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  1. This would've been better in the long run over the atrocious spoils of war system currently existing. Especially when the loot tables are not even combed to actually make sense to be considered catch-up. It is far more than that as of now. Although having both of them would be overkill, especially since I do not expect above mentioned to be done this far in in regards to legacy.
  2. lol wut Purge, Devour Magic, Dispel Magic, Shield Slam... Do those mean nothing to you?
  3. Mangle is more reliable and has no position check. You can't Shred C'thun's body (even if you could, you'd have to angle yourself weirdly in the process) or his Flesh Tentacles for instance when alone, which is the biggest yikes, and this will likely also be a yikes on Thaddius and Heigan. If you are limited by positioning, no energy regen would ever argue Shred > Mangle.
  4. This is based on the standpoint that most if not all of the things you find in Naxxramas are supposed to be considered in every scenario better than what was previously attainable when that is not the design philosophy of the original itemization. Most of them are itemized to be considered sidegrades or alternatives, similar to how Blade of Vaulted Secrets rivals Azuresong Mageblade. There used to be 40 players in a raid - not all of them had DFT, not all of them had Lok'amirs, scepters and femurs. There's always going to be something somebody wants in a 25m most likely. I do agree previously highlighted items such as Warmth of Forgiveness or Totem of Flowing Water are absolute jokes to current Ascension standard, though. It's just a strict combat rogue archetype off-hand if anything. Saying no melee will use it is an overstatement.
  5. This is a common misconception - all healers benefit from haste in the form of increased actions per minute, i.e reducing global cooldown on spells. Granted, you do not scale beyond above mentioned, but with spell mastery gone, reaching that amount of haste is an impressive feat, especially in a 25m setting.
  6. Was about time we finally got to see those. Earthshatter looks awfully bloated in terms of reitemization though...
  7. You could try paging a Gamemaster on Discord or with a ticket in-game. They will most likely ask you to estimate when you deleted the character to ensure you get the correct one. These forums are a ghost town.
  8. The realm list is always prompted if you interrupt an authentication mid-way. You can also brute-force it by resetting the realm given in your config file.
  9. Spent some spare time over the years of playing here to publish this. Have fun scrolling through. At long last, it is ready for release. Feedback/comment/additions are welcome. There is no particular requirement. Also I am terribly sorry about the formatting here. For whatever reason, I can't seem to remove the bold after copy pasting. This forum isn't the best, ngl. Nature’s Splendor (Resto Druid/Random Enchant) increases the duration of Omen’s Clearcasting by 6 Seconds, up to 27 seconds instead of 15, for whatever reason. Well reasoned, the way diminishing returns behave on players is changed drastically. A lot more types of crowd control are on a shared list, rather than a separate one, especially for the long ones, i.e Polymorph sharing DR with disorients, and Scatter Shot sharing DR with other disorient effects. Moonglow’s Spirit proc: While the tooltip states only Healing Touch, Starfire and Moonfire can trigger it, so can Regrowth and Rejuvenation. Talent and Ability purges used to cost way more gold, and the exponential cost was also significantly higher. The previous project name was Awakening. No, you are not allowed to have a Hunter Pet and a Warlock Demon active at the same time. %healing increases affect the strength of absorbs, such as Mana Shield or Wards. For a short while, a push to live completely broke the maskings on Shaman trees. Talents like Storm, Earth and Fire reduced the CD of all Shaman Spells, not just Chain Lightning. Elemental Fury boosted the Critical Damage of Lava Lash (not a shaman fire spell), and Elemental Reach boosted the range of all Shaman abilities. You could make Flame Shock have a 56 yard range, Frost Shock have a 36 yd range and also, have a meager 1 second cooldown. Instant Poison used to have a damage range because a developer thought it was an immersive flashback to Classic. You can apply Instant Poison to a Thrown or Ranged (Bow/Crossbow/Gun) weapon. A ‘soft’ reset in Molten Core will cause the following two things to happen: Golemagg’s Core ragers will disappear from the instance ID. Sulfuron Harbinger loses two of his Flamewaker Priests. Garr sometimes loses his Firesworn/They will not respawn on an encounter reset.. Certain raids have hardmodes. Zul’gurub used to have several, but were later disabled due to