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  1. Ya why not it's called baiting, I've done it many times on ls the amount of people using shattering throw the second they think it's a bubble and wasting it is pretty high. use camouflage and persuit of justice should put you above 100% ya and your trying to escape not fight them, if you their long enough that Dm is taking effect then your failed at running away. you don't use stuns while your bubbled mate unless your dumb.
  2. Bait it by being a good player, use abilitys that look like bubble make them think it's bubble ect. Use vanish as a escape toolrather then stealth, get the re that makes you go faster when you vanish get out of range then mount up. that's why you use other stuns along it, it's called baiting the enemy. like it's not hard you have more stuns in the game then stun counters. shattering throw also has a channel use a stun when they do it makes them waste it.
  3. also using twitch memes outside of twitch, yikes.
  4. Just calling it how I see it, you whine about gear inequallity yet do nothing except just sit there whineing about it. but i'm sure in a few days there's gonna be another thread talking about how it's totally unfair that raiders in ls have better gear then new players and that they should make pvp more balanced.
  5. bait the shattering throw, use sprint, vanish, stun them bait their bubble then stun again. use iron grenades. their are so many ways to escape. you don't need re's to farm make a build for escapeing pvp if you don't like to get ganked. ya I know I said vanish, if you build it right and re it it's not bad.
  6. exactly, can't defend your point because there isn't anything to defend, andorhal doesn't even really have this problem of gearing new players and you guys by FAR have a easier time gearing players. also nice job downvoting because you don't agree with my classic ls player tactic .
  7. Right, so it only takes a few months on ls at most to get decent to good geared if you join a good guild. there literately isn't a real problem other then people being to lazy to put the effort into getting the gear
  8. It doesn't take long to get all the gear you want from world drops if you have a dedicated team farming them. and I'm not defending anything just saying that most ls players whine about gear inequality while doing little to no effort in getting the gear outside farming gold and buying it. Raids aren't hard on ascension if you really want the gear go raid spend a few hours a week doing them rather then whine on the forums how it's unfair and unbalanced ect ect. O no someone can gank you and lose you gear. just bubble hearth mate, their are so many ways to escape a pvp fight if you really wanted too, all your saying are excuses.
  9. Then go do bwl instead of buying it what exactly is the problem here, you can't spare a hour or so a week to do bwl and get the gear?
  10. There's a solution to your problem, go raid, but you don't want to do that so instead your just complaining about your problem of not having the best gear because. and instead of fixing that problem like going out to raid and getting that gear just like everyone who has the gear on ls does. you want to complain on the forums.
  11. 1 google it. fater then anyone telling you and more accurate. 2 it's just the starter item you can ignore it. 3 flight paths but tho's are to fixed points other then that just running sprinting, travel form, ghost wolf, mounts, ect. 4 not really, it's not really a problem unless you really need that handholding. just read the quest text. 5 that really depends on your play style for a new player I'd just say stick to using the hotbar. 6 well ascension is pretty different from normal wow, I'd say take it slow and learn the ropes. also don't go to ls if your super new to wow it's a high risk gank fest I don't think you'll do well there.
  12. no lol season 1 and 2 did not become andorhal and ls. andorhal was around for over a year before seasonals where even a thing, they just merged seasonals into both ls and andorhal after they where done. also low risk still has increased xp factor just not as high as high risk. I realised this was 2 months ago when this was posted, but I want to make sure people know this information.
