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  1. actually no one is against re trading on andorhal infact everyone on andorhal wants re trading like how it used to be where rolling on re's didn't soulbound the gear, The dev's for some special reason made them turn soulbound when you did it causing a lot of people to get pissed off and ruining a healthy part of the economy, right around the time they introduced season 1. that being said the dev's will never add any kind of easy way to get re's as for some reason they want players to have less freedom to try out builds. that or they simply don't care because andorhal isn't a season server.
  2. ya in a being able to test new abilities kind of way, Yes it's a beta that they're still working on. No I haven't seen more then 5 people on at one time but usally it's empty for the most part, again it's a beta test server and not really made for people to play regularly on it.
  3. If your talking about backstab, then the best counter is to keep having your character face them. now if your a hard casting then that's the risk you take for using hard casting abilities,. try popping some defensive cool downs, get more stamina, take talents that reduce crit damage as that's where most of backstab damage comes from. cc them ect. there are so many ways to counter backstab that it's really not even a good pvp spec outside of ganking under geared players.
  4. pm a gm on discord for help, it will be much faster ten waiting here for an answer.
  5. when did you play and on what server because it might have gotten merged.
  6. Isn't restro druid healing like the best with aq40 set?
  7. Pm the gm's on discord, you'll get a much faster response then waiting for one here.
  8. Send a message to one of the dev's on discord, they'll reply to you there. you won't most likely get an answer on the forums.
  9. There should be a npc near your callboard of you faction city that allows you to switch from high risk to low risk once your level 20, there is also a cooldown so you can't just switch right after.
  10. Where do they say titles and cosmetics, all we've seen so far is that there will be a reward but we don't know what yet.
  11. based on past experiance with season 1-3. probably not. remember in season two they allowed non wildcard players to kill and loot wildcard players. so most likley you'll see 60's camping mid to low zones killing everyone at least once.
  12. That's a really one sided way of looking at it, we can also see the opposite happening too, where new content released on legacy realms has a increased rise in population, Seasonals aren't saving legacy realms, rather The YEAR LONG WAITS between raids is what's hurting legacy realms which also happens to be caused by seasonals. Everyone knows that when seasonals are launched all dev's from all teams are taken away from their current task to work on any problems on seasonal or make sure they're a stable experience on there at the cost of everything else, even the TBC dev's had to do it for season 2 and 3. sure seasonals bring in players but that's short term, we've already seen seasonal hype die down a lot with the fact that you guys have to merg servers to keep the population relativly healthy and even that's not really doing it anymore so probably why season 4 is being rushed. Saying seasonals are the only thing keeping legacy realms alive is false, your making the mistake that the people on seasonal are only playing ascension because of seasonals which is quite false. people are playing seasonals because it's something new to do, while legacy realms have to deal with at this point almost one year gaps between major content release
  13. ????? seasonals might help in population but no way they're the sole reason legacy realms are still around. there is absolutely no proof in that, as andorhal managed to stick around long before seasonals where a thing. not to mention season 1 and 2 actually hurt population towards the end of them
  14. O cool so pretty much proof of seasonal takes away development time for legacy, it's no big deal this is just the final raid in vanilla and one that people been waiting for almost a year now, no season 4 takes priority, I'm sure you'll have ptr up and running asap along side referral venders, pvp weapons, ect.

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