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  1. In all honesty it's brought way more players then it has taken from the main realms. and it doesn't matter what you do as wildcard or any game mode will all ways lose player's you can't have a 100% attention rate for games at all time.
  2. I know, but if some new player looks at his post and see it they might think that two different servers merged and formed Andorhal, now this might not be important but I believe it is because people need to understand the staying power the andorhal has had and the importance of it that it's the only server that's managed to stay alive sense ascension went out of beta.
  3. Andorhal was never a merger of two servers, it's the first server ever to be released when beta was out. Yes there where other servers that where made when ascension wow got a massive population boost back in early 2018 but that was extra servers made to manage to population that where merged into andorhal once the population became more manageable.
  4. I'd dissagree, it's pretty clear that a lot of people like wildcard, you might not like it but that doesn't stop many other people from enjoying it and more importantly bringing in money to the dev's. which I mean isn't a bad thing seeing as they need money to keep the servers running and pay the staff.
  5. At this point it's easy to see that your a bad troll, or your a really disillusioned Ls player that can't except the fact that it's a dieing realm.
  6. Because majority of players in the merger are in Andorhal and we don't want the hybrid risk system, it introduces a lot of negative things. such as no soul bound items meaning it devalues raids as anyone can just buy extra gear from guilds that are farming it. it will also ruin the economy look at seasonals with people having 10's of thousands of gold. Andorhal players care alot about how they got their gear and the reputation that it gives as it means that your guild is clearing endgame content. infact devaluing raid gear is one of the problems that Retail wow has and it's a major one.
  7. my bad, saw you and jin figured a few more andorhal players where helping with different names. I'll take it back.
  8. Think you posted in the wrong thread.
  9. Lol no I'm not even a pvper. nor do I play any caster spec.
  10. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Laughing skull is the dead server mate, it's got 1 raiding team and they just barely manage to kill c'thun 25 man with half their roster being andorhal players. This right here is a classic agenda andy. For anyone who might be fooled by this guys lies, the fact is andorhal is actually very lively and growing daily, they have multiple raiding teams (Way more then LS has) and a decent influx of new players. while laughing skull has been suffering from a population problem for almost a year now and barely able to sustain it self.
  11. Lol what? andorhal is the most dead?? have you actually been on the realm there are people leveling, multiple guilds with active members 20 players On the realm Lol there are more then that in FL leaders please show some proof with this laughable accusation. And there are a hell of a lot more then 3 guilds, I can think of at least 10 guilds off the top of my mind, each raiding and having a decent to great number of players active. Yikes, so you make more baseless accusations, don't back up anything you said except with maybe anecdotal evidence and think your right lol. Also still waiting on the proof that my points are invalid you gonna show any proof on that or is it another baseless accusation just like everything else. Sure wildcard is liked but it's also dieing because it's a game mode not meant for long term play and has massive problems with it that will be realized once people start going into bwl and can't pick the required ability's. and for a little information, Andorhal is one of the most active servers in majority of the year, while all other servers have been merging together (there have been two highrisk servers already) andorhal has had a stable and growing population. And yes multiple raid teams means a lot it means that the endgame is active and alive something that is vital to any private server, a active leveling scene means nothing if the endgame content isn't being played, because that's when a server is dead. So I ask again, please provide some back up to your claims rather then just pull things out of thin air. because right now it shows you have now idea what your talking about.
  12. Mate, the whole point of wildcard is to get random abilitys and make the best of what you get, you can make any build viable as long as you have one decent ability. any dps spec just needs one damage ability. ect ect. also unless your going as a healer you don't really need a heal to be viable in endgame.
  13. What, you metaphor is absolutely nonsense. Your asking to make wildcard less random and more controlled so that the player can customized their build a bit more, this is exactly the opposite of what wildcard is. Please explain to me how allowing players to pick their first 4 ability's work with the concept of WILDCARD. the whole concept of wildcard is to have random abilitys and you try to make the best of what you got, allowing the player to increase the odds of an ability they want reduces the overall concept of wildcard. so I say again if you want more control over your build go play the main realms.
