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  1. Hey man, I'm not trying to pick a fight here, why are you getting so worked up?. There are some real uses of these spells. I would think with your thread on suggestions on how to fix the server and some of the changes that you recommend, that you could see the potential. I'm not sure why you are so angry over this suggestion? Priest racials, both vanilla and TBC were some of the coolest and unique things in the game. Your right on grace of elune, so pick the better one? Not that big of a deal. Starshards @ 85% scalingscaling, falling behind only SWP and vt. Not to mention what it could look like with other talent tree multipliers like mages arcane. The reason no one noticed this is because shadow tree was only set up for shadow spells, so it was only noticed when leveling. It could be a great spell on Ascension. And even if it was behind, would it really take much to buff it for a different arcane DMG option? Hex of weakness is still amazing because dispel and cleanse don't get rid of it, and few people bring curse debuffers. And scaling, yeah, there is far more scaling potential with talents that affect shadow skills and other talent trees in general, and far more on proc talents that are available too. I'll leave this thread at this point, you have successful derailed it, I hope you are happy.
  2. Well, you missed quite a few things. You are wrong on sharshards scaling, hex if weakness is a curse and is notoriously difficult to remove in PvP. Grace of elune is minus hit chance, so that stacks past the dodge cap for avoidance. Shadowguard and touch of weakness are both good scaling shadow damage and are great for proccing talents, and benefited by shadow DMG traits. I'll give you that feedback wasn't great, but it wouldn't be hard to tweak it to make it usel, like they have done with many talents and skills. So I'd say you are about 1 for 7 on your assessment.
  3. Naw, they already have a general table with the 20% spell casting haste tab, they could just add them there.
  4. I get your point to a degree, but can you honestly say any builds play like wrath builds or gameplay? Ascension is so different I don't consider it remotely close to Wrath gameplay. And I am glad !
  5. I think they would add some meaningful choices! For instance, the old , channelled starshards had good spell power scaling with arcane damage. I think it could be a great addition to an arcane mage or balance druid build. Grace of elune is great for a tank. 3 min CD and 15(?) Seconds of 20% chance to not be hit. Shadowguard would be great for a shadow based build (almost identical to lightening shield, just shadow) and would be great for PvP or tanking, not to mention it gives good synergies for proccing things, unlike dots. Touch of Weakness, shadow DMG feedback, like shadowguard. Chastise, interrupt. Feedback for added manaburn power in PvP. Hex of weakness as a mini mortal strike and power de-buffer. I can think of lots if places that these could provide some great additions to builds. Here's the old list right before they scrapped them. http://vanilla-wow.wikia.com/wiki/Priest_racial_abilities
  6. You didn't catch what I was saying. I'm not talking about racials like shadowmeld, I'm talking about the priest racial spells that were in vanilla and tbc. My suggestion is to make them available to anyone. On the second point about Wrath, just going to have to disagree. No northrend, no dks, all vanilla content. It is a custom server, I just think adding these spells would be awesome and certainly not detract.
  7. Now it's giving me "Login Server is down"
  8. I had to update a patch late last night. I could play after that. I cannot play now. Cannot get past "Connecting"...
  9. nothing about Ascension is Wrath when it comes to talents or builds! If it were, we would have death knights!
  10. oh yeah, I know Blizzard pulled them, I just want ascension to add them back in, the old vanilla ones.
  11. spri

    Too much abilities

    I wonder if it would be better to cap how many skills you can have on your bar total, something like GW2. That way you force people to choose a bit harder for their build.
  12. Would love to see the old priest racial skills make a come back in the general tab. Specifically: Starshards (channelled) Grace of Elune Shadowguard Hex of Mini Mortal Strike Etc. They were super fun and flavorful spells and I'd love to see them back!
  13. I am trying to run the launcher and I am getting this error as well. Anyone know how to fix this? I am running Windows 7.
  14. my 2c. I like high risk, but the game has to be built for it, with gear levels not crazy outpacing crafted gear. Because of time investment, this is a problem with the rule set. I believe that you would get more players if instead of dropping gear of slots, people could loot from what was in your inventory, say 1 or 2 or all inventory slots, like shadowbane did. Or give bonuses like talent point or skill point resets for x amount of honorable kills to incentivize direct conflict and build diversity. just my thoughts.

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