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  1. Please help me I love this server
  2. My main account Thro was banned and it says when I login "Temporarily Suspended" I submitted an appeal 4 days ago with no replies. I get no help from the GM's in game either, could I get some insite on when my ban will be lifted? I should not be perma banned for a first time offense especially without a warning. This is on Laughing-Skull-PVP Thanks all
  3. I've been trying to download the Vanilla version of this server and whenever I use the Launcher it opens but when I click start download the PA Updater loads and gives me this error message https://gyazo.com/4a64c397c8c996b4f34af780236cdb7d Also I tried manually redirecting my path to the launcher but it only shows folders so i am unsure of what to do could i please get some guidance. I got my copy of Vanilla from kronos 1.12

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