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  1. Well, not goingto say much on the build except there's a lot of things wrong. my advice would be for you to google how casters work and understand what the real valuable stats are for casters.
  2. I'm sure the dev's are working hard guys, they're probably working so hard on nax that they forgot to make a post about it on the forums or even say a single thing about it. There's no way guys that the dev's would focus on the seasonal over naxx that wouldn't the best idea for long term play ability they've already learned their lesson with AQT last year I'm sure they'll tell us next week that Naxx is ready to be released bug free and tbc will arrive 3-6 months afterwords. Just have patents guys the dev's have learned their lesson totally. I mean surely they won't do anything like push naxx farther down the timeline with classic coming out so soon. because we all know that the private server community isn't into FRESH content.
  3. Shouldn't be the ones in lake shire stay green till like 85+
  4. SirGank

    No 2x DP

    Think it ended on sunday, any either ways it tells you before you buy how much you'll get so if you saw it the value say 25 and still bought it then it's on you.
  5. Why wouldn't it be possible, I've run ascension through a flash drive before. same thing really.
  6. 20% physical damage, Yikes that way to overpowered, that's like the equivalent of having a death wish up at all times. in all honesty hybrids don't need buffs at all, they're already the highest dpsers in the game.
  7. Rip. ask that person if they want to be nice, but that's all on you bud.
  8. Then don't go into invasions with high risk, you've seen it's a problem so why go into invasions as a high risk?. just switch to low risk, boom problem solved.
  9. seasonal are basically temp realms with a unique twist to the regular ascension formula, atm they're the most populated servers but will be shut down after a few months all characters will be transferred to both andorhal or ls. if you want to raid current content then go to andorhal if you want to experience wildcard mode go to seasonal.
  10. Here we go again, no there will never be a Rp server, it's a waste of resources with SUPER LITTLE support from the community, any one who thinks differently is just delusional. if you don't believe me look at any other rp servers they have some of the lowest population for Private servers out there even lower then pve.
  11. The only difference between high risk and low risk is that you don't drop loot when you die. Don't do the invasions if your not prepared to pvp against people, and when you world pvp it's probably not going to be a fair fight. Ya it's almost like it's high risk, what do you except to happen when you go out in high risk? People being fair? it's world pvp why would anyone be fair and honorable in a HIGH RISK WORLD PVP SERVER FREE FOR ALL!?
  12. Because people abused the ever living shit out of it, that's why on high risk so they made it for both servers. also twinking doesn't really exist.
  13. Because 5 stacking a bg = insta win, you think anyone can beat a full premade AQT pvp spec group, no they can't so group bg's was removed. I mean if you want we can all go back to 5 man groups trust me I'd love to farm easy honor again. We're in vanilla, if you want to pvp you gotta pve to get the best gear that's how it works, I wouldn't call ascension too pve focused when you got things like high-risk. Sounds like a terrible idea, why would we need another server, devs are already merging the seasonals as the population is lowering after the hype of new servers. and like I've mentioned before making grouped bg's will just make pvp in favor of the best gear stacked team. Also there is no skill in pvp, you'll never have it in ascension as pvp in ascension is completely unbalanced.

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