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  2. I would like an easier way to respec and try out new ideas or niche builds but at the moment its just too expensive. Take a guild thats trying to beat a raid, they need specific builds and abilities. Maybe they need something they dont have or someones build just sucks. "Well it looks like you'll have to respec to get this" "But i dont have the money" "Im sorry but you cant join us then". Unless the guild leaders take money from the guild bank for these players theres nothing they can do except grind mobs for money (I know there are professions but it doesnt seem like a profession can earn you the same amount of gold per hour that farming mobs can). Theres also like a weird twilight zone where people want dual and tri and even quad spec. But, everytime you respec you spend 200 gold Plus whatever your respec is on. So unless you left your shitty build the way it is to get to the necessary amount you have to set yourself back even farther to reaching that goal. Now i know the devs need money, but surely there is a way that we the players can have a more fun and interesting experience without them sacrificing their livelihood? In summary I dont fucking know man what do i look like to you, a doctor? I just wish I could fuck around with builds and not have to fret over the auction house vendors breaking my kneecaps because I dont have the money for a bag of herb.
  3. Does elemental focus proc the arcane potency clearcasting proc? Im just a bit confused as to whether or not the clear cating from elemental focus can trigger the arcane potency's crit bonus. Im currently trying to creat a hugh crit chance fire build with hot streak but i have conflicting answers as to whether or not it works. Help would be appreciated, thank you.

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