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  1. I would highly recommend you read the news posts and watch the videos on the Ascension Youtube channel before you jump into a fully customized server that is EXTREMELY different from regular WoW. The information is there for you, you just have to go and find it.
  2. Come back when you can make a proper suggestion without screaming HORDIES, REEEE!
  3. Watch the video again Voodoo, and please use your eyes/ears this time. You may choose between High Risk FFA (Free for All, you drop loot on death) or No Risk FFA (Free for All, you don't drop loot on death). Anybody can still kill you out in the world if they're the opposite faction or they turn on Criminal Intent.
  4. Voodoo, if you payed the least bit of attention, you would know that: A) The system they're putting in S3 is the ability to switch between loot drop on-death and no loot drop on-death, not turning off PvP altogether. In fact, the entirety of S3 will be FFA even on low-risk. IE, even more chance of you getting ganked than you normally would on Andorhal. And more importantly, B) They specifically said they are not going to introduce it to Legacy realms. Said system, if proved to be effective, will only be used on Seasonal.
  5. I don't want to dignify your anti-Horde ragefest any more than I have to, but I would like to point out that Oak in particular was still around back when it was heavy Alliance and you didn't really hear them raging about it. I was in an Alliance guild at the time and when they starting hemorrhaging players due to the RE changes Oak and Exiled started soaking up the remains, which is why things are the way they are right now. Oak was the main guild on Horde and was actively getting shit done even when outnumbered by Alliance. Hell, as far as I know they held a monopoly on Kazzak during that time as well. Also, FYI, Alliance are waaaay more petty when it comes to ganking, trust me. Like I said, been on both sides of that fence.
  6. That sentence alone just removed any semblance of validity you may have had.
  7. As someone who doesn't PvP (and prefers PvE) and has been both sides of this conflict, both as alliance/horde and with the advantage/disadvantage, all I can say is deal with it. Yeah, sure, it's unbalanced, but the 'get good' people have a point. It's a PvP realm, you knew this going in. The times when you will be handed a fair fight are going to be few and far between, so don't play expecting them to be handed to you and then complain when they aren't. If things aren't favourable for you, then you just have to find a way around it. A few people have even given you suggestions on how to do so. It's the lot of the underdog to get inventive, so use your noggin instead of complaining that you're on the wrong side of the scales.
  8. The entire thing is buggy, is what he's saying. The tooltip is actually showing the correct information, it's the RE stacking limits that are borked.
  9. That would be fair if they were in a good place, but they got buffed because they were underperforming a lotta builds. That last buff put them in a good spot; not too good, not too bad, but now they're getting slapped again alongside every single caster build to boot. It's a global nerf to everybody who uses SP, regardless of how the build performs, simply because they want to limit PvP burst. Again, these changes could be targetted, but they're not, which means the global nerf was intentional. I guarantee you there's more than a few builds out there that really do not need this nerf, but are still getting it anyway.
  10. I'm confused as to why you guys would buff hybrid builds to make them more viable, then turn right around and slap them with a nerf again. A 5% nerf to Mental Quickness alongside the Demonic Knowledge nerf is going to hit SP pretty harshly, and hybrid *needs* SP. If these changes were PvP only that would be one thing, but they'll hit PvE as well again with no compensation given. I get that you guys wanna balance PvP, and by all means please do so, by why do PvE builds keep getting slapped with global nerfs to both PvP and PvE when they could be targetted?
  11. Yeah, I wouldn't entirely disagree with that, but the issue I'm feeling is that investing into it specifically just feels bad. It's okay as is, but sacrificing RE or talent space to improve it at the cost of other things never seems worth it. I like Lava Lash and want to build more around it, but doing so is pretty unsatisfying.
  12. Currently Lava Lash still seems a bit unattractive even with it's buffs. If it weren't for the fact that it procs melee effects I probably wouldn't pick it at all. That said, it's not a change directly related to the hybrid changes active, but is there any possibility the Lava Rush RE (Gives Lava Lash a chance to proc a 10% melee haste buff to your party) could be changed up a bit? It currently has 5 levels and stacks 5 times, but based on the testing I've done with the max rank available to me (rank 4 I believe) it seems to be a 20% proc rate, or similar with just one RE. A multiple RE investment doesn't seem worth it. If it could be normalized to a non-stacking, 2 rank RE (Blue and Epic, 25 and 50% proc respectively) it could make Lava Lash a bit more attractive. Something similar could also be done with Hasted Eruption RE (CD reduction on Lava Lash), since stacking that many REs to reduce the cooldown by a few seconds just isn't worth. Perhaps 3 ranks, non-stacking, 1–1.5–2 seconds? Not sure if this would solve all Lava Lash's problems or make it too good, but it's just my thoughts on the matter.
  13. Seconded. This was one of the first things I thought of when I saw that as well. It just makes sense for it to have dual scaling anyways–hybrids are opting for both stats, not stacking just one like pure physical builds, so IMO the talent ought to reflect that.
  14. Personally I really like the hunter 5 set proc itself, but like Renamed I feel that putting it on Aimed/Multi-shot is a huge waste. Multi-shot especially, there is next to no reason anyone should be using that over Volley in any situation. It's just simply out-performed in every way. The three set bonus though, that's a major letdown. I can only really echo what others have said, being that having the set bonus literally be a carbon copy of an RE/talent rank is a isn't exciting at all and goes against the entire goal of these set bonus changes.

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