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  1. It is going to be awesome and people no longer will spend tons of hours getting decent starting abilities.
  2. Hello, Having hybrid risk system is awesome and it is going to help the server to have just 1 realm, however people being able to see the opposite risk only in the cities/towns is a bad idea and it will make players to feel that the server is empty ... making everybody to see everybody is going to be better. Also what is the point to play high risk and get negative karma? This is going to make people pissed and i think that it needs to be changed or even completely disable the karma system. -deadlylord
  3. Wildcard in regular server is a bad idea. Make everybody to play as wildcard and once they hit 60 to be able to respec and play properly. The changes are going to be great, but make sure that people to get something useful at 20 30 40 50 and 60 instead just 60
  4. Awesome idea! Seasonal realm without REs
  5. Like i said if i could use dispel in cat form, i would been using it, but using dispel and then using cat form will take 1/2 of my mana and make me lose right away. Against melee with just plain slow, you can sometimes get lucky and hit 3-4 shreds for the whole duel, sometimes you can't hit single ... against red judge + slow ... it is impossible, if you hit 1 you will be doing great. I am using mana shield, which is way better then any other form of mana regen and if i do it careful i never OOM even in long fights. At 50 i will be able to spam how much my 50 mana cat form I am using seal of light and i have blood craze and blessed recover and nether proctection so i am not that weak either. The build is all around and with the latest modification i can do well against every other meta spec. We will duel at 50 and see how good is the block rating
  6. One shoud counter other, fine, but good players should be able to beat the meta specs no matter what ... well everything will change at level 50
  7. The problem is with all of the spells, which people get at 30 40 50 etc, they have high base values and they allow players to deal a lot of damage or heal a lot!
  8. Yesterday i dueled with hunter spec and immolate spec from your guild, the lack of 2nd gapcloser hurts a lot and thanks to the mana issues i had to be careful with my shifts and waste time or walk in human form. At 50 these issues are going to fix and my chances of winning are going to increase.
  9. If ferals didn't have mana issues and could use utility spells in cat, it could work, but ... At 50 slows no longer will do something against ferals, because mangle doesn't require to be behind the target
  10. As you can clearly see from the changelogs they did some changes to the lower level spells, the same changes need to apply to hunter pet and windflury. After level 20 MM hunter scales terrible and they are so unfun to play, pet does 50-60% of the total damage, so it is logical to boost MM hunter damage as well. About hunters working good at 60 i doubt it, because i dueled with the best 58/59 twink hunters at sarg/ls 1 year ago and no one could drop me below 80% or make any distance. The only way they could do anything is to try to oneshot me playing BM hunter with Chimaera. PS I am pretty sure that there will be smartasses, who are going to say that hunters can kite people, i played one and how i am facing hunters, even with stun fear trap, the damage which you deal is low, the fight gets longer, but people catch you sooner or later and kill you in couple seconds and against dotters i doubt that the hunter can break their shield
  11. deadlylord

    Frostypaws 30+?

    Ferals are decent at 40, using shred and poisons. They are capable of kiliing healers, however they are squishy and if the person has slows, you can't land shred or make you OOM, so you end up lossing!
  12. 1) The seasonal realms are for testing low level pvp 2) The realms will never reach level 60 3) There shouldn't be overpowered and underpowered specs, yeah we can have slightly better specs, but thats all 4) We are playing at 40, so we have 3.5k-4k HP and my build is the most optimal cat build for this level After TL;DR 1) Haven't seen anybody playing with ambush or backstab, you will never ever have the chance of using backstab if the enemy person has poisons and perma slows you 2) There is only 1 viable spec - dotter ... bm hunt and reflect tank are random noob specs, which can destroy new players, but the dotter can destroy them and eveybody else 3)Actually i am probably one of the few people who don't run out of mana playing feral druid below 50 4)And yeah dotter bm hunter and reflect tank require nerfs, so we can have proper balance in the server 5)The problem is that there are spells which have 0 base damage, while other have huge base damage ... claws does 100-150 dmg while hemo does 200-300 ... they can buff the low base damage spells or nerf the high base damage spells, it is up to them 6) Dotters and casters have way too high base damage, this is why they require attention and nerfs 7) Never watched videos about this server i am making everything on my own and i am beating everybody and only people who build their specs around 1 OP spell/mechanic can beat me, but lets hope that the staff will read my posts and actually nerf these spells TL;DR The biggest issues of the severs are: Picking defensive spells, instead OP spells/mechanics, makes you lose, because you lack soooo much damage. Picking offensive talents, makes you lose, because your can't stop the big incoming damage from the enemy player. Picking offensive stats, makes you lose, because the other person has 1-2k more HP and you can't do anything to him.
  13. Post 40 is the final meta(bm hunter, hot/dot, reflect tanks) and the only spec which is missing in the TG melee. I have more then enough experience in the game and the server itself. The only reason why i am playing non-meta specs is to test the balance and see how bad it is. I am fine with Dotters and tanks being good, but BM hunter pet killing or Windflury oneshotting people or people being able to AoE elites being nude is just dumb and requires attention ... @SirGank I am saying that there shouldn't be OP spells around which you can build your character and have huge advantage over player who decides to don't pick them, but pick CC or def cds instead
  14. OP builds wont exist, people will have the freedom to play whatever they want, people will no longer have to watch videos to learn about the OP spells/mechanic and build their specs around them. There are tons of combinations, having a bit better build is good enough. A bit better means that it can be countered OP means that i can't be, a huge difference! The reason for playing feral is because it is fast phased, you can spam your spells, kite melee, 5 combo+finisher to heal up and overall the spec is pretty fun to play and it is straight counter to the melees. However even with the most optimal build feral is bad below 50, it has mana issues, the damage is low, unless you play with shred, which can't be used against people with slows. Low level issues has nothing to do with the balance, i am writing are general issues, which require attention and changes. Whoever is playing with something different then bm hunter, dotter, TG melee or tank losses right away and these 4 specs can face together and one counter each other.

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