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  1. What is the process of becoming a community manager, how is it gated to make sure only qualified people get in. and how much power does a community manager have?
  2. I'm talking about the entire game, allow it all the time. let people adapt to the situation of game.
  3. Why? all it does is make sure people can correct their mistake if they forgot to switch spec to pvp while they where farming and bg's popped.
  4. Andorhal for pvp soft core ream, Laughing Skull for the pvp hardcore realm. no one knows by how much. a few hundred maybe.
  5. SirGank

    PVE Realm

    Not going to happen, population isn't that big and second pve realm are redundant. go to andorhal, you don't lose anything from dieing to a player other time.
  6. Currently the re Puncturing wounds is in a broken state, Tier 1 of the re gives 4% crit, tier 2 gives 3% tier 3 gives 4%. Will this be fixed any time soon it's been like this for at least 3 and a half months. I would suggest giving both mutilate and back stab the same crit chance for the re, 2% 5% and 6%.
  7. Wrong, there are more then three specs, just because people don't want to try new things doesn't mean there aren't new specs out there. Just because there a lot of players who play a certain play style doesn't mean there isn't other options just means people want to play that way. I've made a few builds that can go over 2.5k dps on the ptr that I've never seen anyone play.
  8. 10/10 dev's apparent'y you guys look at the fourms and do the exact opposite of what the player base wanted thanks for making orb farming a bigger grind, I guess pvp is again the best option
  9. Dev's said they'd listen to the players, then did a 360% and walked away.
  10. 0/10 no Bodies by Drowning Pool.
  11. they'll never do that as it's one of their main income sources.
  12. There is no way your not trolling, if your english is that bad then you would have used google translate but instead we get this abomination.
  13. SirGank

    Mystic Orbs.

    not really. not much world pvp in andorhal.
  14. You do realizse forcing talents on people will ruin a lot of builds, Balancing ability for pvp kills pve. There are many builds out there that haven't been found and Just because you choose to make cookie cutter builds instead of trying to make your doesn't mean the system needs a rework
  15. Seeing as how both dagger specs are currently super underplayed (how many mutilate/backstab do you see in pve) it seems dumb to nerf it. The whole mutilate play style is based on energy Regen nerfing it is just going to make it useless like it was for the first 6 months of the game. like you said it's balanced in pve there really is no need to nerf it. there are many other play styles out there if you don't like this one. There's a lot more to mutilate then pressing one button. you lose a bunch of dps doing that. While I agree that mutilate needs more too it, nerfing the energy regen would only hurt the whole spec as 60 energy costs to much for the damage it outputs (per use). I'd say keep the Regen but introduce a new legendary re that basically works like envenom or just introduce envenom to 60. I don't see the point of nerfing one play style of an ability when you can instead make both play style viable.
  16. The best part about this update is that they say they're all group loot soon? like how hard is it to make an item go from single to group loot? and WHY MAKE IT WEEKS AFTER THE NERF?
  17. SirGank

    Mystic Orbs.

    The problem is very dad, the current system makes orb farming unbareable, Why do you believe making things harder to grind is healthy for the server, hell it almost killed the server in decemeber with rune farming.
  18. SirGank

    Mystic Orbs.

    No, Tell me why release a huge impacting nerf to orbs and tell us "O but don't worry we'll add group loot in a few weeks or so" This is just another example of the dev's not paying attention or have foresight.
  19. SirGank

    Mystic Orbs.

    So here's my suggestion for mystic orbs, How about we change them back to their original drop chance in brd and make them able to be looted by every person in the party, There's no real need to inflate the grind process unless the dev's want to pad out content. I honestly can't see any other reason for them to reduce the drop chance then to pad out content. No one wants to go through hours of farming for one orb maybe two or three if your lucky. All this does is reduce the feel of joy when you get a new piece of raid gear because now you'll have to farm orbs just to re enchant it? That's all fine if it didn't take 1-4 hours to get even one orb. What if you get a piece of gear that replaces your legendary re gear, well now you have to farm 25 orbs which could be anywhere from 25-100 hours of farming to replace it. I've played and finished AAA games that lasted less then this grind. And the best part the dev's don't even seem to comment on this or at least none that I've seen.

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