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  1. that's kind of it other than maybe some bg specific quests that might give honor on completion
  2. It's really easy to level as a tank. You can grab a hot and make 10+ mob pulls no problem once you get some of the shield talents and damage reduction. I just could never really find groups.
  3. no risk is standard pvp and high risk is free for all - ie horde can attack horde and alli can attack alli as well as regular pvp
  4. I don't remember doing it that way with other chars. Thank you!
  5. I can't mail the book of ascension to another account char. It reports 'Cannot mail soulbound items'. It's account bound so I don't understand. Is there some other way to transfer it to account chars?
  6. This goal of this post is to describe the most basic, simple leveling build. It targets the simplest ideal of using as many damage generation 'pools' as possible. The pools are mana, energy, and rage. The initial, ideal rotation is Victory Rush, Sinister Strike, Heroic Strike as rage allows. The imp provides easy additional damage and stamina buff at ~level 4. Alternative options are dropping the Summon Imp talent for a healing spell such as Druid Restoration Rejuvenation or Shaman Elemental Earth Shock, but those require level four. As these are instant attacks often based on weapon damage, a slow two-hander hits hard. As leveling is so fast, it might be easier to regularly upgrade your weapon depending on weapon damage of the upgrade. Min/max stat allocation is all strength. EDIT: It's often recommended to reset abilities for free before leveling to level 10. Level 9+ I'm providing two possible builds for the next ~10 levels. Both builds rely on melee and attempt to maximize the critical strike chance of melee. Both builds include Regrowth to provide heal. Depending which build is used it might be necessary to reset talents and abilities at level 9. Traditional Rage Based Melee +21% talented crit for Heroic Strike +6% talented crit for other melee attacks +1% talented crit for spells +5% strength Rockbiter, Seal of Righteousness, Charge Stat allocation - strength Mana Based Melee +27% talented crit for Mongoose Bite, Raptor Strike +7% talented crit for other melee attacks +2% talented crit for spells +5% strength Rockbiter, Seal of Righteousness, Ghost Wolf Stat allocation - probably strength, but I'm testing ifMongoose Bite and Raptor Strike scale with strength. If not, I'll update build to use Thundering Strikes for crit.
  7. Here's a semi-up-to-date talent calculator. It's been updated with version that can use an updated database which is available in later posts.
  8. You could drop all the devotion aura stuff and get 22% damage reduction with an imp, soul link, and demonic embrace in the lock demo tree.
  9. Have you ever downloaded any other EXE? Are all exe's flagged by your antivirus? Try downloading the talent calc exe and see if it flags -
  10. PVP isn't really that much of a concern on Andorhal. ATM not that much ganking happens and leveling is fast enough that you are quickly out of the 'oh shit' phase. Actually, if you come up with a decent leveling build then you probably will own whoever is around. Leveling 2 chars I've had one pvp fight where i got owned out of like 30. Lots of crappy builds out there.
  11. I'm not sure exactly what direction you are trying to go but throwing some stuff together gets me more something like this. A couple of caveats - I don't know if Mental Dexterity adds to ranged AP, or if Deep Wounds works on ranged crits. The bleed talents are actually important because if they both cause bleeds and stack, then both would be good and Hunger for Blood might not be worth it. IF not, then one point to generate a bleed plus Hunger for Blood would probably be better. I don't see Expose Weakness which seems awesome for ranged. Just thinking in terms of ranged dps, then stacking agility is a plus with rogue abilities to try to use that agility. This is all theory cuz no PTR to test :*(
  12. I threw something together - it uses Shield Slam with lots of block value and some talents to try to make back the damage loss. The biggest issue I can see is trying to make up for the TG damage reduction takes away from mitigation and threat talents.
  13. There is a sword specialization talent in the warrior arms tree to. Just an fyi. edit: sorry, I can't help on poison internal CD.
  14. To me the PTR is one of the biggest issues. It doesn't need to be up 24/7, but since the talent text is often vague how is one to know what talents work together or even work? PTR availability helps the community test and provide information and feedback.
  15. Possibly, the biggest piece is the Sudden Death talent. The build was based around using single hand swords talents that proc free extra attacks and get that to trigger additional windfury/sudden death executes. Basically, the ideal rotation is the initial Hemo hit, and then just Execute forever. edit: I want to test on the PTR, but it's never up.

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