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  1. This would create a massive unbalanced issue, players that are already the best at pvp now have even a bigger gap between them and lower skilled or geared players making almost impossibe to fight them on a even playing field. This is a terrible idea and one that should never ever be added to ascension.
  2. And why is it that we can't see what the changes are going to be so that people can make a informed vote rather then a shot in the dark hoping it's going to be more buffs rather then nerfs JUST A FEW WEEKS BEFORE NEW RAIDS. what if these changes are massive and fucks up so many builds. who knows suddenly flash heal get's a major buff and it's the best heal in the game. and every other heal get's nerfed, we don't know what they're going to change and making a twitter pole and not even making one on the fourms is a massive mistake.
  3. better then it's current set and could work for a lot of builds. I like it I think the mana should stay, could work for a hybrid spec who knows.
  4. Mage 6 set can be considered damage increase as it reduces the amount of life taps needed or any other manage generation.
  5. Could we at least have the 6 set bonus be useable in raids? I'd like you opinion at what point that 6 set bonus would be usefull seeing as you need 20 seconds to to make full use of it. should a melee dps stay out of a fight for 20 seconds just to heal 20%?
  6. Can I get a reply on my comment? or at least a reason why rogue 6 set bonus is a very useless utility that isn't used in either pvp or pve. will this set bonus be changed or will we just have a 6 set bonus that's a waste of space. as a utility it's brings very little to the table requiring the player to out of combat for 20 seconds to get 20% of their hp back, I can't imagine any fight in any raid that would be good in, and in pvp a simple healing ability will heal just as much or more in 1/20th of the time. personally I'd love to see the 6 set give energy back similar to the old 4 set bonus of 5 energy per rogue ability, maybe a make it into a foccuse attack talent but only give 2-3 energy per crit. other sets got at least something that their class uses while rogue is made in a generic melee set which is a disappointment for any rogue player. or at the very least make it useable in raids.
  7. Doesn't disprove my point that they're still strong. but please show me the math on why they're as weak as you claime they are. I'd love to see it
  8. maybe your just not geared or skilled enough because in all honesty you can kill anyone in ascension pvp, you just need to acutally put effort into makeing a counter build for them.
  9. Probably when they shut down LS because the cost of it is more then the money it makes.
  10. Wow calling me toxic is really toxic man, you LS player sure are short tempared and angry about being in a empty server.
  11. LEL my bad thought they where both from you sense they're equally mentally handicaped (sorry forgot we aren't allowed to say the r word to mentally challenged people)
  12. are these seasonal players?
  13. Rogue OLD- (2) Your normal melee swings have a chance to Invigorate you, healing you for 90 to 111. (4) Your Backstab, Sinister Strike, and Hemorrhage critical hits cause you to regain 5 energy. (6) Reduces the threat from your Backstab, Sinister Strike, Hemorrhage, and Eviscerate abilities. (8) Your Eviscerate has a chance per combo point to reveal a flaw in your opponent's armor, granting a 100% critical hit chance for your next Backstab, Sinister Strike, or Hemorrhage. NEW- (2) Dealing melee damage to targets below 20% health increases your melee haste by 150 for 4 sec. You cannot benefit from this effect more than once every 4 sec. (4) If you have more Strength than Agility you gain 28 melee and ranged crit rating. If you have more Agility than Strength you gain 60 attack power. (6) While stealthed you heal 2% of your maximum health every 2 sec and your Stealth lasts an additional 10 sec. (8) Your direct damage melee abilities have a 50% chance to deal an additional 15% damage. Really dissapointed that the energy gain was removed, Why does backstab/mutliate not get any kind of love we've only seen nerfs the past two years. ya sure there's a the 8 set bonus but everything else is just Generic melee. I get that there isn't any other melee gear set but not adding any kind of energy generation for backstab or mutlate really shows how little love you guys have given backstab/mutilate players. I mean you guys removed over 3 talents that affected damage of both abilitys and just as many re's. also 6 set bonus is complete useless in any pve situation ya you can use vanish but the healing requires you to be afk for it to be full effect that's a complete waste in any pve fight pvp too as it's just better to get a heal then waste 20 seconds for 20% hp 6 set bonus should be some kind of energy generation, anything that's not another "Increase energy engeration by 5%" or some weak set bonus. This is nax gear you guys should want to make the player feel impowered instead the 6 set bonus is just feels like a wasted opportunity that won't be used in any situation in pve and rarely if ever in pvp. there are better options for general utility. Give backstab/mutilate players some love for once. Why is it that the rogue set have no set bonuses that affect rouge ability only (and I don't count the stealth set bonus seeing as it's complete useless)
  14. I mean you can still make hunters decent in pvp, I don't really see the problem, they're one of the few specs that are viable in both pvp and pve with out much major change.
  15. ya ask the dev's on discord, they never really come to the fourms or at least reply anymore.
  16. Naa it's better they're nerfed in pvp, or people will just start stacking defensives and have the pet do all the damage for them.
  17. Lol, can't even bring up one thing to back up your argument and instead runs away lol.
  18. So let me get this right, you couldn't think of anything to counter my point so you instead just try to use a super weak insult. ok buddy go walk away with your tail tucked between your legs.
  19. What are you on lol. the grandmarshal and high warlord weapons are fucking op as hell. Grand marshal's dirk = 95-143, 2.00 speed, 1% crit 28 attack power naxx kings fall 105- 158 1.8 weapon speed. 16 agility 1 crit chance and 1 hit rating. The pvp dagger is amazing for mutilate and backstab specs as slower speeds means more instant poison for mutilate and with backstab if built correctly and with bis gear 1 attack power gives a little more then 1 dps per which is great. just that weapon alone is on par with KT. and you want to release all the weapons for anyone to get for free. no that's really stupid. Go learn how to raid become a better player and you might clear aqt and get good gear instead of begging for it on the fourms.
  20. Dude it takes them like 1 year to release a raid, we'ed all be dead from old age before they get even half way done and I'm not even joking. and yes I know you said "don't tell me how long it's gonna take." Don't care, because you need to understand that makeing an expansion takes blizzard years with hundreds of employees, millions of dollars ect. even if you scaled that down to 1/25 of a regular expansion it would still take such a massive amount of time for the ascension team not to mention a complete waste of time because they don't even have the correct staff, you'd need so many more different types of staff members to make a mini expansion that it would be a very bad idea not to mention creating new content like that is the easiest way for you to get noticed by blizzard, it's one thing to use old content and rework some code to allow classless realm. it's a COMPLETELY different thing to make your own expasion to copyrighted/ trademarked material. they'ed shut down the whole project before it even got started. TL:DR No. to much work more then you'll even understand and blizz will shutdown before it even starts.
  21. at level 1 you use the dice to reroll your 4 abilitys, but once you level up you can't reroll.
  22. I think they're in a good position, and don't need buffs/nerfs. I think people have no idea how to build them and that's why they think it's bad. now what they should do is allow kick and cleanse on a cat.
  23. What? can you show me some proof that grandmarshal and high warlord weapons where nerfed because so far there has been no proof what you claimed, and yes they should be restricted to only the players who grinded out HW and GM. they're are some of the best weapons some even beating naxx weapons.

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