOK'TAR OGAR <CAW!><CAW!> LOK'TAR OGAR <CAW!><CAW!> LOK'TAR OGAR <CAW!><CAW!> It's always been a pleasure Crow. Thanks for the help here and there, I really appreciate it. You always knew how to keep the server lively and pick people back up. Hopefully it will be a much less peaceful time when your stregnth is called for again, until then, I bid you adieu. It's gonna be weird not seeing that mongoloid orc in the Skyfury Helm outside Orgrimmar AH. Any ideas for the next spec you want to make when you come back? Anything you've yet to test or yearn to mix together? From Glass cannonery to Sustain damage with defensives, what have you always wanted to try out? <CAW!><CAW!> LOK'TAR OGAR <CAW!><CAW!> LOK'TAR OGAR <CAW!><CAW!> LOK'TAR OGAR <CAW!><CAW!> LOK'TAR OGAR <CAW!><CAW!>

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