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  1. lemmy fix that for you, Content, content and bugs. and honorable mention: Content.
  2. Renamed this is the part where we all laugh at you for making a human mistake of not looking at the date this was posted. HA HA HA.
  3. I'm not fully sure where to put this in. is it a macro or do I need to do something else.
  4. When the raids get boring people leave the server (not saying the raids have gotten boring enough so far to make people leave) if people want pvp they go on LS.
  5. Not every spec is going to be viable in pvp, trying to make them all viable in pvp is going to make them unenviable in pve.
  6. Well andorhal is a pve focused server that has no real benefits from doing pvp other then getting orbs or runes which are now atm easier to get from dungeons. personally I couldn't give a shit about pvp as I find it boring. I'd rather they focus on releasing AQ correctly then have them waste any more time on pvp.
  7. That's depends on what server you are in. also I'd say pvp bg isn't a joke just most people play one build, it's not the severs fault if people would rather follow the cookie cutter build and not make one of the other just as viable pvp builds out there.
  8. Giving 50% resilience would make pve a joke seeing as it reduces the change you get crited not just by player but by everything. All your suggestions are just to nerf stuff untill it's not viable. there are many ways to counter pvp in the current patch if you actually tryed.
  9. I don't believe crow had anything to do with it, there where many other people who asked for similar features and additions to LS. All crow did was just yell in the forums about topics already talked about.
  10. Beast master builds work in pvp, They don't work in pve tho saddly. pet's are too dumb and constantly attack the boss from the front. But in pvp they're killing machines.
  11. None that I know of, looked for some kind for months sadly they don't exist unless you make them your self. Tho Energy is 10 energy per second and all modifiers stack additive so if you get 25% +30% that 55% making it 15.5 energy per second. or so that's how it should work on this server.
  12. I wouldn't trust this guy, he's the same guy that says hybrid specs aren't hella op. (I know your trying to keep them from being nerfed by downplaying their opness, I mean everyone knows it's so op cuz holy doesn't have any resistance at all so it's like your doing 100% damage with no reductions and stuff ) anyways ya this what ever he said cuz I didn't bother to read it don't listen to it. Cut to the chase who would use that seems like a waste of a re slot when you can just get the talent for a cheap cost of 5 talent points.
  13. These changes seem way too op. 30% cooldown reduction to what all frost spells?
  14. SirGank


    Cen also has a much lower pop then andorhal.
  15. Bruh it is tho, Like a fuck ton of things have been changed in the last 6 months, including a whole revamp of the re system, please learn how this game works before you make your self look stupid. The only thing you could get out of that is the very basics of a build.
  16. First off that spreadsheet you linked is months old almost 6 months now. and is very outdated. Second No one cares about decent dps, this is a server where the majority of players are competitive raiding meaning ok and decent numbers are not worth going for as they will get outclasses in ever aspect, this is how the server is and how people like it.
  17. Except it would buff top end cats soooo much, that one item would increase the crit damage from their mangles aynwhere from 2-400 more per crit. Second just going spell power conversions don't make a ability good, you also have to re spec into it, doing that would make going melee worthless as you'll have to go caster gear to make caster dots good.
  18. Bruhhh. explaine to me why I would use dots when I am specing melee, plus all tho's dots you just listed require's RE;'S (CEPT deepwounds) to be any good They're a waste of a gcd that won't do any where near the damage of your main rotation so you lose dps. Also for a build to be really good you can't just grab ability talents and damage and think that's all you need. stuff like that is why people get low dps and come to the forums asking for cat buffs.
  19. At first ya they give players to do something at first but then it becomes grindy and boring.
  20. Nope most raid plate gear sucks because it's has crap stats untill nax so you'll see leather being used by dps ( This was the case in retail vanilla too, and here it's even more obvious as most leather pieces just have better stats then plate) 2: your talking about retail wrath, we're in vanillla your going to tell me you got 5k attack power in vanilla? 3: Cats have rake and Rip and can use Deep wounds, there you can weave three dots. 4: No, cats are the strongest, mate I've been raiding sense day one, cats can easily out dps any dps class with their non existant energy cost and they're 5k crit mangles/shred. (if you where to raid and play the class correctly you'd know this) 5: They are the strongest, if you can't manage to get top dps it's because of. a: your don't have all your re's b: you haven't raided yet so you didn't get all your gear (seeing as your are doing brd for loot this may be the case) c: you haven't put any actual effort in try to do dps (which is kind a hard to do as a cat seeing as it's so easy) 6: This is a custom buff, you don't actually realize how strong giving a 20 damage increase before modifiers to a cat is, and that's the problem you think it's just 20 more damage not it's actually anywhere from 2-4 hundred or more depending on how many re's and talent modifiers you have.
  21. Can you stop asking for cats to be buffed, you haven't even reached 60 or just reached it based on your past posts and your asking for the highest dps class to get more buffs.
  22. First off they can, they can easily reach 5k attack power somthing no other melee's can get (with out a lot of specific buffs and conditions) Second most plate pieces suck for dps Third, dot weaving what has that got to do with melee? fourth Doesn't matter if you've suggested removing stat multipliers because that hasn't happened so buff already op build because you gave a suggestion to do a broad nerf to almost every class in ascension don't justify buffing mangle. 5: They are the strongest dps class. easily reaching top of the charts of all dps if played right. 6: Not every item is going to be good, don't giving custom buffs to items is how the game loses all sense of balance.
  23. Noooooo lol, mangle is already way to op, giving me a 20 more damage before all the modifier will make is dumb. Explain to me why cats who already are the highest melee dps class on ascension need more buffs.
  24. That's what I'm saying, the hearthstone has a such a small impact that it just sounds like other people where grasping at straws when they heard you guys took down the boss.
  25. Your not answering my question, your just backpedaling away because you can't. bye.

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