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  1. Hi, when there is a new patch I download it manually from downloads section, I noticed there is a new patch but it was deleted, it needs to be re-uploaded please.
  2. Oh these are really nice news!. Hello Kaladin and Ascension team, I really love the concept of Project Ascension since first time I joined the realm (2018-02-06) at Sargeras, then moved to Laughing Skull due the transfer and still there until to day, I enjoy making blog posts, articles, and even fan-art stories (mostly about Elder Scrolls), I think Project Ascension have a really interesting concept in terms of builds, competetive survival and oldschool roleplaying, plus all the features as random enchants, drop gear on world pvp, dungeons, raids, guilds, makes a very fun with endless of possibilities for have an unique gameplay experience. By the way I'm from Chile South America, my first language is spanish, but I know english too and I'm always improving (I have had english all my life in my education and currently I'm doing some lessons to improve speaking and keep practicing overall english). I would like to contribute, I will be glad to do it, I noticed there are many topics to do, I personally would like to start contributing with: Karma System Outlaw/Neutral City Law Rep Murderous Intent Because I had a character who was long time with bad reputation against Law faction and I got many experiences through time, until recently finally he made peace with the Law. I'm going to send you the doc file to the e-mail of ascensionwiki, I must tell you it will take me like 2 weeks at most, because I'm a bit bussy with life but I can handle to work on it on free time. Also If you need translation to spanish I can do it that too. I know the contact information must be put on the e-mail sent to ascensionwiki, but I'm going to put it here aswell, so If you need a topic to start or a translation to do you can contactme easily, My contact: e-mail: maredark3d@gmail.com Discord: Medieval - (Stenius)#1970 Project Ascension Forum: Medieval3D Best regards! Medieval3D
  3. Dutchmaster yes that would be cool, and : "a whole guild of outlaws only that raid both factions horde and alliance"... would be so cool, If WoW Ascension is about customization why not be also for factions?
  4. I will post this here as "suggestion" and I'm still talking alone lol This is a bug report I tried to make but the site crashes anytime I try to make it Thrown ability do not work Thrown ability do not work (even with macros), though can be learned from Weapon trainer, the Thrown ability do not appear on spell book and do not work on combat, is used /cast [worn:thrown]Throw;Shoot as macro is recognized but the action do not trigger . I guess is a bug some code might be missed or something. Maybe can be fixed doing certain class quests, but probably not.
  5. Oh no do not work :(, even with a macros such as: /cast [worn:thrown]Throw;Shoot Would be cool to have Thrown ability
  6. Hi, the other day as blacksmith I crafted a thrown dagger, I wanted to use it, then I noticed I could'nt find the thrown ability, wasn't never beeing there?, I would like to use thrown :/, actually I have a plan for another character to play Horde, to resemble some as Rexxar and he will use thrown. I'm missing something, please anyone who know something will be apreciated commentary, thanks.
  7. Well I hope with the new updates about the website server things, the site could be more stable and also more user friendly for community, is good thoughm but would be cool just be that feature so one could make content blog posts, build posts, story posts, fan-art posts, etc. in a more easy and friendly way
  8. After many testing I noticed the proc in off-hand wapon works too but at a lower rate
  9. I really want to share some pics, I love doing fan-art of gameplays, please make an easy way to upload pics, to use "insert image from url" is needed an external site, sites one can use are usually imgr or such, then after some time pics get deleted , I might create my own website to share pics so I could use "insert image from url" and do not get deleted after certain time. I hope you consider this suggestion, making the community stronger in fidelity is always good, I think a cool way is allowing members share their experiences in an easy way. Thanks for your time, Laughing Skull player
  10. Would be so cool have some dragon whelp as pet, is an idea or suggestion, would be more useful and fun the track dragonkin. Thanks for your time. Laughing Skull player
  11. Hi, I was wondering If would be implemented crossfaction guilds, but with a neutral area so memebers could use guild bank, I think would be cool, but also keep Alliance and Horde guild system, so crossfaction guilds would be just an option, like thinking in lore means maybe a neutral faction or something, I think would be cool for get more access to do raids and raid events. Thansk for your time By the way Laughing Skull player
  12. Hi, I love WoW Ascension, I have been playing like 1 year on Laughing Skull (before I was at Sargeras and migrate to LS), I noticed the proc of weapons just work on main hand, but not on second weapon (off-hand), please would you allow off-hand weapon proc too, would be really cool. Thanks for your time
  13. Would be great if can be replaced with the official vanilla main music or also replace with the music of the wow vanilla trailer...(including the animation sounds)

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