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  1. Currently I see a few issues with the server atm Mystic Orbs and Runes At the moment orbs are single drop that has to be rolled on. The grind for these orbs atm is outrageous with people solo farming BRD for 8 hours at a time for the chance of drops. Its antisocial and frankly a game killer. So my request is group Loot for orbs. Which will encourage people to group up and go to instances together Also alleviates some of that grind or at least makes it enjoyable being able to do it with your friends with out missing out The rewards at the end could stand to give a little more then they do to at least encourage people to finish the instances, rather then abusing 1 boss over and over Other method of obtaining orbs/runes is BG spam IMO they are far to overpriced almost double honor cap for 10 orbs that is alot of bg's. Now i understand the need the the artificial grind in place, I'm just asking for the for it to be a little more enjoyable and more of a social activity i can do with guildies, Ive spoken with various people on this and they all tend to agree so, I'm not alone on this. WORLD PVP Now this is a contentious issue I Feel an issue here is there simply isn't enough incentive for people to leave the gates of the main citys But i have an idea!!! Which might be enough for people to start roaming the world. Mini Boss's that randomly spawn through out the world. they would take a 5 man group to kill in at least pvp blue's (so make it hard to be abused by naked s but easy enough it can be done by some people in blue gear) Now i was thinking these boss's could drop 60-66 ilvl gear or even some random pieces from MC This would encourage people people to roam the world looking for these mobs (or players) while also offering an alternative way to get gear other then raiding/pvp the loot would have to be worthy enough for people to leave the safety of the city's put their gear at risk in hopes to get an item worth their time!! I feel this would create a more dynamic world where people dont just camp stones / flight paths to popular locations but encourage people to look at explore the zones! i hope these ideas are considered as i feel it will add to the game currently and provide a more enjoyable experience for all. Regards

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