instabilities. Molten Core still has them. They can be triggered by doing certain actions depending on the encounter. This makes the boss drop additional tier items from its loot table. High Priestess Jek’lik, or ‘Bat Boss’ in Zul’gurub, has not had a working AI for over a year. Enchant Collection was not always a thing. If you wanted a higher rank of a random enchant on an item, you needed to reforge runes/gold until you got what you desired. There are three types of enchantments on Ascension: Random Enchants: These are the ones tied to the custom system, such as applying 10% Mounted movement speed to you (Pursuit of Justice). You can have one per item, and each random enchant is limited to a stacking amount of five (unless it explicitly states it only stacks once, or it is a legendary.) Season 2: Previously five-stacking is now limited to three-stacking. Temporary Enchants: Duration-based and usually things like poisons, shaman enhancements, sharpening stone or weightstones or Wizard/Mana Oils. Only one type per weapon is allowed. Permanent Enchants: Crusader, +4 Stats to Chest, Unholy Weapon all fit into this category. Buff Stacking Rules: Shadow Form/Battle Stance/Berserker Stance/Defensive Stance/Druid Shapeshift/Ghost Wolf/Metamorphosis/Other transform Deprecated: Shadow Dance Sunder Armor/Expose Armor/Acid Spit Faerie Fire/Sting/Curse of Weakness/ Improved Faerie Fire/Misery Interestingly enough based on observation, Misery and Improved Faerie Fire appear to stack. Curse of Tongues/Mind-Numbing Poison Poison Spit (Serpent) should also be included here, but it stacks with above-mentioned. Battle Shout/Blessing of Might Demonic Pact/Totem of Wrath/Flametongue Totem Ferocious Inspiration/Arcane Empowerment Sanctified Retribution should be a part of this group, though this is a normal TC issue. Mana Spring Totem/Blessing of Wisdom Blessing of Kings/Blessing of Sanctuary (Stat components) Mark of the Gild/Gift of the Wild/Scroll of X (Resistance Component does not stack with other resistance enhancing effects, such as Fire Resistance Aura/Totem) Demoralizing Shout/Curse of Weakness/Demoralizing Roar Demoralizing Screech Curse of Elements/Earth and Moon/Ebon Plaguebringer Strength of Earth Totem/Horn of Winter Stoneskin Totem Devotion Aura should not stack with Stoneskin, yet it does. Resistances: Whichever aura/effect is highest takes priority. You cannot stack a Frost Resistance Totem with Frost Resistance Aura, and they will only add up to a maximum of the 60 they provide at Rank 3 (that means +40 if you have Mark of the Wild R7 active already). Additionally, Juju Ember (FR) and Magic Resistance Potions do not stack with above mentioned effects, but Flask of Chromatic Resistance will. Leader of the Pack/Rampage Mangle/Trauma Trueshot Aura/Unleashed Rage/Abomination’s Might Blood Pact/Commanding Shout Power Word: Fortitude/Scroll of Stamina Elemental Oath/Moonkin Aura (Elemental Oath takes priority due to the nature of Elemental Focus Talent) Improved Moonkin Form/Swift Retribution Improved Moonkin Form will never be active if Elemental Oath is present in the raid. Totem of Wrath(Debuff)/Heart of the Crusader/Master Poisoner Winter’s Chill/Improved Shadow Bolt/Improved Scorch Wound Poison/Mortal Strike/Ignite/Winter’s Chill/Improved Mind Blast/Shadow Embrace Power Infusion/Icy Veins Arcane Power/Death Wish/The Beast Within/Avenging Wrath Fel Intelligence/Arcane Brilliance/Scroll of Intellect One Guardian and one Battle Elixir per player at any time. Divine Spirit/Fel Intelligence/Scroll of Spirit Windfury Totem/Improved Icy Talons Scorpid Sting/Insect Swarm (-Hit% Savage Combat/Blood Frenzy Vigilance/Blessing of Sanctuary/Renewed Hope (Damage reduction components) Ancestral Fortitude/Inspiration Thunder Clap/Frost Fever/Judgements of the Just/Infected Wounds/Ice & Frost Armor Hearthstone was usable as a distraction for the Shadows on Nefarian. Stormstrike once upon a time registered as a Nature-school ability and as such could trigger Nature Nether Protection and empowered drakonids on Nefarian. The best source of active physical damage mitigation in PvE is reducing attack power through DS/DR/CoW/Dscr and further reducing the frequency of hits with attack speed reduction, such as Thunder Clap. Typically, attack power for an NPC accounts for up to ~ 30% of its damage. This is sometimes even higher for bosses. If your tanks/supports are not picking this up, they are only fooling themselves and straining healers, and not removing Blessing of Might in the case of a mind controlled cast is a sin. The amount of attack power depends on the class and level of the target (This cannot be directly monitored, though typically, it comes down to whether a boss/NPC has a mana bar or not), and the relationship between health and mana for further analysis. Possible Attack power levels for bosses: A) 