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  1. I see. The meta just changed? Like it always does. Well, thanks.
  2. Hey, I decided to look at how the game has developed after a long hiatus and I noticed this weird phenomenon. Asking about it in world chat obviously proved extremely unhelpful (given the vitriolic playerbase), so I thought I'd try here. Why do most spells do less damage to players now? From what I remember, melee was the real problem and now this happened. I suppose just asking the question is grounds enough to ridicule or ban (I don't care about that happening) but please, I want a real answer for this. That said, it's sad to see that everyone still stacks all the CC in the game and reduces the PvP to nothing more than "CC Wars".
  3. I don't know if bumping is allowed, but this is one. I still want feedback! Thank you to anyone who reads my stuff.
  4. Thanks for the feedback, guys! All of them seem to be of the legendary type, but they could be made more accessible for people. Especially Applied Knowledge, that one should be rare or maybe even uncommon. I've nerfed the ward one slightly, just for you. It was originally weaker but I upped the stack numbers. I'll put the talent as a requirement for this RE. This one was also weaker before, at 25% health. I also considered making it leave you with 10% health but to grant invisibility for 10 seconds when it ended so you could reposition and try to get out of harm's way. Then I realized that people would just get instakilled by an enemy as it ended with some AoE like Flamestrike or Arcane Explosion. Keep in mind you can't attack or move, though! Only able to cast priest healing spells.
  5. Hi, these are just some RE ideas I had that I wanted to share. You don't have to like them. Let me know what you think. [Full Circle] Casting Frostbolt grants you 30% Haste for your next Fireball. Casting Fireball grants you 30% Haste for your next Lightning Bolt. Casting Lightning Bolt grants you 30% Haste for your next Frostbolt. Each effect lasts 5 seconds and is consumed upon finishing the appropriate cast, not when the spell hits. Does not stack. Notes: Why spam one bolt spell, when you can spam 3 different ones? [Warcaster: Starfire] Changes your Starfire to become instant but limits its range to 15 yards and causes it to have a 6 second cooldown. Notes: Starfire is just an example. Replace it with any other generic damage spell, like Shadow Bolt, Wrath or even Searing Pain for some crazy caster tank to get some additional threat in. The higher the damage of the spell in question, the longer the cooldown. Frostbolt for example, should not have a long cooldown, maybe 2 to 4 seconds. Starfire casts slower and does way more damage and so a cooldown along the lines of 6 to 8 seconds is more appropriate. From what I've heard, most PvP casters depend on instant spells. This would be right up that alley. [Vessel of Flame] Your Fire Nova is now centered on you and does not require a Fire Totem. Notes: Don't like totems but want to use Fire Nova? Here you go, cutie. [Empowered Spell: Cone of Cold] Changes your Cone of Cold spell to have a cast time but increases its damage significantly. Notes: Examples also include spells such as Fire Blast, Holy Nova, the Shock spells and Moonfire. An inverted variant of the Warcaster RE. The exact amount of damage increase (and cast time of each spell) is up to determine. A typical cast time would be 2 seconds, I feel. The stronger, the longer. Hey, that rhymes. [Volley Spell: Shadow Bolt] Adds a multi-target variant of Shadow Bolt to your spellbook. Has double its normal cast time and a X second cooldown. Notes: Do you like Shadow Bolt? I do. Do you want to pretend like you have Cunning of the Cruel trinket from Dragon Soul? This is it! Could work with plenty of other bolt spells. [Redemption Control] Requires Spirit of Redemption. Increases the Spirit granted by your Spirit of Redemption talent to 10%. Grants you the ability to manually enter your Spirit of Redemption form at any time, lasting for its normal duration of 15 seconds. When the spell ends, you re-enter the realm of the living with 25% of your max health, even if you had more prior to casting. 3 minute cooldown. Counts as a physical debuff, meaning you cannot cancel this effect. Notes: An RE that adds an ability. Another get-out-of-jail card. We really needed more of those. This one actually has some drawbacks, though. [Warding Master] Changes your Fire Ward, Frost Ward and Shadow Ward to be able to be cast on any friendly target and reduces the cooldown of those spells by 50%. When your Wards absorb damage, they grant you a stack of Feedback, increasing your damage done and reduces damage taken by 1% for 30 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times. Removes shared cooldowns of these spells. Notes: Perfect for the guy or gal who wants to shield allies from harm with a nice self-buff as incentive. I do not imagine these spells to be very popular. ***Updated*** [Applied Knowledge] / [Dexterous Blocker] / [Ancestral Protection] You gain 1 Block Value for every 2 points of Intellect/Agility/Spirit. Disables Strength from granting Block Value. Does not stack. Notes: I want to see better non-strength tanks with shields. What else is there to say? [Mutual Synergy] Requires Fel Synergy. Your Fel Synergy talent now also lets your pet have a 50/100% chance to heal you for 5% of the damage it deals. Does not stack. Notes: I got nothing to say about this one. Self-explanatory. -NEW- [Follow Suit] Your pet or minion is altered to gain Attack Power and Spell Power from only the highest of your Melee Attack Power, Ranged Attack Power or Spell Power. Notes: It really sucks that if you want to use hunter pets, you need to stack agility (and thus gain RAP) for any meaningful increases to their damage. This gets rid of this awful limitation. If you're a strength character and you want to use a warlock minion, your minions would not benefit from your strength. This will let your Felguard, for example, obtain attack power from your Melee AP instead of your SP. The same goes for a caster with lots of SP, a hunter pet would not benefit offensively. This RE would let your hunter pet gain AP (and SP) from your SP. The increase in AP for the pet or minion should be like the standard rates, whatever those are. [Kilrogg's Wrath] Your Eye of Kilrogg spell detonates when it's killed or the spell is cancelled, dealing damage in a 10 yard radius equal to 20% of your maximum health or mana, whichever is highest. Causes Eye of Kilrogg to have a 15 second cooldown when it dies or the spell is cancelled. Notes: Eye really like unconventional warfare. Eye think this RE would be pretty fun to use.
  6. I just think it's weird that Mana Shield itself has a mana cost. I think it should be free since the cost comes whenever you take damage.
  7. Squall


