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  1. Hello! First things first, I just wanted to say that this is no means a bash on the server at all. Ravenholdt has surprised me quite a lot and I’ve had more World PvP than I ever had on Laughing Skull in terms of large scale fights. Of course this can be down to new server hype but the concept of the server is great but personally I feel a lot of things need touching up on and will discuss the few important ones in my opinion. Criminal Intent Debuff (Interacting with other players) As pretty much every player who has had a decent amount of /played this weekend will know, the criminal intent debuff had its flaws. Players weren’t able to heal other players who had the debuff meaning playing as an outlaw was near impossible if you were in fair fights as healers were useless. There were also other issues such as you not being able to trade, can’t use 2 seater mounts or the book of ascension. Most of these issues were fixed, there is still some issues with doing this but we’ve been told to just remake the party, this can be quite problematic as yesterday in a 25 player raid to counter Zen’s 40 man raid, we didn’t exactly have the time to remake the entire group so some players died and lost gear because we couldn’t heal them or anything. I know this issue is made aware of so hopefully we get an update soon. Criminal Intent Debuff (Not being able to go into your own territory) I flagged this up with a GM personally as it makes absolutely no sense in my eyes why it’s a thing. The way that the criminal intent buff works is that you are hostile to all guards; this buff can last up to 30 minutes and refresh itself back to 30 minutes every time you engage in more PvP. As we know, Outlaws have been ‘banished’ to Booty Bay and Goblin Zones such as Ratchet. Currently, if you play as an Outlaw and get this debuff, if you run anywhere near booty bay or ratchet you’re going to get instantly one shot. I feel that these guards have no reason to be included in the debuff and should be limited to faction based cities and not neutral zones as having this debuff makes doing anything impossible (which will be explained in my next point) This has supposedly been fixed so you can ignore Criminal Intent Debuff (Feeling stuck with nothing to do) Having this debuff feels like a huge obstacle to just playing the game, I understand the concept of an Outlaw being that you should be banished from certain places for betraying your own faction and all of that but you really can’t do much. An example of this is that the guild I play with <Outlaws> did some PvP in the Barrens. We completely wiped the zone and wanted to go kill alliance players. We had to sit in Barrens running around doing nothing for half an hour just so we could be allowed to take the boat to booty bay and run to Westfall. I and other guildies have expressed concerns that there’s really not much to do and that you can’t travel around while you have this debuff on. Personally I don’t understand the point of having both an Outlaw buff and a Criminal buff as they do the same thing (at level 60 atleast) and having the criminal buff for such a long amount of time consistently really reduces the amount of things you can do (get attacked whenever you try and hand in your daily quests also, unfriendly with Nozdormu etc) Daily PvP Quests I’m just going to be blunt and honest on this one. These quests are not PvP related at all, they’re not challenging at all and they need to be changed because the rewards you get are too good for the amount of effort you put in. I got myself to Best in Slot gear in about a day of playing, through doing all my daily quests and the seasonal quest to get the epic trinket. I did not die once throughout the entire thing and did most of my quests solo or as two players. The quests I’ve come across so far: kill 6x mobs (4 different mobs) and kill 10x mobs (2 different mobs). One is without dying, there’s also a timed quest to kill wolfs and deer but once again this was a 15 minute timer for a 5 minute quest (solo) Quests need to be PvP related, make outlaws kill protectors, make protectors kill outlaws and introduce something to do with winning a 1v1 in the Gurubashi arena (obviously when we get to that level cap). The quests don’t feel PvP related and players are getting good blues for spending 5 minutes killing a few mobs and then running away if they see anyone to make sure they complete the don’t die section. Longer Caps In my eyes, the level cap helps casual players keep up with content which I thought was one of the main selling points. Players can balance their work/school with the server and not be held back by joining a server like LS or Andorhal and playing against full T2 players. I understand the cap gets longer over time but I feel that it should’ve been extended a least a few days. In the 25v40 fight I had against <The Law> yesterday, a lot of their players had around 600-700 health which would tell me that they are in green gear and probably don’t have all slots equipped. I’ve seen a few players say that as soon as they were ready to get involved with level 20 content, it’s being pushed to level 30. I understand level 20 content is not as fun as level 50 content but the caps should be consistent in my eyes to actually allow these casual players to experience endgame content. Guards don’t force players to drop loot as advertised Self explanatory point, I’ve died in Orgrimmar, Crossroads, Westfall, Redridge to Guards and have never dropped a chest due to this. I understand why protectors can be annoyed when we’re allowed to freely run over guards who crit me for 80 health when I have 1.6k health as I just kill people and loot their chests, a guard will kill me and I’ll lose nothing. So this point is mainly for protectors although I do not play as one. If anyone has any feedback, feel free to discuss below as I’d love to see this server develop and some of these things to be addressed in the near future.
