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  1. I agree, there is to much shit that gets handed out for free with almost no investment into it i.e slows, healing reductions and previously healing power in form of merely 8 talent points. Sustainment should be costly in terms of resources or else there will be little no interaction in applying these. Other than a global or incase of most passive healing zero globals. What they should have done with art of war is increasing the mana cost with 40 %.
  2. Yes, you are comparing a single talent to a talent that requires several talents and abilities to support it. And i', not saying that art of war isn't busted in its pre nerfed form it is. However, you are rarely just picking up just blood craze for sustain. You are mostly combining it with other talents that have a similar mechanic or that support it i.e healing increases which in turn makes it bustet as it is a passive heal with little downsides. And yes, you dont activate it. It had to go, passive healing have been and is some of the most busted mechanic's in Ascension.
  3. So, how many gcd's are you using on bloodcraze effects. Oh thats right zero.
  4. Here we go again. No, there is no need too limit pickable abilities. You choose if you want to be effective player or a roleplaying plebian. Every build have a counter mechanic, and these can found through theorycrafting and playtesting. The entire idea of limiting abilities are against the conspet of ascension to begin with. Is it necessary balance stuff out? Sure. Is it necessary to completely change the entire foundation of ascension? No. If you dont like it, get back to retail.
  5. Had the devs actually cared about doing something good for ascension, and focused on better communication with there player base which isn't a turist (seasonal), this could have been reverted but since we dont have a communication manager anymore just a seasonal manager this will never happen. I would suggest that he either steps up his game or get replaced.
  6. There is only one dungeon developer.
  7. Clearing AQT every reset, but since the colour of the item text makes the item magicaly better cappa.
  8. Not even using the 2 % hit re, and i'm hit capped through gear alone. Still doing 4k dps.
  9. Relying on someone putting up debuff such as faerie fire for additional hit, and then in combination nerfing said player with a 3 talent point is a bigger raid dps/heal loss than having your casters optimized by gear alone., unless it is in a 25 man group.
  10. You actually dont need to use the entire set of bloodvine just the major hit benefits items ie chest and legs. And then you can combine it with a 3 set piece for the set bonus.
  11. C'thun = 4 % hit in from items Twins = 2 % hit from items Vici/huru = 1 % hit from a item Broodlord = 1 % hit from a item Nef = 2 % hit from a item Drakes 1% hit from a item You are aware what the hit cap is right?
  12. Oh boi here we go again, either you dont understand the value of hit rating, or you are not aware that more hit rating on the gear you have = to less talent points needed into hit % you need to invest. And since bloodvine alone gives you 4 % hit from three pieces, and if you have tailoring you get 2 % crit aswell (only idiots doesnt pick tailoring as a caster). The set also gives you a shitton of spellpower.
  13. The caster dps sets really needs to get some hit love. And since you are litterally throwing hit after the hybrids, this should be applied on the caster set pieces aswell. Unless you want everyone to stil be using bloodvine in nax. There is no reasons not to do this, since you are changing the stat values anyways. If you are not changing the hit values, The set pieces is going to be devalued compared even to nerfed aqt loot.
  14. How about no. This is the biggest pile lying shit i have seen in a while.
  15. The problem have and always going to be resource allocation. Until they have fixed that i.e providing more resources towards content creation, rather than spending it all on seasonal. They have aĺlready wasted alot on providing more servers than it is needed, transfers and what not. With no actual gains.

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