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  1. I bougth Raf Ingame and dident get the mount...
  2. The hemo is there to have another chance on procing my mealstorm weapon, and as well as i minor buff to my AD dmg. But if some one got another idea im open for options. And the healing wave is also instant with mealstorm if needed. Can prolly crit around 2,5k
  3. PvP is my main idea, but PvE might be a option as well. Just wanna know if ppl think it would work b4 i spend all my money trying it out.
  4. Hi! I'm pretty new here and wanna know what u think about this build. stats will be 50/50 int and str. I want to use my instant cast on LB to deal a lot of dmg. So i will have a mix of spell dmg and phys dmg

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