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  1. Clearing AQT every reset, but since the colour of the item text makes the item magicaly better cappa.
  2. Not even using the 2 % hit re, and i'm hit capped through gear alone. Still doing 4k dps.
  3. Relying on someone putting up debuff such as faerie fire for additional hit, and then in combination nerfing said player with a 3 talent point is a bigger raid dps/heal loss than having your casters optimized by gear alone., unless it is in a 25 man group.
  4. You actually dont need to use the entire set of bloodvine just the major hit benefits items ie chest and legs. And then you can combine it with a 3 set piece for the set bonus.
  5. C'thun = 4 % hit in from items Twins = 2 % hit from items Vici/huru = 1 % hit from a item Broodlord = 1 % hit from a item Nef = 2 % hit from a item Drakes 1% hit from a item You are aware what the hit cap is right?
  6. Oh boi here we go again, either you dont understand the value of hit rating, or you are not aware that more hit rating on the gear you have = to less talent points needed into hit % you need to invest. And since bloodvine alone gives you 4 % hit from three pieces, and if you have tailoring you get 2 % crit aswell (only idiots doesnt pick tailoring as a caster). The set also gives you a shitton of spellpower.
  7. The caster dps sets really needs to get some hit love. And since you are litterally throwing hit after the hybrids, this should be applied on the caster set pieces aswell. Unless you want everyone to stil be using bloodvine in nax. There is no reasons not to do this, since you are changing the stat values anyways. If you are not changing the hit values, The set pieces is going to be devalued compared even to nerfed aqt loot.
  8. How about no. This is the biggest pile lying shit i have seen in a while.
  9. The problem have and always going to be resource allocation. Until they have fixed that i.e providing more resources towards content creation, rather than spending it all on seasonal. They have aĺlready wasted alot on providing more servers than it is needed, transfers and what not. With no actual gains.
  10. Look, the server is going to be up for 2-3 months max. There would most likely not be coming any major changes to the server other than bugfixes, balance patches and QA stuff. Seasonal servers have two purposes to test new game mechanic's and serve as a $$ cow.
  11. Elune is temporary server, and not a permanent one.
  12. Also both Vampiric touch and unstable affliction had their "boom" effect nerfed by 25 % awhile back in addition to that vampiric touch had a 5 % scaling nerf to both dot and the dispel instant damage. However, i would take 25 % haste over 15 % damage increase, which is base damage and not scaling btw. And therefore pretty weak buffs. I have only seen a handful of people that are actively dispelling themselves in pvp when engaged with a dotter, the rest is either drooling over their keyboard or moaning about losing damage when they have to dispel. Newsflash if you going to engage a dotter keep the pressure up with using cds, and forcing your opponent to use his. Cleanse costs 163 mana, a dot costs twice of that. Guess who is going oom first. And before you even mention cc, there are so many ways you can get out fear, poly, stuns and horror effects that it isn't even an argument anymore. Either you pick counter abilities towards cc or shut the fuck up about it because at that point it is on you as a player.
  13. Shields are good though, but with spell mastery gone good luck getting anything with a cast time more 1.3 sec off on target. Unless you play against niblets.

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