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  1. Today I lost a weapon that I had won today from UBRS, out of bad luck and reforging. It disappeared while reforging the enchant on the weapon. The GM I had talked to, even though I never extracted the enchant never gave me the weapon back because of the no restoration policy. Why? Why is there a no restoration policy? What if I was drunk? (I wasn't but that is besides the point.) Accidents happen, bugs happen. We need a item restoration system, because of situations like these. I am probably maybe seeing that weapon again due to my friends going on UBRS runs every other day but come on, the next one that drops should be going to someone else. I am proposing a system where the item restoration service could be on your account page as well as it being a paid service. I would pay a dollar to get a weapon back or even 5 dollars. Or even gold. Shit happens. I think we all understand someone getting their gear deleted accidentally, or a child deleting gear (I used to babysit, had to lock the computer so my niece wouldn't destroy my gear again). Or a bug happening that we can't control. Plus this gives GMs a break as far as lost items go, we can go grab our stuff back for maybe a possible fee and be on our way back playing.

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