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  1. This was a very isolated issue. The window of opportunity in which it occurred was roughly 10 minutes long. We were able to track ALL players online at the time, of which less than 10 were level 60, and thoroughly investigated them all. As to the other instance of something similar happening, it was a result of some players having a very specific aura no longer attached to their character. We were able to run a query and detect all players who did not have the aura and take the appropriate action. Keep in mind, the ONLY way to have this aura applied is character creation or manually added by a head GM. If a player lost the aura, it remained lost, which means 100% of those instances were detected and handled appropriately. The impact of these incidents is significantly smaller than people have made it out to be. We should have written up a briefing on this sooner! That will not be a concern for future merges. Future merges, will merge all characters simultaneously like we did towards the end of the Whisperwind < Shadowsong merge. We've resolved all the issues with characters being lost, items being lost. Everything in futures merges will transfer at one time to avoid these issues. The latency on Shadowsong was very real post-merge, and we've taken steps to mitigate these and have a few more we plan to take. Recompiling our server infrastructure to be more resilient has been a top priority in past week. Crashes were not related to the merge, they were just a result of poor management of some code merges on our part. We've recently hired additional core developers and made some adjustments to our release pipeline, seasonal realms have been reaching multiple days of uptime without any crashes now.
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  3. Unspent points do not rollover. Your Seasonal Points are reset to their maximum at the beginning of every season. If you have earned 100 SP throughout all seasons you will start the next season with 100 SP. It does not matter if you spent 1, 10, or 100 of them.
  4. VERY SOON! In the same month that rhymes with Mapril.
  5. You may or may not be seeing something along those lines in Wildcard season...
  6. I think this has potential. I like the idea of applying curses to items dropped in WPVP, and if the original owner equips them again the curse is removed. It would encourage selling people their gear back and mitigating how impactful dying is. We would have to really dive into this from a design perspective to see where it could fit and enhance the experience. Great suggestion. Thank you.
  7. Sorry Drobete! I was overly optimistic with my time last week. Rest assured you will get your DP and your articles will be viewed ASAP!
  8. Thank you everyone for the submissions and offers of translation so far! We will be updating the submission list and contacting people who have submitted an article ASAP!
  9. UO and Eve were both wildly successful and still running today. UO is older than some of the people commenting on this post and is still profitable. We have zero successful ffa pvp mmorpgs without a karma system to "follow in their footsteps" as 100% of those have failed.
  10. Just off the top of my head... Ultima Online Albion Online Darkfall Legends of Aria Tera Mortal Online Eve There has, to date, been ZERO MMORPGs with loot on death PvP that did not feature a Karma system and survived. Zero. I have literally played every single high-risk PvP MMO to come out in the last 20 years that made it to market. Consequences for your actions IS hardcore. Not only does it promote a hardcore environment, but the game is inherently unsustainable from a design and gameplay standpoint without these systems. Look around at the MMO market. The evidence is crystal clear.
  11. It was our first and last attempt at advanced AI for NPCs. As you can see, it got out of hand very quickly as the farmers started a family and had a great life until the ram's AI got crossed with a ghoul somehow. Ultimately, the entire experience proved too emotional for our AI team and they were spending more time counseling the farmers than they were coding. We just couldn't bring ourselves to totally remove them from the game after disabling their AI. Rumors have it that the farmers may still be growing their family on a local build, but we can neither confirm nor deny those rumors.
  12. Right now I would prefer to have multiple of the same articles(and we will award DP to each author that submits an article that meets our quality standards even if we don't select their article to be posted) so we can pick the highest quality or combine the best parts of each to best serve the community.
  13. We are getting some awesome submissions already, and we are looking for more! If you have submitted an article, expect a reply before the end of next week!
  14. Yes! All translations would be great
  15. Absolutely! We would reward DP for any articles you are willing to translate! Send me a forum PM with your Discord Name please.
  16. Are you a great writer? Do you love Ascension? Do you want to EARN DP for your Ascension expertise? The Ascension Team is looking for players with in-depth knowledge of Ascension and custom Ascension mechanics to create articles for our upcoming Ascension Wiki! What we are looking for in the articles: Rich media Videos Spell tool-tips Pictures Good Categorization Accurate and thorough explanations How to submit an article: Find an article that has not been Striked Through OR create your own article that you think would provide high value content for the Ascension Community! Create a google document titled: "Ascension Wiki - Name of Article" Share the google document with ascensionwiki@gmail.com using the Share button at the top right of the google doc At the top of your Document include: Email to contact you Discord ID if applicable Forum Name if applicable In-Game Name you would like author credit assigned to What happens after I submit an article? The Ascension team will review the article for accuracy and quality A team member will contact you with our decision or feedback We will publish the article on the Ascension Wiki and award your account DP If multiple submissions for the same article are submitted before the article is published we may take parts of both and award DP and author rights as appropriate. We will award between 10-50 DP per article based on quality and length. The Classless System Overview article is likely to be longer than the Purges article and we will award DP with that in mind. We are also looking for people willing to TRANSLATE articles into other languages. If you are interested in this drop a comment below with the language(s) you would like to translate. These are the types of articles we are looking for. In-Depth and more extensive articles, like Classless System Overview, we will be looking for the highest quality content and will award additional DP. Articles in bold will be worth more. Classless System Overview Low-Risk Realms High-Risk Realms Open World Drops and iLvL system Fel Commutation Cross Faction Gameplay Cross Faction LFD Mystic Enchanting - 1 article submitted. Accepting additional high quality articles. Raiding on Ascension Custom Raid Mechanics Raiding Guides 10 man 25 man AQ - 1 article submitted. Accepting additional high quality articles. Purges Stat Allocation Scroll of Unlearning Call Boards - Custom Dailies Keeping Evil at Bay Sanctioned Hunt Threat to Azeroth The Siege Heroes Call Call to Arms A Lesser Known issue Multi-Spec Tomes and Tome Collection Vanity Items Collection Ascension Racials Build Creator Good Starter Builds Glory System Karma System Outlaw/Neutral City Law Rep Murderous Intent Honorable Combat Respite Loot to the victor only Ascension Custom Items Gnomish Transpolyporter Gnomish Portable Post Tube (low risk only) ect World Events Blood Bowl Neutral Faction Teleporters Greedy Demon Hero Class Cross Faction LFD LFD Legendary REs Spoils of War Wildcard An Qiraji Invasions Notable Custom Changes Raiding Checkpoint System Seasonal Realms Seasonal Points Seasonal Collection Seasonal Challenges Hero Highlights Invoker Firestarter Darkguard Grove Warden Single target farming locations AOE farming locations Leveling Guides Crafting Guides New Player Guides
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  18. Wildcard mode offers an awesome mount for players who make it to 60! You can find all the details in this video!
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