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  1. Addition#1: Factionless Servers Please add a server where alliance players start off at neutral rep with horde reputations aswell as the ability to do quests for the horde. Allow the opposite to happen for horde players. This server should fall under the normal category where there is no world pvp, also this feature can be applied to servers with freeforall pvp. Players can toggle the war setting on any reputation including their own faction, thus allowing players to kill any faction leader they choose and grief anyone they want. Addition#2: Tenacity Please add a Tenacity buff to players entering instances with fewer players. Tenacity was a buff in wintergrasp that buffed players: damage by 14%, health by 18% and Healing by 18% per stack. If the instance is a 25man the players will receive one stack of tenacity for every 4 players missing. The purpose of this being to keep 25 man raids from becoming faceroll content by excluding a few players but also to allow groups to form even with fewer attendants. Capping at 6 stacks when only 1 player is present. For dungeon content players receive 1 stack of tenacity per player missing from the instance. Capping at 4 stacks when only 1 player is present. This for me is the most important addition as this is the content I wanted to play when I joined ascension and to not be allowed to solo this content is literally blue balls. I'm fine with you guys buffing content to make it challenging for 5 man groups however I don't want to group up with people to be able to play. Addition#3: Pseudo level up via achievements Please grant players the same benefits they would gain from leveling up every time they acquire 250 achievement points, and/or complete some of the grindier achievements and/or complete a raid for the first time. By benefits I mean the 1 talent point, 1 skill point, and 5 stat points. By grindier achievements I mean Loremaster (1 per continent), Dungeon master, the pvp master achievements (1 per battleground), For the horde/alliance (1 per faction however both may be acquired in factionless by going to rep tab and clicking war), Explorer (1 per continent)(this achievement is gated until BC is accessible), and exalted reputation achievements (1 per reputation except for the main factions which instead require the ambassador achievement), Profession Achievements (1 for your first profession to hit 300 and 1 for each secondary profession (Fishing, Cooking, Lockpicking (not a profession but should be), First Aid). The purpose of the this addition is to continue the name of the game (Ascension). Players may continue to become stronger even after their level is capped although they will have to find other means of doing it. The other purpose of this is to get players to go through content they would otherwise avoid. By rewarding players for completing all the content that the game can provide, players are more likely to try different things when they are tired of grinding the same content. Addition#4: Random Bonus Stats Please allow gear that is looted, rewarded via quests, and crafted (No purchasing items from vendors) to randomly roll one Primary stat (strength, agility, intellect, spirit, Stamina) and one secondary stat (armor pen, critical, haste, hit, expertise, parry, dodge, defense). Prior to separating the chances into what stat it is, we will go over what the value will be. 25% chance for no gain, 20% chance for both 1 primary and secondary, 15% chance for 2, 10% 3, 5% 4, 5% 5, 5% 6, 5% 7, 5% 8, 5% 9. Now while those numbers may not seem so hard to acquire at first you must remember that these bonuses are further divided by how many stats their are. If a player was to hunt for only strength bonuses his odds of getting that stat are 1/5 of the assigned percentages. and if a player was only interested in gear that had agility and haste their odds of getting the stats they want are 1/40 of the assigned percentages. The purpose of this is to increase the difficulty of creating/finding perfect gear aswell as increasing the benefit of hard work towards creating the perfect gear. After Thoughts: Perhaps also add a resistance to this roll so that players may find more resist on their gear Addition#5: Create New Classes This would be the hardest of all things to do I Imagine but could also be the most interesting. The first rule of class making is that the class must be different enough compared to other classes that it deserves its out place in the world. The classes that I think should be added are: Necromancer class: Dark Wanderer (focuses on damage via multiple undead minions), Ritualist Healing/dps spec (heals party by dealing damage or by transferring health between party members or from himself), Lich (tanking spec with a focus on magic and lich transformation). Entertainer class: Singer (focus on buffing an enemy or ally while using him for combat via mind control) (If a player is controlled you will be a force to be reckoned with however the singer's body will take increased damage and cannot move out of aoe), Dancer Support spec (Deals no damage, Buffs allies within a short distance (10ft), manual removal of an allies cooldowns that can be done frequently, Gear should be focused on increasing mana to preform more beneficial abilities), Comedian spec (PvP focused spec with its uses) (Many abilitys to cc enemies, interrupt casting, stun enemies, dispel buffs, Basically this spec is a giant pest for anyone in pvp, however by itself it cannot deal damage of any significant value on its own) The purpose of this is to provide new content to players that will intrigue them to the idea of roles outside of the norm, while also challenging developers to create new paths players may go. Because this is a classless wow it doesn't matter that a spec is not intended to deal