  13. currently there are three types of servers, andorhal which is a low risk and the most popular out side of the seasonals. seasonal servers which are temp servers with a unique gimmick out side the normal ascension gimmick which is all your abilitys are randomized and you can only pick talents. and Ls which is a high risk server and more or less dead. I wouldn't suggest it for new players or anyone wanting to play the game casually or long term raiding. as for tips if you want to raid. realise that you don't have to play the popular builds you just need to make sure your damage if your a dps is strong enough to compete with the popular builds at your gear level. as for healers and tanks you pretty much have to follow what ever is the strongest as their is no wiggle room
  14. maybe try using some defensive talents, just because holy doesn't have a resistance doesn't mean you can't reduce it's damage, also use abilitys that increase their cast time or interrupt them. well ya healings always going to out heal one persons damage, that's why you focus the healer as a team and use interrupts. What are you going to do add a modifier that reduces healing done to a player. see how dumb that sounds. you can't add pvp modifiers to healers as healers only ever heal players. Ya that's what happens when you allow people to pick any choose any ability/talent. nerfing defensives will do little to help against that in pvp and do massive nerfs to tanks in pve. not a good idea. Why would damage matter when you can't even attack when using these abilitys. no you won't they'll still "bully" you because it's not as simiple as nerfing a few ability, they'll just be a new meta that will kick your ass. This is a fucking terrible idea, one that was more or less added into retail and was considered one of the most hated chagned to pvp. Wow pvp isn't about balance it's about out gearing the person who plays less then you so you can kick their ass in pvp. if you want balanced pvp go play a game focused on pvp which wow is not. Lol no you won't they'll just be a new meta like their is every time. faster you realize that pvp is not going to be balanced in ascension the better. you can't possibly balance ascension wow with out making everything play the same and homoginize every build so everything feels the same and no one has a clear advantage.
  15. Doesn't matter if LS is a pvp server. raiding is still one of the only reasons ls is even alive. if you don't believe me just look back to the old high risk server the ls replaced. dropping loot off world drops doesn't do anything but actually kill the server faster as they're less long term goals to do.
  16. Look I'm sorry to say this but this sounds more like a problem with bad players then gear related. It's pretty well known that re's are what make builds not gear, and for 99% of builds you can get decent to strong versions of the re's just from rolling. mc/zg/ony gear are still good not sure why you think they're bad. doesn't matter if aqt gear is better then mc you can clear all raids with mc/ony/zg/and some bwl gear. Hell when aqt came out players had to clear it with a mixture of mc/zg/ony/bwl gear and that content was at least twice as hard as it is now. so in all honestly there really is no barrier for players to clear aqt in ls other then their own lack of skill.
  17. True, tho it has limited uses, I think if they where to add expertise to it, it would open up a lot.
  18. Not really a lot of new players on andorhal do dailies and have bwl level gear with in a few weeks or so. it's definitely enough for them to start raiding with and that's the goal that dailies should be. I don't believe that there should be a quick and easy catch up mechanic that allows new players to get the same level of power as veterns of the game within a few weeks-months as it devalues and sense of character progression which happens to be a major problem right now on retail wow. technically you can do all raids and even probably naxx in bwl gear as long as you make a competent build and have good reaction/ mechanical skill. also to answer you post, no I don't think new players need hand outs. I've managed to level new characters and do 2-3k dps with pre raid bis. that's more then enough to do bwl and some bosses on aqt. The new players have the power they just don't want to bother gearing them selves and want handout which is nothing more then their own lazy faults.
  19. Here's a question for you. why can't you clear aqt?
  20. imo as long as fights are just patchwork buggy messes, casters and melees should more or less compete on even fields, there will be fights that melee excels at and fights casters/ranged excel at.
  21. it's more of a 1% dps increase for top end build and 2-4 for lower end builds.
  22. This would create a massive unbalanced issue, players that are already the best at pvp now have even a bigger gap between them and lower skilled or geared players making almost impossibe to fight them on a even playing field. This is a terrible idea and one that should never ever be added to ascension.
  23. And why is it that we can't see what the changes are going to be so that people can make a informed vote rather then a shot in the dark hoping it's going to be more buffs rather then nerfs JUST A FEW WEEKS BEFORE NEW RAIDS. what if these changes are massive and fucks up so many builds. who knows suddenly flash heal get's a major buff and it's the best heal in the game. and every other heal get's nerfed, we don't know what they're going to change and making a twitter pole and not even making one on the fourms is a massive mistake.
  24. better then it's current set and could work for a lot of builds. I like it I think the mana should stay, could work for a hybrid spec who knows.
  25. Mage 6 set can be considered damage increase as it reduces the amount of life taps needed or any other manage generation.

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