    Makes sense to me. What do you think of making attack power increase their spell/attack power too? Mutually exclusive with your spell power, choosing whichever is highest so you can't double dip.
  8. Really bad english and inconsistencies everywhere. Also unbalanced, like others have said.
  9. I'm not sure what the general consensus is on builds that use a single weapon, be it one or two-handed but from my experience they don't appear to be too common. TG is well-known to be very powerful. Dual-wielding one-handers is usually preferrable early on, especially for casters that want to cash in on double Flametongue while levelling. If you're a ranged bow guy or gal, you'll also want to dual wield melee weapons, for double Rockbiter. So what do I think they should do? Flametongue as an example: "Imbue the Shaman's weapon with fire, increasing total spell damage by 7. Each hit causes additional Fire damage, based on the speed of the weapon. Slower weapons cause more fire damage per swing. Lasts 30 minutes. Does not stack with Rogue poisons." Add this: "... Does not stack with Rogue poisons. Wielding a single one-handed or two-handed weapon increases the effects by 50%." So if Guy 1 gets 40 x 2 SP from his Flametongue'd duals, Guy 2 will get 60 SP from his Flametongue'd two-hander. If Guy 2 has TG, the bonus is ignored. Guy 3 has a one-hander and an off-hand, gaining 60 SP as well. You'll still sort of miss out on that double stat boost but you'll at least get a little consolation prize to make it slightly more worthwhile. This won't hurt what is currently commonplace, only buff seemingly weaker builds. Let me know if I overlooked some huge flaw in this idea. Thanks for reading.
  10. Exorcism isn't viable? Oh man, and I made a build that chiefly used it... time to go back to the drawing board. I also agree with most things. Especially about Flametongue, the autoattack resetting and nerfing cats in general. Sadly, it doesn't look like the devs even read these forums. Which seems to be very common these days. Correct me if I'm wrong, I hope I am.
  11. Squall

    Too much abilities

    Would be interesting to see how the game was if instead of having 60 AE and 51 TE, we could have... 40 AE and 71 TE? I would argue that talent essences are far more build enabling and so we should have more of them. You are absolutely right though. Not picking a pet is just stupid at this point. They add to your DPS or can let you tank more or less everything.
  12. That would be great. It sucks only being able to use the Shock spells and Judgement while still meleeing (also the shaman's Shield spells and I think most blessings? probably more) No Fire Blast, no Cone of Cold, etc. They're instant but they still reset it.
  13. Cosmetic stuff is great because it won't hurt balance! I don't see why not. In the most recent Q&A video they did, they said they are thinking of adding their own glyphs. Maybe you'll find something that you want? I myself would love to see some alternatives for the Enhancement Shaman's weapon things. Flametongue is cool but it would be nice to have variants for all the other elements. Imagine a "Shadowtongue" or "Earthtongue" weapon! Cool, right? I wanted to share my thinking too, so thanks for that shared opportunity. Good luck!
  14. I think it's a good idea. Many NPCs have special abilities we can't get like Fire Shield (BECOME a Magma Totem), Water Bolt (like a Frostbolt but no slow), Poison Bolt (a cast time DoT), Soul Tap (drains both health and mana), Shadow Volley (AoE Shadow Bolt, think it exists for other bolts too), Fire Nova (centered on you and has a cast time), Enchanted Quickness (a single target haste buff), Shrink (makes target smaller and lowers str + sta), Nimble Reflexes (increase parry chance massively for a short while), a bunch of special buffs like Fury of Ragnaros, Dark Whispers etc. Problem with spells like these is that there won't be any talents that specifically improves them. That means they have to be good to be relevant. And then there's the issue of ranks, mana costs, range and so on. I honestly wouldn't hold my breath though. Trying to be realistic here and I highly doubt they'd do anything like this. One thing they could do is let us have a spellsteal thing but make it work like Dota's Rubick. You steal the last casted spell of an enemy and then you'll be able to use it for a while until it runs out. Kinda like Dark Simulacrum from DK but not just one time use.

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