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  2. Unspent points do not rollover. Your Seasonal Points are reset to their maximum at the beginning of every season. If you have earned 100 SP throughout all seasons you will start the next season with 100 SP. It does not matter if you spent 1, 10, or 100 of them.
  3. VERY SOON! In the same month that rhymes with Mapril.
  4. You may or may not be seeing something along those lines in Wildcard season...
  5. I think this has potential. I like the idea of applying curses to items dropped in WPVP, and if the original owner equips them again the curse is removed. It would encourage selling people their gear back and mitigating how impactful dying is. We would have to really dive into this from a design perspective to see where it could fit and enhance the experience. Great suggestion. Thank you.
  6. Sorry Drobete! I was overly optimistic with my time last week. Rest assured you will get your DP and your articles will be viewed ASAP!
  7. Thank you everyone for the submissions and offers of translation so far! We will be updating the submission list and contacting people who have submitted an article ASAP!
  8. UO and Eve were both wildly successful and still running today. UO is older than some of the people commenting on this post and is still profitable. We have zero successful ffa pvp mmorpgs without a karma system to "follow in their footsteps" as 100% of those have failed.
  9. Just off the top of my head... Ultima Online Albion Online Darkfall Legends of Aria Tera Mortal Online Eve There has, to date, been ZERO MMORPGs with loot on death PvP that did not feature a Karma system and survived. Zero. I have literally played every single high-risk PvP MMO to come out in the last 20 years that made it to market. Consequences for your actions IS hardcore. Not only does it promote a hardcore environment, but the game is inherently unsustainable from a design and gameplay standpoint without these systems. Look around at the MMO market. The evidence is crystal clear.
  10. It was our first and last attempt at advanced AI for NPCs. As you can see, it got out of hand very quickly as the farmers started a family and had a great life until the ram's AI got crossed with a ghoul somehow. Ultimately, the entire experience proved too emotional for our AI team and they were spending more time counseling the farmers than they were coding. We just couldn't bring ourselves to totally remove them from the game after disabling their AI. Rumors have it that the farmers may still be growing their family on a local build, but we can neither confirm nor deny those rumors.
  11. Right now I would prefer to have multiple of the same articles(and we will award DP to each author that submits an article that meets our quality standards even if we don't select their article to be posted) so we can pick the highest quality or combine the best parts of each to best serve the community.

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