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  1. Awhile back I had both elemental clearcasting and arcane clearcasting learned. But the arcane clearcasting only procced when I used presence of mind. I don't believe they stack.
  2. Rias


    I highly doubt they care honestly. They've been sued multiple times for intentionally throttling speed. So I wouldn't be surprised if they had a blacklist or priority of what connections can go out.
  3. Rias


    Update once again, 9:22 PM. Logged in without VPN, was about 200 MS. Enabled the VPN, 131 MS. I suggest you ATT users use this, after the free trial period of 7 days, it's only 5 Bucks a month.
  4. Rias


    Is there a possibility that the people having these issues can get some sort of a response so at least we know the right people are looking into this issue? Thanks Edit: Quick update, tried a trial of a VPN and my MS seems to be holding steady at 126-128 MS. Will keep you guys updated when it hits around 8 EST to see if i spike to 5k+ or not. If you're curious as to what i'm using, https://www.privatetunnel.com/.
  5. Rias


    That's about the same time it happens to me 8 EST onward. On Retail wow, I held a 20 MS Home/World, occasionally i'd have a 100-200 bump that would last 10-15 minutes at most. But not every night. Michigan here.
  6. Rias


    On AT&T Uverse here.
  7. Rias


    Around the same time every night, MS jumps from 120ish which is normal to around 3k MS plus. All the other times of the day it's fine and playable. But this is a constant thing that happens everyday. What's going on? Edit: EU people seem fine, so why are US connections getting railroaded? Is it some sort of QoS you have in place? This makes it pretty much unplayable. Edit 2: https://imgur.com/a/fMduN Edit 3: https://imgur.com/a/e2gRY ------ 6 Minutes later, 5000 MS Edit 4: https://imgur.com/a/8YZEX ------- NOT EVEN AN HOUR LATER. 1.2k MS again. Can't even get a normal hour of gameplay without Lag. Edit 5: https://imgur.com/a/tHbsn ----- 5 Minutes later again, 7.5k MS. Edit 6: https://imgur.com/a/CMM4V ----- 11k MS Edit 7: https://imgur.com/a/dWZJ7 ----- 12.5k MS PogChamp
  8. Only thing about buffing haste, it would break raids.
  9. It's like you didn't even read any posts on this forum. And no, there's plenty of people who DON'T agree.
  10. I said that, 1k spell power is what made the mentioned instant cast build work. Not that casting spells required that amount. Most instant cast spells at lower spell power don't have the same effect aka damage on players, thus effecting the viability of the said spec. My whole point was, why should there be a dominant reigning build or no shared cooldowns of abilities or interrupts that can trump over other people who want to play a different way, instead of conforming to the "meta" and this not having their own unique hero. Which them defeats the purpose of playing here.
  11. First off, I never stated my opinion as fact, that's not fair for you to claim that, it was from personal experience on the Doomhammer server in which I play on. Secondly I stated I hated/disliked the instant cast playstyle, my personal opinion, sure. Its BECAUSE we're unable to cast, thus forcing people who want to play a "caster role" to use instant casts, while melee are free to do whatever they wish, is a problem. And yes the video is proof that the playstyle is strong, but let me remind you, we're on Doomhammer. We don't have BWL gear. Hell I'm rocking Blue PvP gear and green rings. The amount of spellpower to make the build in the video work is 3x what I or most other casual players have currently. Lastly are you on the same server? Are you playing at the times I am? I can name pretty much every melee player I've encountered since I've been on the receiving end of the build so many times. You also said, "If you want to cast spells that aren't instant, it's probably unlikely in pvp". THAT WAS MY ORIGINAL POINT WITH THE ISSUE I BROUGHT UP. The whole point of Project Ascension was to be a hero that you wanted to be. Your own unique spec, your own unique identity. That goes for PvE and PvP. But instead of that you have a lot of people copying a grossly strong build, whose power to kill is so much greater due to the amount of movement abilities and to be able to stick on their target. That was also my point. Instead of trying to refute my post with your own ideas, add to the conversation and help better the experience on this wonderful server, because there isn't anything else like it at all, not with how hard the Dev's and Gm's work to keep this place alive and thriving. /End Rant.
  12. Also as a final thought on build diversity, think of the possibilities of making your build your own with an extra 9 talent points. Making it 60 AE and 60 TE. Get those last talents that would really make your build shine.
  13. I may have been wrong about my initial post nerfing the damage of melee. But as previously mentioned posts, it wouldn't be as bad if whoever is attacking you couldn't stick on you like super glue so to speak. The mobility portion of my second post brought it up. About how so many different utility spells were available that don't share a internal cool down. And about the mindwork video, that build only works if you have 1k + spellpower. I'm posting from Doomhammer, my highest sp is probably 400ish? Not any caster here is on the gear level of other servers since we're newer. I also personally hate the instant cast playstyle. Not satisfying in the least. Being able to fake cast and get off a fat spell is super satisfying. But my point still stands about the unkillable tanks. A stacking damage debuff would help games progress quicker.
  14. In addition to some Cc effects sharing a diminishing return, some movement spells should as well. For example, Dragon's breath and cone of cold share a cool down. As well as shaman shock spells share a cool down with paladin holy shock. Movement spells that are the same should share a cool down. An example of this would be Shadowstep and Blink. Both are teleports. Just another idea to tack onto the list of possible fixes.

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