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  1. I had no clue they were removed on Andorhal.
  2. I believe due to high risk elements, xp elimination can be exploited.
  3. You send a ghostly soul into the target. dealing X to Y Shadow Damage and increasing all damage done by your Warlock Shadow damage-over-time effects on the target by 20% for 12 sec. So the latter.
  4. It is pretty ridiculous. At the same time however, being part of a close society where we can effectively group up and retaliate faction leader attempts, I can't complain about the sheer glory gains. It's never been faster getting to r13/r14 than now. It's so easy to wipe 30-40 people as 8-12.
  5. A Hero has 1361 mana baseline at 60. 25% of this is 1361 * .25 = 340, which is what JotW also grants. You can always find this amount at any level by subtracting the amount granted by intellect in the character sheet. The same can be done for base health with stamina. Replenishment ticks every second. When it ticks five times, it has totaled roughly 1% of your maximum mana (in this case you land at 35, not 39, likely caused by rounding). This is clearly indicated in Replenishment-related tooltips for Soul Leech, Vampiric Touch, Judgements of the Wise and Enduring Winter. Equal to 1% of their maximum mana per 5 sec for 15 sec. On a subjective note, this party and raid buff is strong and highly recommended to have present, especially in 25m. The best source being a Destruction Warlock with Soul Leech. I hope that clears your concern. You do gain base stats still. These are separate from the stat allocation. There is no way for the game to handle base stats any other way. (Stat allocation is a hidden aura on the players for each stat that stacks whatever the allocated amount is) Example: Reaching level 2 yields 1 Strength and 1 Intellect. This is a base stat increase.
  6. Vanity is the tab found in your Collections on Character Advancement (Shortcut N as default). It might be possible to change this by changing the talent button in default UI, though I have never tried this myself. It houses all realm-wide vanity items on your account, such as Book of Ascension. Seasonal realms are temporary realms with some interesting interactions like how they behave in Diablo 3. Every new season, some major things change. Features like Honorable Combat, Hybrid Risk and Wildcard mode were all introduced to seasonal realms at first.
  7. With the little attention this gets, I am a little worried about how smooth Naxxramas will be going.
  8. ???????????????????????????????? They only have an attack power scaling in 3.3.5a
  9. Yes, and anything you see on the PTR is potentially subject to change without warning, and Naxx PT was in a shitty state ever since plague quarter. I would neither touch nor trust it at this moment. Chances are, some of the changes are not even being committed to Daggerspine these days.
  10. Hots deal with spell mastery being removed. It affects little in 10m, but in 25m, it feels super shitty to play without abusing several, temporary ways to gcd cap yourself. The point of the whole ordeal was to dampen healing power in general. There is likely no compensation planned at all from the team's side, considering the compensation was given through -20% global dampening done by creatures in raids, a substantial amount that only adds onto the dampening we have had previously. Also there is no way you're clearing naxx with hots and pws assuming a duo healer layout for most encounters with the expectation bosses in there are going to smack the tank (especially Patchwerk and Loatheb) But yes, it does feel shit to play healer now, especially resto druid.
  11. Feels rather shitty not being able to haste cap yourself anymore...some healer paths just feel like unfinished archetypes. Would much rather see a dampening in throughput rather than haste sources. With the length of time Spell Mastery has been around for, it's one of those things you would really want to leave for deprecation in an expansion transition, i.e TBC. On that note, bring back passive Netherwind Presence :V
  12. Stop reviving old threads with useless posts holy shit. The Q&A ended a long time ago.
  13. While I am not going to go through every one of the scalings, I would like to point out: Spell Mastery was 25% in its last days, not 20. Vampiric Touch is currently ~33% per tick. Talenting Misery bumps this to ~38%. Can't verify others at this current point in time, but the wow wikis are NOT a reliable source for SP scalings. They could have been changed here, and this is not always reflected as professionally with each change. I was about to say that it is likely done in regards to make up for the loss in damage per second, so upping the total damage per application was a strong compromise. Issue is that in PvP, spell GCDs just became way more valuable with less haste, and it might not always be worth casting a magic dispel immediatly. Ticks are going to feel more painful now when they off, yikers.
  14. When you can have 35.7% increased healing to certain spells from six random enchants, and when this amount is only attainable from certain item level reforges, yes, they still have a massive impact. They are still beyond dumb and they still need addressing. There is no larger gap than atrocious shit like that. And that is how the power level of purge and dispel magic is kept in check. Big future concerns are GCD caps for instant healers pre-tbc (i.e druid spells and Riptide/Renew) how they're going to fare in larger PvE scenarios...lacking the 1 sec GCD is going to be a big fuck you to those archetypes, especially in 25m. The throughput of these are already through the roof, but the gcd cap was a flagship.

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