damage because players can make up for it by cross classing. Addition#6: Upgrading a weapon to legendary This can only be done by players who have a legendary and are ok with destroying the legendary to improve another weapon. This will increase a weapon your choosing's attack speed and damage by 10% and give your weapon a 10% increase in size so that you may boast that it is legendary. After a legendary is destroyed any quests involving that legendary are marked as incomplete and the weapon may be reacquired by completing the quest line again. This is to benefit all the players whos best in slot item is not a legendary. Addition#7: Gated Leveling Challenge Please add a server that allows for this challenge. Players will be able to level up as normal until level 20. at which point they must have completed both ragefire chasm and the deadmines. While this is not a complete thought the basic concept is that the player cannot continue leveling until they have completed all the dungeons that they are a couple levels above. The second part of this challenge comes when they reach level 60 and bc has been released. Players will be required to complete all of the raids for level 60 before they can continue leveling. The purpose of this is to force players to enter all of the dungeons as they become available aswell as provide speedrunners with a challenge that is reliant on their ability to travel around and work with others, should this be combined with revision#3 I believe that to be the hardest leveling challenge. Addition#8: Random item drop Players can loot from any mob 1% of the time a custom item that when opened will contain 3 items that can be any item (including legendaries, raid drops, quest rewards, crafted gear, and lots of junk) except quest items. The purpose of this is to give all players something to hope for. If this is included with addition#7 a player at level 10 who just looted thunderfury is going to be pushing himself like no other before him to get to 60. Or perhaps the level 60 raider who just got himself some sweet gear for the same raid his group is doing but they still haven't cleared anything yet because they keep losing players to trash. Or more likely the level 5 player who just vendored some item for 1gold Addition#9: New secondary stats Cooldown reduction%, Global Cooldown Reduction, Resource Cost Reduction%, Critical Damage, Addition #10: Negative Stats on gear Take this and apply it 66% of the time to Addition#4. The reason for this addition is that not everyone can be lucky. When bad things keep on happening the good things become even more precious, well that or maybe I like watching people suffer, your choice. Revision#1: Potions Please make it so that potions have a cooldown of 15 seconds have no restrictions on # of uses in combat. The purpose of this is to allow players to stockpile potions for combat purposes. If a player cannot kill an enemy that he is having trouble with he can rely on the benefits of any potion every 15 seconds at the expense of him having to prepare those potions prior to going into the fight. Rather than using his potions whenever a fight may go south, the player will likely save up consumable items for what he considers to be the ultimate challenge at the moment. This will likely also increase the number of players who will take alchemy as a profession. The Reason for this is to benefit those who prepare for combat compared to those who just run in looking for a fight. Revision#2: # of Professions Please change the # of Primary Professions Players may use to 4. The purpose of this is to allow players more freedom with professions compared to the standard wow experience while also preventing them from taking all professions and ignoring the playerbase. Revision#3: Slower Leveling and Punishing PvE Please make players lose a level everytime they die from mobs even when at level cap. Deleveled players will retain assigned talent points, stats, and skills, however any points not assigned will receive an appropriate value subtracted off. For example if my character had 1 talent point unspent at lvl 46 and died thus becoming lvl 45 he would now have 0 talent points -1 skill points and -5 stat points to spend. Please reduce exp gained from all sources by 50% of their vanilla values. The purpose of this is to punish players that died. Raiders that die will have to learn that every death matters. If one falls we all fall. Smart raiders will keep a set of gear below lvl 60 in their bank so that they have an easier time getting back to level 60. Smarter players will get the feign death skill and use it when appropriate. Players looking to get to level cap will have to learn that surviving is just as important as killing enemies. Revision#4: Early Game Bosses Please Increase any early game dungeon bosses with health below 10k to 12.5k Revision#5: Hearthstone Cooldown reduced to 10 min My Own Sentiments of Late Played this for a week and I am already starting to get bored. I saw a video on my recommended youtube video list saying classless wow. Suddenly I felt like life had finally thrown me a bone. Ever since I played wow back in wrath I have always dreamed of playing wow without the limitations of classes. Sadly you guys feel the need to keep the rest of wows traditions present: wPvP and teamwork. I have lost that spark of excitement and will probably just check the site for upcoming changes. I posted this because while I doubt it will have any affect you guys have given me hope because for the longest time classless wow for me was just a dream that I've always wanted. I wish we shared the dream completely but once again I see that we all have our own vision of how a game should be, and while I may be a player who wants something, I have no right to it or control over that.

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