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  1. Bump.. Let see some diversity!
  2. I like boars for dwarves. Gnomes are a hard one.. Maybe large robot squirrels?
  3. I think the fact it drops all CCs is what makes it powerful. Unless you have loads of ranged slows it makes it difficult. Even if it's mana cost went up. I just feel this realm was made so everyone has freedom, and can build how they like. Yet you're at a loss if you don't have travel form in most situations My main point here though is that if everyone has the spell, some variety in how it looks would be nice!
  4. They're all sick! I definitely think the Darkhound looks better over the spider. Any idea how hard these would be to implement?
  5. Perhaps a cast time, or stop it from removing CCs?
  6. Glad you like my idea! Would just be nice to see a variety of travel forms. And yeah haha, or the little robot spiders from Gnomeregan?
  7. Hi there! Got a suggestion to do with travel form. As it's such a powerful spell, with its speed increase and getting you out of CC's, almost every player has this spell. I wouldn't mind seeing it nerfed / changed if I'm honest but I don't see this happening. What I do suggest though, is that we should have some different types of travel form. I just feel it doesn't look great seeing 20 leopards run across a WSG. As I play an Undead, I also feel it looks stupid turning into a leopard. Perhaps there is a way to introduce different looking travel forms? For example the undead wolf from Felwood for Undeads, raptors for trolls, wolves for orcs etc. Or even just have a way where you can choose your own look? Just an idea! I've no idea how hard that is to implement... BamShrown

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