268, B) 252 or C) 119. Example(s) of 268: Battleguard Sartura, Chromaggus Example(s) of 252: The Prophet Skeram, Shazzrah, Hakkar Example(s) of 119: Lady Jaina Proudmoore. This is in fact the only boss NPC with this class in Classic content. Since the Carrion Bird family of hunter pets have Demoralizing Screech, and as listed further above, stacks with player-applied attack power reduction, it is possible to get a level 63 target’s AP reduced to 0 (which is a huge deal obviously) with both debuffs present at once. (Which makes you really wonder what idiots are doing with wolf pets all over. Fuck progression, right?) Although not commonly presumed, Riposte stacks with other similar effects, meaning it is one of the best active mitigation talents in the game for hard-hitting bosses. The most common attack speed for bosses is 2.00, same as unarmed for players. Attack speed decreases work like increases, although backwards, so an improved TC + Riposte would bring this to 2.00 *1.2 = (2.4 * 1.2) = 2.88). Effectively, this means that over 60 seconds of being meleed, the target lost about 9 attacks. They were not avoided or received, they were skipped due to attack speed reduction. This arguably makes two-handed tanks one of the best boss tanks on Ascension, due to the natural access and synergy with TC + Riposte. Critical Strike damage boni affect base values only. An example of this behavior is found in Ice Shards + Burnout for Mage Frost Spells. The final critical strike damage bonus becomes 150%+25%+50% = 225% The highest critical strike damage (percentage displayed as of normal damage), assuming they are following above behavior, are: Hunter’s Arcane-, Aimed-, Steady-, Kill- and Chimera Shot: 250% (effectively a staggering 350% with Piercing Shots, else 225%. Paladin’s Crusader Strike, Judgement and Divine Storm: 208% (effectively 301.6% with Righteous Vengeance and Poleaxe) Mage Fire: 175% (effectively 245% with Ignite) Shaman’s Lava Burst, Flame Shock and Lava Lash: 232% Warrior: 230% Rogue CP-generators that do not use Stealth: 230% Mage Frost: 225% Wrath and Starfire: 210% (Vengeance + Moonkin) Mage Arcane: 200% (Normally not obtainable due to lack of talent points to take both Burnout and Spell Power) Other melee/ranged attacks: 200% Other spell attacks: 150% (200% if you talent things like Ruin, Holy Specialization or Shadow Power) Healing: 150%, 187.5% with Sheath of Light. 195% for spells triggering Living Seed, and 165% with Touched by the Light. Avoidance tables are unchanged. It still takes 8% bonus hit to guarantee no misses from attacking a target three levels above your level cap (bosses and 63) in the melee and ranged category. Spells take 17% (14% if someone provides Improved Faerie Fire or Misery), and it takes 26 expertise to guarantee no dodges. Wiki pages have detailed information about how the attack tables work: https://wowwiki.fandom.com/wiki/Glancing_blow Partial magic damage resistance caused by level difference is unaffected by the attacker’s spell penetration. This is considered the glancing blows for casters. With the resistance overhaul, the damage decrease this has overall has been significantly reduced. Each point of magic resistance in any school equates to .25% damage reduction. At 400 points, a player fully resists non-binary spells. Living Seed used to trigger itself from friendly healing-over-time effects or negative non-damage applications. Every dungeon/raid enemy NPC has an innate ability known as Fierce Blow. Fierce Blow is an attack that has a relatively high chance to trigger on the next melee with an internal cooldown, ignoring avoidance tables. The exact chance is 65% on every melee hit, on a 4.5 second internal cooldown between each cast. As of an update, all monsters in the world also use it, for whatever reason. Many 5-pointer talents have been changed into three-pointers (e.g Maelstrom Weapon) and others have been turned into 1-pointers (Natural Shapeshifter) Coincidentally, the previously mentioned 5-pointer talents that were changed to 3 or else were sometimes not properly disabled/unlearned from characters that owned their own iterations. This would result in crazy interactions, such as people being able to have both 3/3 Judgements of the Pure AND the old 5/5 Judgements of the Pure active - across all of their specs! There are still players with these auras that have yet to have been disabled. Static Shock was one of the most recent discoveries. Who knows how fucked some characters are if they still have permanently extra talents on them compared to everybody else? Maelstrom Weapon includes Fireball and Frostbolt, and playing around such is extremely viable. Backdraft triggers from Mind Blast and Shadowburn in addition to Conflagrate. You can have a Mage Armor and a Warlock Armor active at the same time. Before the leveling overhaul, you started