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  1. There's no money in making endgame or at least that's what the Dev's think because most of the development is driven by short term gain rather then long term, it's why they've pretty much abandoned everything that's not seasonal. hell they're almost 2 years past their original timeline of releasing tbc now they've just changed the time line to TBD because they never followed it. the honest fact is that they'll keep milking seasonals with minimal change over and over and over and over untill it doesn't make anymore money then they'll release tbc as a new server and force merg both andorhal and LS. they're whole plan on how to deal with the ls/andorhal merg is to just wait untill the population of both servers is so low that there is little resistance  and they can just claim they're doing it to save legacy.


    TL:DR legacy is fucked, it was fucked months ago when most of the major guilds and population left. now all that's left is a husk of ascension with 2-5 month long seasonals being released with the same basic idea (draft/wildcard) and some extra short addons to make it look like they've worked hard on it. balanced is fucked and it's easier for them to nerf things then actually fix the problem.

  2. On 10/20/2019 at 2:57 AM, Gubbyascension said:

    Yeah no. Proudmoore exists for a reason.

    PTR is just the scapegoat for getting all the messy, unstructured updating onto itself. The amount of times it has gotten forced Wildcard and draft mode is despicable.


    It's insanity at this point.

    You know you can have more then one ptr to test different scenarios right? if the dev's don't intent to let players use the ptr for their own testing purposes they're more then allowed too.

  3. The ptr realm isn't for the players, it's for the dev's to test out new features and see how the work on a controlled realm with out players being affected.

    players being allowed to access it is just a side benefit that people get to enjoy once in a while. I don't get how people don't understand this.

  4. 9 hours ago, Numby said:

    Yeah, I agree 100% - all I wanna do since I learned about Ascension is ranked Arenas with classless + RE system.

    I do hope they get the details right though - if High Risk rewards are too good/comparable to ranked arena rewards we may still get issues with long queue times and lack of competitive scene. Also the player population being fragmented across 2 realms isn't helping so the solution consisting merge + hybrid system + bloodstained items (described above) + TBC with ranked arena sounds pretty awesome.

    Honestly don't expect it. unless they decied to make it the new season gimmick you'll most likly either never or have to wait months-years to get it and at that point it will either be to late or half-assed. now this isn't me just being whiney rather this is based on how they treat anything that's not seasonal.

  5. 3 hours ago, Numby said:

    Yeah, not enough attention to the legacy realms in favor of the seasonal realms is a common complaint I've heard in game. On the flip side, I guess seasonal realms bring new population and excitement to Ascension as a whole and the devs can only do a limited number of things anyways.

    Regardless, I'm curious if there' anything specific that you would call out as neglected atm on LS?

    Not just ls andorhal too. I'd say having the community managers say that they don't really care about veteran players are they're a minority and they'ed rather cater to the new season players because they're a bigger portion of player base even tho they leave after a few months like they did when classic came out.. renaming main realms to legacy realms is also a dick more imo as is it show they rather care about seasonals and just rerealease the same thing over and over and over and over and over while main realms have a time span of almost 1 year between raid releases. they somehow manage code wildcard and draftmode in timespan of 3-4 months total while working on a raid that's already had the base code done (they ported naxx  from northrend rather then completely recode it) and it still took just as long maybe even longer then AQ  which was two raids they released.

  6. No what's kill the servers are the dev's lack of attention or care ot anything that's not season, even tho I stopped player around when classic came out I'm sure as hell nothing's changed.  The honest truth is that nothing going to be truely fixed untill asncesion dies out and they reboot it and hopefully realizes their mistake, untill then the ascension will be on livesupport withe the dev's repeating the same damn mistakes over and over and over and over and over and over.

    if you don't believe me what once the game goes to tbc and get a boost in player I bet the dev's will manage to do something that will cause them to leave just like what happened in january 2018, start of season 1, 2,3 aq release, ect. we get a boost in population, then tho's players players point out a major bug or flaw in the system nothing happens then they leave and suddenly it's fixed. except the fix it to late.

  7. On 9/19/2019 at 5:40 AM, Gang Grape said:

    how do you figure? mr cup all the way empty despite being half full? 

    because 59 level players can kill and loot level 60 player's while level 60 players can't loot 59. meaning geared 59's can camp 60's with no risk to them selves.

  8. On 9/8/2019 at 9:03 PM, Tacualeon said:

    How to make a physical character in Andorhal.


    -Pick an aura

    -Pick a mage armor

    -Pick a Seal

    -Pick a hunter aspect

    -Pick a paladin buff



    Have you seen lots of people with the same skills?


    Aspect of the beast? Why would any melee character not pick it?

    Devotion aura? Why would any melee character not pick it?

    Frost armor? Why would any melee character not pick it?



    I think that by having too many options, we are having less options.

    If players can spread as wide as 27 subclasses they will always pick the same 1-2 points bis wonders skills/talents out of efficiency.


    They will hurt their own overall experience by always picking what's most efficient. Something that will lead to meta, cookie cutter builds with the same talents over and over again.

    When there are no classes, everyone will pick what's most efficient. Everyone will pick frost armor over beast lore.

    Players will kill their own fun, creativity and sense of discovery and wonder by picking efficiently.



    I think devs should limit the range of skills you can have, to something like 4-5 classes (12-15 subclasses)

    By limiting them, you are improving their enviroment, making them think creatively, and making them feel smart and resourseful about their choices.


    By doing that, I think  Andorhal can get the best of both worlds: choose your own destiny (Andorhal), and think creatively, adapt and be unique of Darkmoon.


    I wish I could upload images. My first bg and everyone had frost armor, aspect of the beast, a seal and a mage armor.






    I have a character on andorhal who does 4-6k dps

    I don't use a seal, aura, armor, no pally buffs outside what my raid put on me.

    they're not required at all to make a good melee build, you just conditioned your self into thinking that all melees need to be the same and haven't put effort in trying new builds and instead come to the fourms and complaine about how everything is the same.

    There are tons of builds for melees that don't follow the meta and still do way more dps then what's considered the meta. yall just see the one dude in your guild who's geared and following a meta build and think that's top of the top dps there.

  9. Problem is the dev's don't really care about andorhal, we've seen it many times where the community managers and other staffs have said them selves that they'd rather focus on seasonal players over main realm players because they're a bigger crowed, and look what happened most of the seasonal players have left for classic and a lot of the veteran players have left too because we got tired of being either ignored for months on end. (Think it's like 5-7 months between balance patches for main realms) nothing we can really do to save the ascension. people are just tired of dealing with broken promisses and massive content delays. (ya I know naxx is being release but every wing is more or less broken at start and at this point most players just tired of how the staff deals with anything that's not the seasonal realm)

  10. actually no one is against re trading on andorhal  infact everyone on andorhal wants re trading like how it used to be where rolling on re's didn't soulbound the gear, The dev's for some special reason made them turn soulbound when you did it causing a lot of people to get pissed off and ruining a healthy part of the economy, right around the time they introduced season 1.

    that being said the dev's will never add any kind of easy way to get re's as for some reason they want players to have less freedom to try out builds. that or they simply don't care because andorhal isn't a season server.

  11. ya in a being able to test new abilities kind of way, Yes it's a beta that they're still working on. No I haven't seen more then 5 people on at one time but usally it's empty for the most part, again it's a beta test server and not really made for people to play regularly on it.

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