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  1. For the next season, something new and refreshing would be nice to see. If you want to compete with the upcoming classic wow even just a little (trust me, people will play the shit out of it) you need to show a new way to play this. There could either be an ironman version of the server, where you can't group with others, cant trade with others, no auction house, and the endgame challenge would be to solo dungeons or at least the normal version of the dungeons, not the ascension-made version. And a little account-wide gift for everyone reaching lvl 60, and realm first clears or just last boss kills would get something unique as a gift, like a special store mount. Ohh yes, and 1X experience all the way and no book or any donation item The other idea is a modified version of the wildcard, where every 10 levels you could choose from a random of 3 abilities (hearthstone discover) and 1 would be a guaranteed talent ability of those 3, BUT you couldn't unlearn the spells you chose from the 3 possible, and the other 2 not chosen would get banned in your spellbook permanently. That would only ban 10 abilities total, and make 5 abilities permanent for you at level 60.

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