with 1 Ability Essence, had three baseline abilities: Strike, Arcane Bolt and Quick Shot: Quick Shot used to scale with Ranged Attack Power, but that was later removed. Quick Shot was still super good for destroying Totems or keeping players in combat (spinning AB flags) if you lacked attacks with range. Later on, all three of them were disabled and are simply legacy abilities on older characters that still display in the spell book. Honor Among Thieves used to put you out of stealth whenever it triggered. Dispel effects also used to remove stealth from all enemies in draw distance range. Seal of Justice has an internal cooldown. Crusader Strike, Hammer of the Righteous, Divine Storm and Judgement all trigger Seal of Righteousness and Seal of Command if they are active. Also, Judgement requires a seal due to its nature (in comparison to later expansions) Ascension runs patch 3.3.5a, the final patch of Wrath of Lich King, meaning: Poisons scale with attack power Hunter abilities scale with ranged attack power Tirion Fordring requires you to actually sit down during his questline. You can trigger Flametongue Weapon with Lava Lash or Stormstrike. Berserking (Battleground Buff) only grants a 20% Damage bonus here, down from 30. Reflecting Living Bomb, Vampiric Touch or Unstable Affliction onto the caster does not trigger the anti-dispel component if they dispel it from themselves. In addition, dispelling these effects while the caster is dead also does not trigger the anti-dispel. And having a spell reflection active during the dispel will reflect the anti-dispel onto the caster if applicable. A lot of items are Unique-equipped rather than Unique. Innervate generates mana restored in threat (same rules as overhealing). For reference, it restores 1361 * 2.25 = 3062 mana over its duration. The base mana for a Hero at level 60 is 1361. The base health is 2485 (2985 for legacy). The health value is 229% higher than the base health of a level 60 druid in the same patch. (1303). Taurens gain 149 health from the Endurance Racial on legacy servers. (Note: Endurance is still terrible) Spells do not reset the auto attack swing timer on Ascension. They also no longer reset ranged attack timers. You can’t use Dark Runes nor Demonic Runes on Laughing Skull. Ritual of Summoning is also disabled in instanced zones, and many Store items also have different rules depending on your realm/risk-setting. Applying an enchant from a BoP-tradeable item with players eligible to loot it from your enchantment collection will remove the trade timer. Applying an enchant on an unbound item will bind it to you (if used from collection). All Summon Demon abilities requiring Soul Shards also require Drain Soul in the same active specialization. Shield Bash is off the global cooldown (Was on GCD Blizzlike). Shamanistic Rage is off the global cooldown (Was on GCD Blizzlike). Silence is on the global the cooldown (Was off GCD Blizzlike). Shadowburn does not require a Soul Shard. Most random enchants that would incite snapshotting cannot be snapshotted at all (such as Improved Inner Fire, Demonic Aegis or Frost Warding). Untamed Blade grants 150 less strength on its proc, and 63 PvP gear has 20% more Stamina than usual on legacy realms. Bonereaver’s Edge also grants ~50% less armor penetration per stack. Unsorted list of randomly chosen PPM (Proc per minute) and flat proc chance effects: https://wow.gamepedia.com/Procs_per_minute Untamed Blade: 1.2 Annihilator: 2 Rivenspike: 1 Bashguuder: 2.1 Darkmoon Card: Maelstrom: 2 Darkmoon Card: Heroism: 4 Bonereaver’s Edge: 1 Gutgore Ripper and Perdition’s Blade: 2.2 Kalimdor’s Revenge: 1.75 Neretzek, the Blood Drinker: 1.3 Teebu’s Blazing Longsword: 1.4 Shamanistic Rage: 12 Furious Attacks 10/20 for 1/2 points. Sulfuras: 1 Shadowfang: 1.6 Instant Poison: 8.53 (Untalented) Wound Poison: 21.43 Frostbrand Weapon: 8.8 Dark Edge of Insanity: 10% on every auto attack Badge of the Swarmguard: 3 Earthshaker: 1 Ebon Hand: 1.1 The Unstoppable Force: 1 Dark Iron Pulverizer: .18 (0.18) Nightfall: 2.5 Crusader (Holy Strength): 1 Fiery Weapon/Lifestealing 6 Unholy Weapon: 3 Thunderfury: 4 Misplaced Servo Arm: 3 Sudden Death: 1.6/3.2/4.8 for 1/2/3 points. Deathbringer: 1.5 Primal Blessing (ZG Fist weapon set): 1% per valid attack that lands. Many abilities are often changed to be more desirable and possibly also resemble their newer versions, e.g Victory Rush, which now restores maximum health on use. Ironforge and Undercity used to not be rested zones for some reason, so it was fun getting attacked by same faction players in a city on High Risk. You can search for items in the Auction House with a desirable random enchant if you know the name of said random enchant. 