  14. the 20 most popular mmos means nothing in the context we are talking about. Look at the 20 most popular private wow servers, they're all or most all PVP SERVERS. historicly private wow servers that aren't pvp have been on a extremely low population that means that the income the server generates is verrry low. now taking in account ascension wow's population, adding a server for a EXTREMELY MINOR portion of the community would cause ascension wow to lose money with that server. Please explain to me why that's a good idea. how will the sustain the server for such a smaller amount if any income generation.
  15. Dev's should never of made multiple servers, not only was it a short term fix it was a waste of resources, imagine how many hours of development was lost when they had to spend a few days merging and fixing the merg between the seasonal s. not only that it doesn't fix any problems in the long run, what if the next seasonal is just as successful or even more so, will they add more servers and have more problems with merging later down the line or instead improved the servers so that they can handle bigger amounts of population.
  16. So, please tell me my points are invalid would love some proof that they are. And also tell me how my points aren't backed up. Wildcard is a mode for ascension that's chooses random abilities for the player and it's up to the player to make the best of the abilities they have where exactly is that false, Tell me how both legacy realms are dead. andorhal has a pretty good population right now with multiple raid teams doing AQT content would you like to back your claims up or are you just going to pull stuff out of thin air? Wildcard is dieing because like most seasonal servers in ascension the appeal of wildcard is limiting, no amount of changes will fix wildcard as the whole idea of it isn't made for long term sustainability. But please prove me wrong with anything I've said.
  17. Sounds like someone wants to multi box
  18. Holy shit no, do you even know how much 75-50% damage would be like, that would be stupidly overpowered, just allow it to use the off hand along side the main hand would already make it a strong re for cretin builds. it doesn't matter if off hand damage does 50% less, you can talent to pretty much remove that damage penalty, and to make it hit 75% harder after that on 1 handers Yikes. with just that re alone and talent off hand damage you can get up to 172.26% damage increase on heroic strike, for off hand.
  19. I don't understand why people are trying to make wildcard less random, If what you want is to make a more customized build then go to andorhal and LS. THE WHOLE POINT OF WILDCARD is to have all your abilitys random and you try to make the best build that you can with it.
  20. 1: Your playing wildcard mode, if you want to pick and choose your abilitys go play andorhal or ls. 2: Again your playing Wildcard mode, if you want to pick and choose your abilitys then you should go play andorhal or ls. 3: they should remove them and not introduce any ability to change spells once you get them. 4: there already is a limited amount of character slots. I think it's a bad idea, they should make it so there's no rerolling possible that's another way to fix the overload of the starting zone, yes people will just remake their characters but much less amounts of people will do it as they can't just afk roll. The whole point of wildcard is to get random abilitys and make the best of what you got, allowing players to pick and choose what abilitys goes completely counter to the whole seasonal idea, if you want to have more control over your build go play andorhal or LS.
  21. SirGank

    Scroll of Choosing

    Mate, that's the whole point of wildcard is you get what you get and you make the best of it, don't like it go to andorhal or ls.
  22. SirGank

    Wildcard future.

    Wildcard is all about having your abilitys random and making the best out of them, if you want to change that then just go to andorhal or LS.
  23. Ascension is an English only, there is Russian translation but you're still only allowed to use the English language in world or any chat. except maybe guild chat.
  24. There will always be a spec that's the strongest in pvp and people will all start playing it because they want to be min/max as possible in pvp, if they nerf dots then another build will take it's place, get used to it.
  25. Sucks that you got ganked, what realm where you playing if it was seasonals then you choose to play on a ffa hybrid pvp server and that's your own fault. point being PvE will never happen as they're a waste of money and resources. Throughout the history of private servers Pve/rp servers have been the LEAST populated by a massive amount making a pve server for a VERY small amount of players for an already small community isn't going to be a investment for ascension, it will just be a money drain. So you got two options. 1: Suck it up butter cup and keep playing. 2: Leave. Also stop NECROING THESE THREADS FFS

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