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  1. Fun for one side. Boring/uninteresting/not prioritized for others. Every individual has their reason. For some it might be the controversial shop, balance direction, content flow - anything, really. As somebody who used to play for long, it is the feel of a missing commitment or meaning; Andorhal used to be x1, maybe effectively x2 some time later (mobs in the world are very easy here, especially with classless). The endless strife to making something work, only to figure out it for whatever reason does not, or the thoughts about XY abilities and spells working, but Z implication is in the way. Lots of balance stuff happened for a reason, although in the process it inevitably hurts other aspects. An example would be Bladestorm/Whirlwind and Killing Spree no longer triggering weapon enhancements or similar effects, which has the potential to leave a lot of dual wielding opportunities uninteresting (especially poisons in that regard), and most of those playstyles are entertaining as hell, but the lack of gratification from using double attack killmoves just has a likelihood of throwing you off. The list is endless. Any community could ask itself why it does not get more attention.
  2. Without improved poisons, yes. The main reason it rivals IP is not due to its output, rather its advantage at having almost triple the base ppm of IP. If you have a problem with damage from Wound Poison, why not simply reduce the ppm and weave this into Improved Poisons? (and this is already with a 20% pvp mod in mind, what a joke). Or just, you know, take the pvp mod off instant poison? This unfairness comes from something you guys did, and now you are just going in circles.
  3. Yeah no. Proudmoore exists for a reason. PTR is just the scapegoat for getting all the messy, unstructured updating onto itself. The amount of times it has gotten forced Wildcard and draft mode is despicable. It's insanity at this point.
  4. To add to what Gank said, you can learn Dire Bear Form at level 40 if you have Bear Form learned.
  5. Plenty of players PvP on Andorhal. How much in denial could one possibly be?
  6. Except that this 'population' is somewhat fake and only stays temporarily, with a fraction also not caring about legacy realms at all. The amount of turnover the servers see is insane. People coming and going, and rapidly quitting after seeing all the essentials and all the flaws that follow: Messy balancing, TC bugs, class bugs, etc.
  7. Not much of a surprise at this point. The activity of this forum, even long-term, is a testament to how meaningless this platform is.
  8. This would've been better in the long run over the atrocious spoils of war system currently existing. Especially when the loot tables are not even combed to actually make sense to be considered catch-up. It is far more than that as of now. Although having both of them would be overkill, especially since I do not expect above mentioned to be done this far in in regards to legacy.
  9. lol wut Purge, Devour Magic, Dispel Magic, Shield Slam... Do those mean nothing to you?
  10. Mangle is more reliable and has no position check. You can't Shred C'thun's body (even if you could, you'd have to angle yourself weirdly in the process) or his Flesh Tentacles for instance when alone, which is the biggest yikes, and this will likely also be a yikes on Thaddius and Heigan. If you are limited by positioning, no energy regen would ever argue Shred > Mangle.
  11. This is based on the standpoint that most if not all of the things you find in Naxxramas are supposed to be considered in every scenario better than what was previously attainable when that is not the design philosophy of the original itemization. Most of them are itemized to be considered sidegrades or alternatives, similar to how Blade of Vaulted Secrets rivals Azuresong Mageblade. There used to be 40 players in a raid - not all of them had DFT, not all of them had Lok'amirs, scepters and femurs. There's always going to be something somebody wants in a 25m most likely. I do agree previously highlighted items such as Warmth of Forgiveness or Totem of Flowing Water are absolute jokes to current Ascension standard, though. It's just a strict combat rogue archetype off-hand if anything. Saying no melee will use it is an overstatement.
  12. This is a common misconception - all healers benefit from haste in the form of increased actions per minute, i.e reducing global cooldown on spells. Granted, you do not scale beyond above mentioned, but with spell mastery gone, reaching that amount of haste is an impressive feat, especially in a 25m setting.
  13. Was about time we finally got to see those. Earthshatter looks awfully bloated in terms of reitemization though...
  14. You could try paging a Gamemaster on Discord or with a ticket in-game. They will most likely ask you to estimate when you deleted the character to ensure you get the correct one. These forums are a ghost town.

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