10 Mystic Rune Fragments form a Mystic Rune. 10 Mystic Orb Shards form a Mystic Orb. Gaining a ‘level’ in your Enchanting Altar progress awards you a Mystic Extract. One can be used to extract a random enchant of certain level to permanently add it to a character’s collection. Extracting an enchant no longer destroys the chosen item. Your Poison and Lockpicking skills, as well as types of Portals and Teleports, all save between specializations and in the case of you unlearning them all together, you will retain the skill levels. The overall drop chance of Uncommon items in the world is vastly increased. Rolling a Legendary enchant on an item used to cause it to become Soulbound, even when looting it. This later made a not so positively recepted return on Andorhal, with the addition of any reforge action binding an item. In present time, only the reforge binds the item. Items of uncommon quality and above made with crafting professions can come with random enchants. You may not use offensive abilities or spells in Tree of Life. This includes two-fold spells, such as Holy Nova and Penance. Two-fold spells can also not be used in Moonkin Form. Zul’gurub used to be severely overtuned on release, was a buggy mess and was generally an annoyance to deal with. In addition, Hakkar was bugged and was a loot pinata for the first few days since his Corrupted Blood was not working. Ruins of Ahn’qiraj was pretty much in a similar state on release. You can overwrite improved buffs with regular buffs, provided they are from the same primary source, i.e Battle Shout can cancel any higher rank of Battle Shout, even if specced into Commanding Presence, and single-version buffs can also cancel out higher rank ‘greater’ variants, such as Blessing of Might cancelling Greater Might. Be sure to be careful with this. This is super annoying to deal with in raids. You can use Renew in Moonkin Form. Talents or Random enchants stating school-specific increases usually apply to all class families (i.e Nature healing increases affect both Shaman and Druid healing) Qiraji Invasion Rank contribution had a score multiplier of 1 for damage and .5 for healing. This is likely the same for Scourge Invasions. It takes a score of 160,000 to reach Major at 60. You can snapshot the shapeshift effects from the Ruins of Ahn’qiraj Druid sets. Earth Shield can be snapshotted with spell power and random enchants. Unlike any instance in Classic, Ascension’s 60 Naxxramas will have a map as it had in WotLK. High-risk realms had an exploit with container items where you could partially loot an item, kill the person and loot the item again with new loot generated. When Battle and Berserker Stance got their threat reduction added back (-20%), it was actually a fix since every single player had the hidden Rogue class passive that reduced threat by 29%. This means that the standard threat multiplier of any player is now 1 as intended, meaning threat increases are now significantly more efficient for tank specs. This also means players in Cat Form previously had .71*.71 = .504 threat multiplier. For tanks, the threat multipliers are not documented; Bear Form and Defensive Stance each have a passive aura that adds a 1.45x multiplier, HOWEVER, they also add a dummy aura known as “Tank Class Passive Threat” on top of these, which is normally another 1.43x multiplier, though reduced to 1.2 here. What is important to note is that Righteous Fury also adds this aura, meaning you can get a staggering 2.818x multiplier by just having Bear Form/Defensive Stance and Righteous Fury. If Frost Presence becomes available, its threat multiplier will not stack with Righteous Fury. If you wear a shield, the multiplier becomes a staggering 3.25x, rounded up. What is important here is that skipping Righteous Fury should be done under no circumstances when tanking, and that skipping a shield is not -15% reduced threat, but a staggering 42.2% in this scenario. If you take Paladin Toughness, this ends up at 3.58x (so 10% threat generation becomes +32%) Kidney Shot triggers YOUR Second Wind if you have it talented. During Season 2, a player in Wildcard mode could ‘invest’ single ability essences into 1-pointer talents, then later unlearn them to manually learn an ability or active talent. Season 3 involved a brief amount of exploiting related to players picking their own abilities and talents.
  10. Yikes, someone is misinformed. If Warchief's Blessing makes up such a huge deal, why not just remove it? It came late with no real reason and only delays raids.
  11. And yet, you are still here. Seems like they are winning.
  12. I had no clue they were removed on Andorhal.
  13. I believe due to high risk elements, xp elimination can be exploited.
  14. You send a ghostly soul into the target. dealing X to Y Shadow Damage and increasing all damage done by your Warlock Shadow damage-over-time effects on the target by 20% for 12 sec. So the latter.

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