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  1. I have encounter that it is not possible to transmogrify a regular one-handed weapon to have the appearance of a MAIN HAND one-hander. As I understand, the transmogrification system is not built in-house by the developers, however I still believe this discrepancy is incoherent seeing as it is possible to give a regular one-hander the appearance of a two-handed weapon. Would be nice to have this adjusted so main hand one-handers are available as well; more options better!
  2. I was gonna make a post about this exact same issue today actually. Glad to see I'm not the only one experiencing this. My internet provider has a bad habbit of dropping my connection for 3-5 secs randomly, so in raids this is really annoying since I am out for 10 mins now, instead of the usual 1 min
  3. Would love to see talents which affect these, either individually or both, to be more transparent. Currently the general 'trend' is that "tamed pet", means hunter pet, "demon" means warlock pet and "pet" generally means both, but there are many occasions where it is not true (serpent's swiftness, animal handler). Having a defined distinction between the two would be nice, instead of people having to test talents out individually or continuously ask other players which talents are working they way they are worded.
  4. Would be nice if the stack number for the raid buff reagents was normalized. Some can stack to 100, which is very convenient, while others only stack to 20.
  5. I wanna see my character preferably, and not a pirate/skelly :< We got addons for custom models or do you mean change the game files?
  6. Give us something to hide moonkin form :'(
  7. Exactly my point. Felt so empty in my stomach when I went to buy some sweet rewards only to realize I still needed to spend of work week worth of hours in one specific battleground </3
  8. Any chance to have the reputation requirements on these items removed? I feel like reaching just honored is hardly achievable for anything in low-mid levels..

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