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  1. Mystic Orbs for the raid on hardmode kills.
  2. People will naturally find the broken specs, and once they are found they should be tuned down within reason. On the other hand some things were easy to find, completely obvious in their brokenness and should have been fixed a while ago. Problem #1: Defensive CD stacking. Most builds are tight on TE and not on AE, which means that when you have a bunch of TE left over you get buffs and defensive cooldowns. That becomes a problem when you can then chain defensive cooldowns for 30 seconds straight. Grouping similar effects to where they share cooldowns would help and/or making each defensive CD put all Defensive CD's on a 10-20 sec cooldown would help too. Defensive cooldowns make some range specs able to ignore all defensive talents and just rotate cooldowns, combine this with knockbacks and movement abilities and u have someone who is glass cannon but extremely hard to kill Problem #2: Poisons on Ranged Weapons. This only becomes a problem when you have a 500 damage instant poison on every other attack plus auto applying crippling poison. Ranged doing the damage they do without having to waste gcd's on slows is stupid. Problem #3: Titan Grip builds. Nothing is wrong with them besides Bladestorm and Killing Spree. CC immunity, and huge damage. Make bladestorm only hit with the mainhand, and killing spree only useable with 1 handers, maybe even shapeshifted.

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