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    WF/MS/OP build

    Hi boyz, i know i post a lot but im new and still gotta find ma place on this classless world... With a guildie we worked on this raiding build for melee dps, what do u think? What would u improve, change, take off or in? Thanks for the help and patience. https://project-ascension.com/development/builds#/talentsandabilities/editor/?hash=:17:100:139:642:772:1044:1953:2457:2687:2842:5171:5308:5384:6343:7384:8232:8512:13161:20252:20271:57994:121t3:131t2:133t1:135t1:141t3:165t1:167t1:602t2:611t3:662t2:681t1:1322t1:1362t3:1410t3:1481t1:1661t1:1702t3:1824t3:1860t2:1862t2:1863t1:2074t2:2191t2:2231t3:2232t3:2283t1:
  2. Hi guys, this is only the talent part of a build im working on. The build is bear form for AoE grind and killing/surviving most of gankers. I'd like to know what would u add, remove or change. I'd like to know which stamina/dmg reduction talents are the best to go for cuz maybe i used some talent points poorly beeing able to chose something else more profitable. Let me know what you think and thanks whoever waste his time helping a newbie. https://project-ascension.com/development/builds#/talentsandabilities/editor/?hash=:71:1243:2842:5277:140t5:344t2:794t3:799t3:804t1:808t3:809t1:1423t5:1622t5:1652t2:1663t2:1679t1:1783t2:1794t3:1798t2:1810t2:1867t1:1915t2:2241t3:2250t3:
  3. Hi guys, i just hitted 60 and have all plate strenght gear so i'd like to know a build that let me farm in a decent way but mostly focussed on world pvp for ganks while im farming. Something that isnt that much gear dependant. Ty every for the help.

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