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  1. awesome solo project, congratz on the personal feat!
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  3. That would mean implementing custom spells/effects into the mix, I believe it's already a nightmare to balance Ascension as is. I would be cautious with opening the gates to customs spells/skills/effects (meaning non excisting from wrath). That said, Class fantasy wise it's an amazing idea and I would love to be a Furbolg shaman instead of say tree of life form So perhaps it can be a visual change, instead of Boomkin? Transmog option perhaps, as transmogs don't show in shapeshifts anyway.
  4. You can delete them from your inventory as they will appear in your vanity item tab collection. Shame they do not display in shapeshifts, but honestly that is just how wow is coded.. perhaps they will find a way around it.
  5. Ascension has never shown player count in any way shape or form and it will likely never happen. Showing such details can be a double edged sword in the sense that it may keep new players from coming in even though they like the concept of this project once they see the player population might be low. That alone should not be a factor to try or not try a server in the staff's opinion I suppose? I cannot think of any other why they would keep it hidden anyway.
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  8. The problem with Balance is that too many factors go into it, players will find new "Meta" builds that are the new OP quite rapidly. I think the change in 'RE stacking' made (down to 3x what used to be 5x) is a good start, but in PVP there are some skills that are clearly better than others, I am very bad at it myself and won't act as if I am an expert in the slightest. I have to admit I have seen some really awesome builds on Bloodscalp seasonal realms and didn't mind getting utterly destroyed by them in the slightest. just think Good for them, they invest the time and effort so they "deserve" to be able to destroy me as a casual. I understand that this seems to cater more to the hardcore players and the neckbeards who spend more hours on the game than most of us realisticly could, but that's the nature of any MMO I find. Would hate to see it turn casual because of that personally.
  9. Glad you did! I am also a visual cue kind of player so addons like these help me improve tremendously! Enjoy
  10. Not to my knowledge, I use a form of ElvUI tweaked for Ascension Personally and Buff (and debuff) tracking works just fine for mine. I also use WeakAuras to track proccs, maybe try that..?
  11. I would advice you to join the Official Discord, usually when Seasonal (Bloodscalp) crashes there will be information posted about it if it's an issue that will take longer than the "regular" reboot of the server. That way when it crashes you can be updated on ETA's of server being back up among other things. https://discordapp.com/invite/bEfV3M5 Welcome to Ascension, enjoy!
  12. Greetings Valence! What realm will you be playing on? I'm an officer in the guild <Workin as Ascended> on Horde - Cenarius No Risk server, we raid 10 mans almost every week day in 3 different teams (19-23 Server Time), Merging them together for our 25 man raids. We house mainly European players and have cleared BWL up to Chromm so far. We're a friendly bunch, although a bit insane at times.. we enjoy a good laugh and I think out style of raiding reflects that If you are intrested in PVE you should consider us! Pvp more your thing then I would advice you to start on Laughing Skull Either way welcome to Ascension!
  13. ^ this is where the pain is at I think. I've had much better results in my 5 man run of scholo.
  14. I don't know, it seems they have? https://project-ascension.com/news/view/88
  15. I'm using WoD models on my client without problems, except for the RaF mount and Book of Ascension model (they bug out). The way I got them to work is without the launcher, download the Patch A manually aswell as Ascension.exe and drop them in the correct location of your game folder. You can find all these when you login using your Username and password, clicking downloads in the User control panel. If you do that it should be working without any problems, make sure you use a clean 3.3.5a client howerver.. since you mentioned other servers. hope that will fix the errors for you! - Bluefish

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