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  1. can sb please answer my question? Whats the difference between Whisperwind and Elune?
  2. hahaha, very innocent post from you The Greedy Demon is indeed an NPC which is solely available in Ascension. I don't know, why you couldn't kill it, but in Sargeras/Laughing Skull Realm, you could kill them and they would 100% drop the Greedy Demon Pet which allowed you to access the Fel commutation (Item insurance) window at any given time, without having to go to the fel commutation altar at the capitals. Greetings
  3. What is Whisperwind and the other seasonal realm which name i forgot? (not Elune)
  4. nice so we should expect a new seasonal in March? greetings
  5. Filled out the form! Am REALLY excited for this. Do you guys have an ETA other than End of July/Beginning of August? A more exact date?
  6. Thanks for the reply! Do you have an ETA of seasonals? Will it be this year, or should we except 2019?
  7. Hello, I loved this server back when Laughing Skull released (also played a lot of Sargeras) but now, I just don't want to login, as there are literally no other people in world pvp, who are under lv60 and not in 6-man gank troop. But the suggestion of seasonal servers are the perfect solution for this problem (like in Oldschool Runescape with Deadman Mode Seasonal servers). Just one wish: Please don't make them TOO long (max. 1 month per season). Is there any ETA of the Seasonal Servers?
  8. PK do we have a runescape veteran over here?
  9. the text, that states the race distribution and "server status" are totally fake. They are just prewritten numbers. Just check every now and then. They never change. And yes. The server is offline at the moment
  10. There was a restart a few minutes ago. Will be back online in a few minutes I guess. Greetings

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