  2. ye it’s pretty shit, you either get a zinrohk or it’s not worth much time
  3. Aaron_


    Used to play on a few servers with invis shoulders / belt and then chest tattoo mogs, they made mogs quite nice.
  4. We recruited a member who was in the guild previously who left but has now been re-invited, go spend another 30 hours being a basement dweller and you can catch up.
  5. specific realm ones don’t show in the forum bot but that’s an interesting idea
  6. It’s not still rewarding pvp though is it? Coming from someone who’s looted 80% of the caches on the server I can tell you the gear is abysmal, you’ll sometimes get a lucky one but you’re usually making 100g max per chest as a group. The main way I’ve personally made gold is farming and selling epics from other top guilds which I’ve been given after a guild v guild fight, no guilds will care about fighting each other and will constantly use spies to dodge each other just to get the guaranteed chest since there’s no reward for pvping in your system (people use spies already but it’ll get 10x worse) I genuinely don’t see any benefits, yeah it’s annoying when a lot of players have bis but don’t use it but then don’t waste your gold on items you’re never going to use and instead spend gold on a new spec. I have a full t2 bis hunter which I never play outside of instanced pvp so I bought 2 new sets with epics that you can easily replace (specs like TG just felcom 2 weps and buy a bunch of 50-100g items, you’ll easily be able to replace it if you actually farm gold) I can’t speak from a small guild / solo player perspective but I don’t see this helping them either as all it’ll do is allow them to get to bis with no risk (empty bags and just hearth whenever you get anything worth hearthing for) and then they’ll just wear there bis gear and get bored since they won’t be able to loot players, the only reason people play here is to loot peoples best gear they have on, not their 30 cloth and 50 reagents in their bags
  7. The idea behind this server is for players to consistently loot other players gear and then sell it on so epics are changing hands constantly, of course this is not the case as only a few guilds will pvp in their epics and those sets usually tend to be alternate t1 sets and not their BiS gear. That doesn’t mean that this suggested change will do any good just because the current state is not good also, players will farm in BiS, they will log off, hearth, unstuck or die to mobs and ress in city so unless you’re actively camping farm spots you’re never going to get any rewards from pvp. As the price of epics goes down and down, more guilds are fighting as they can buy back their gear relatively cheap and will be more inclined to wear good gear so they stand more of a chance in fights, if everyone has all their BiS sets they will empty their bags for crows cache etc meaning you will literally drop nothing if you die which is basically just like playing on andorhal and I think a lot of people would stop playing here including myself if this change went through.
  8. Currently players with good gear either go out in groups, have alt sets or just sit in city, if you remove all risk from losing gear I can guarentee world will be infested with people in full BiS, I have full T2 hunter gear and crossbow which I bank for BG's only as I only do pvp as a healer, if they made this change I would sit in world 24/7 with all my epics and just shit on people.
  9. If you allow people to run with their full BiS sets in WPVP with no risk on losing it, new players will never catch up.
  10. >let me know when you do anything meaningful >pvp server >genesis have not attempted to contest any pvp since during the time of being named Oprah/KFC/Genesis cmon i understand some of ur logic but flaming us for being the best pvp guild on a pvp server while all you do is raidlog and farm mats is questionable
  11. Recruiting people because they’re good at the game and PvP often =/= recruiting people because they have a lot of signets. stay on topic thanks!!!!
  12. I don’t want AQ or any shit in the boxes, I wanted the mount and a reward for being first but that’s just me.
  13. I understand that we randomly went from 2nd to 1st by a long shot, we basically just told people to get there asses together and just farm the absolute shit out of signets, I understand suspicions but it can be quite annoying when it’s the same random players being sheep and listening to whatever people say about our guild and then falsely say we are mass recruiting when we’ve had no more than 10 people join within an entire month, most of those still being on trial anyway.
  14. No worries, Genesis were the one guild I was not sure about on numbers. We are quite similar probably in terms of peak players but I understand that you are smaller than Wonkru so to say.
  15. Indeed but there are ways to prevent selling guilds and people leaving a guild for the reward while still allowing those who worked hard for it to be given a reward.

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