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  1. Hey, so everyone who is playing on Sargeras knows that other than the ganks in lower levels the world is pretty much dead, except the occasional encounters while running to a dungeon there's nothing happening there. Most of the people stay in the major cities and queue for bg's or go to dungeons in groups. And if u try lowlvl pvp, well, though luck that's also decreasing, i tried it with a friend and we found only a handful ppl and well.. its boring to camp only a few ppl and not really fun neither so we logged off... Why is this happening? for everyone who isn't playing on Sageras, here's a quick overview. between lvl 20-59 everyone +- 5 lvl of u will make you drop a chest with random items form your inventory and equip, in return u lvl 3x faster. that's pretty much it, they recently lowered lowlvl Dungeon difficulty but since no one wants to wage war over lvl 30 stuff no one really stays in that level range. The community is partly exp-locking at lvl 59, since lvl 60 is its own bracket, the 59's can't drop gear to 60's. Still, there's very few of those people who actually roam around in higher levels and just do pvp. So as lvl 60 other than staying in the cities (even with crap gear, because u don't wanna lose that too) u just run to dungeons or enter bg's. People don't need to, i mean why risk losing your gear ? u either have very good gear and still go in groups to certain spots or u just don't. In my experience when i was farmign in ty'r hand for example, i had like 4 pvp encounters there, that's like nothing. Because again, why should people roam in the world ? especially in highlvls ? My Suggestion to solve this issue: Chests. Simply put. Several tiers of chests scattered around the world, dev's can decide whether they make a certain spawn mechanic or what not. But the basic idea is this: Chest tier 1 (requires itemlevel 100 +-10 and player level 20+5) the Player NEEDS to be in a certain itemlvl and characterlvl range in order to be able to open it. Chest tier 2 (requires Itemlevel 200 +-20 and player level 30+-5) ROLL: 80% green 20 % blue (3 seconds to open) Chest tier 3 (requires Itemlevel 400 +-40 and player level 40+-5) ROLL: 80% green 10% blue 10% epic (12 seconds to open) Chest tier 4 (requires Itemlevel 600 +-80 and player level 50+-5) ROLL: 60% green 25% blue 15% epic (24 seconds to open) Chest tier 5 (requires Itemlevel 800 +-100 and player level 59-5) ROLL: 40% green 30% blue 30% epic (40 seconds to open) Chest tier 6 (requires Itemlevel 1000 -100 and player level 60) ROLL:20% green 40% blue 40% epic (2 minutes to open) dedicated to the medium quipped (can be looted by fresh blue equipped 60's) notice its range is only for ppl who are lower equipped not higher. Chest tier 7 (requires Itemlevel 1500 +-200 and player level 60) ROLL:0% green 20% blue 80% epic (5 minutes to open) dedicated to the top equipped (can still be looted by very good blue equipped 60's but they might get ganked in the process) Rules: these will be programmed by the devs: since Sargeras is pure Anarchy - 160 Yards around the chest players who do not fit the requirements may not be present, if so they will be teleported away (just out of bounds) OR have their stats lowered ? - Every time a Chest spawns, a Server message pops in everyone chat windows ("Sargeras has chosen the Eastern Plaguelands for the the Survival of the fittest") something like that, i dont care about the message itself ^^ But so players actually know where shit is going down. - Chests CAN also grant Reputation, EXP (this is partly implemented already), Gold, AND MAYBE 1x Mystic extract ? just want to toss in the option of chests beeing interesting to all kinds of players. So maybe a chest which grants 20k Reputation to the Defilers/Arathor spawns and the message does state something about its contents ?. there are so many options ^^ That's pretty much it, I hope my idea isnt too shitty but i think it would revive the whole world back to activity and fun. Regards Blackcode

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