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  1. thanks for letting me know!
  2. Hello, today when I tried to log on I was unable to. when I try it says unable to authenticate. could not process request. Parserror This is the first this has happened other than the authenticator not working the other day. I am unaware if others are having this same issue; but I know someone had this issue before everyone else got the authenticate issue last week so maybe its another one?
  3. also it seems like this happened to someone last night and they have not had it fixed yet. I'm not sure if its a specific regionally problem or what but people are still online and not having issues aswell.
  4. was leveling in a dungeon and got disconnected. not sure if it's a server issue or possible an NA issue? It seems people are online and having no problems while others are having issue? also it seems like someone had an issue with it last night even before it started happening for everyone else.
  5. I was online even and I was booted off to the same issue. so it wasn't only people offline alrdy
  6. thoughts on a vendor pet? as the ingame shop i feel like a vendor pet would be very sought after indeed and would sell well
  7. hello, i am currently lvl 40 and would definatly buy the rest of the way to 60 because im lazy. But i will not pay 50$ to lvl 20 lvls, in my opinion there should be an option to buy 10 levels or something for cheaper, maybe 10$ or a cheaper option for people who have leveled alrdy and are not boosting from lvl 1. i dont care about getting added bonuses too i just feel like its not worth it to buy 20lvls and some gear and stuff for 50$. i feel like creating a cheaper option for less lvls or something would be sought after and gotten by many and help the lvl 60 community!

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