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  1. as far as I remember it stops giving ex untill you reach the same level as you had it before.
  2. For laughing skull, just grind gold and buy the gear of Ah. In all honesty if you really want to do raids and pve content then you should go to andorhal as it's got a much more healthy raiding community. LS just finally cleared their first 25 man c'thun which Andorhal killed months ago.
  3. O boy did you not read what I wrote, I just said that. Second no twinking is barely a thing before the npc removal so it's not some "Long standing and diverse aspect" of ascension. third the power spike between 59 and 60 isn't that high, but allowing 60's to kill players 5 levels below them will be massivly unbalanced. fourth, your whole more power to the ganking point is invalid what if 5 level 59 twinks attack a 60 should that be balanced seeing as the 59's lose nothing from dieing when the 60 losing gear. tl;dr twinking is non existant before this change except for a few weeks back in 2017 (it died way before the npc was removed) and it's not something that really needs to be added as they'll have to balance a good amount of things so that what happened last time doesn't happen again.
  4. Andorhal isn't a ffa pvp with item loss tho.
  5. 59's kill 60's and loot drop. 60's kill 59's and loot doesn't drop that's why.
  6. they get transfered over to both realms after seasonal is over
  7. DoN't worrY I'm SuRe TheY dId FoRgEt AbOuT iT All rEaDy.
  8. seasonals are the most populated atm but they're wildcard so you can't make a build your self so much as it picks random abilitys for you, not to mention seasonal are temp servers as for the other ones, andorhal is the most populated servers for the majority of the year, and will probably be the best bet for pvp and pve content for new players.
  9. O god, no they're not MAKING TBC with wildcard in mind atm, they're focusing on making the content workable on the main realms. second wildcard may be added months after the release of tbc in a seasonal realm but in all honest they'll probably make a new different seasonal with different features. Also if you plan to go to the tbc, it's there to be tested so things will be broken, items reworked and your character will be wiped.
  10. SirGank

    Melee Healee

    no because it's really unviable in many aspects, such as the lack luster healing you'd do, or the lack luster dps you'd do. or the fact that you won't be able to heal priority targets.
  11. How about we have a completely different seasonal rather then anything to do with wildcard, seeing as the last two seasons have been wildcard. seasonals where made to be a sorta test server for new radical ideas that can't be added to the main realms.
  12. Pickable racials should be added asap, there really isn't any negative to it. I know somepeople will say "Well then everyone is going to pick it." so what that's a way better issue to have then one faction having an extra trinket at all times. 15% haste buff should be given to alliance, I'm sure the dev's could easily add the quest to alliance, removing would be a bad idea as some have said that people have grown accustomed to it and adding it to alliance won't piss anyone off. again these changes have been asked for by alliance for almost 2 years now. so I don't really know if the dev's will ever do it.
  13. no, on this server item drop chance is increases making elite farm the best way to grind for gold outside of selling dp or ah. i've made hundreds of gold an hour farming relatively easy elites that any fresh 60 can do. low level cash generation is barely an issue with the increased drop chance and xp gain you'll make more gold leveling rather then looking for chests. not to mention you can just always google the chest locations.
  14. weapon specialization is pretty strong to don't forget that, gnomes 5% int is good too. tho for end game pve horde orc is the best for dps
  15. Divine shield, cleanse, dispell magic can get rid of most of thos. 10% armor is really meh. Find teasure is a meme and no it's not a perfect for money making as just farming elites will make more money they teasure hunter will ever do. Oooo cold resistance wow what a meh racial. they might sound awesome to you but in practicality they're bad they don't help in raid much (10% armor is a bad cooldown for tanking, and 10 frost resistiance isn't used at all atm maybe in nax but i don't think it's going to be any real use.) making them worthless to majority of players once you hit 60.
  16. No not really a good idea, we're already seeing a problem with wildcard population draining (the server merges) and not to mention that WC has no possible way to really get past bwl, maybe if your luck you can do chrome and nef but aqt is very out of reach of wildcard so it will stagnate with content very soon once people get to bwl. and can you please tell me how people people on the main realms aren't different? untill someone no lifes it enough to get the perfect builds from scrolls and makes pvp unplayable as countering that person becomes next to impossible for a long time as you can't just change builds. So first, gear is super easy to come by with things like daily quests and if you find a good guild you'll be set with gear quickly. second gear isn't what makes builds in ascension it's re's as long as you have decent gear (mc/bwl gear) you'll do fine dps or what ever roll you want to do. so your reasoning for this is null.
  17. your probably had a link in it
  18. Well, not goingto say much on the build except there's a lot of things wrong. my advice would be for you to google how casters work and understand what the real valuable stats are for casters.
  19. I'm sure the dev's are working hard guys, they're probably working so hard on nax that they forgot to make a post about it on the forums or even say a single thing about it. There's no way guys that the dev's would focus on the seasonal over naxx that wouldn't the best idea for long term play ability they've already learned their lesson with AQT last year I'm sure they'll tell us next week that Naxx is ready to be released bug free and tbc will arrive 3-6 months afterwords. Just have patents guys the dev's have learned their lesson totally. I mean surely they won't do anything like push naxx farther down the timeline with classic coming out so soon. because we all know that the private server community isn't into FRESH content.
  20. Shouldn't be the ones in lake shire stay green till like 85+
  21. SirGank

    No 2x DP

    Think it ended on sunday, any either ways it tells you before you buy how much you'll get so if you saw it the value say 25 and still bought it then it's on you.
  22. Why wouldn't it be possible, I've run ascension through a flash drive before. same thing really.
  23. 20% physical damage, Yikes that way to overpowered, that's like the equivalent of having a death wish up at all times. in all honesty hybrids don't need buffs at all, they're already the highest dpsers in the game.
  24. Rip. ask that person if they want to be nice, but that's all on you bud.

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