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  1. Dev's 99% haven't listen'ed to the community when they've suggested something that would actually help the server and instead do the exact opposite . remember making orb shards drop instead of orbs off bosses and how big of a shitshow that was. After the seasonal population dies down (which it always does) we'll end up with two servers again the problem now is that they're pretty much the same with the hybrid risk system. why exactly is their a reason we should have two servers one permanently low risk and the other a hybrid, it doesn't contribute anything to the game. now anything that can be done in andorhal can be done in LS which in a way invalidates Andorhal. That's a huge dick move to do to a server that's been the backbone of ascension sense day one and keep'ed it afloat. Also the dev's haven't learned anything from the population blunder. we literately had the same problem at the start of 2018. I wonder where all tho's server updates went to last year that they said could hold thousands of players with out lag. instead they're literately doing the same thing as last time and just making more and more servers
  2. Well that's going to happen to matter what seeing as it's now a hybrid system. With daily quests and invasions bwl is already less important then it used to be, yes being able to buy gear will make it even less of a priority people will still play it. Sure at the start, but how long will the population last, every time their has been a population boost it's always died down in a matter of months. Don't get me wrong, I find the hybrid system a dumb idea as their are to many ways to abuse things to ever make it a possibility with out neutering the system. but we all know that the dev's have a habit of not really listening to the players and just doing their own thing. I can only see andorhal getting hurt more by making LS a hybrid system while andorhal stays the same as it basically steals andorhals shtick
  3. What point is it to have two hybrid servers rather then just merge the two into one hybrid server. their is really no need split the population like this, with out seasonal both servers are on the low end of population.
  4. Really dev's didn't you say you wouldn't be adding the system to legacy servers, now you lie to us again? why would you add this with out asking the community at all if they want this. I only see this negatively affecting both legacy servers. Laughing skull will lose a lot of it's unique ness of having every fight be high risk. and your taking away one of the core aspects of andorhal away from it. It also makes no sense because now your just makeing both servers more and more like each other, it's way better to merg the servers then split them, Seems to me like the dev's keep going back on things they say, what exactly is the point in having a high/risk/low risk hybrid server now and also a low risk sever that both have the combine population of one normal server. why not just merge them already and just make andorhal a hybrid server. Or is this going to be another screw up that causes the sever to go into decline like all the other times.
  5. Andorhal and ls are the main servers, andorhal is the low risk server with more population. while ls is the high risk server, depending on the time of year it can be a ghost town. the other three are temporary season servers
  6. Yes they do as stealth was nerfed a while ago, if you don't want to be seen invest in talents and maybe re's.
  7. Caster builds. probably frost bolt. use talents to improve your power rather then gear.
  8. SirGank

    Single minded fury

    With gear and specific items yes it very much is.
  9. No other then instant poisons. but in all honesty hunters are in a very strong position atm and don't need to really be buffed or changed.
  10. No, you lose so much suitability and defensiveness. that you won't be able to tank much.
  11. If you're on andorhal and want to raid and contribute to raids. then I'd suggest dropping wildcard mode if that's possible once you hit level 60, unless, their are a decent amount of required abilitys to be able do do raids past mc/zg/ony.
  12. Yes I believe it's any poison on the target so not just your own, but in all honest you should be using poisons if you get the legendary re as it increases rouge poisons by 20%
  13. For new players I'd suggest going on the ah finding the names of the re's you want to sell type them out in the search box and see the going price, if their isn't any either high ball it hopefully someone will buy it or wait.

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