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  1. yeah but every third is a human, right? so instead of everyone having fotm, "just" a third of playerbase does?
  2. even if everyone chose EMFH factions would be balanced approx 50/50, better for bgs, better for raids, better for open pvp... and there wouldnt be so many humans running around (diversity op)
  3. they could change the cost of different tier of racials, or completely remove them, i just wanna roll a gnome but dont wanna play on a faction thats has 20% more players. not only that, not being able to choose racials on a realm like this makes absolutely no sense....
  4. im new here, i like the concept, i like the fact that people are interested in servers and devs are trying hard to make more room for more people, but one thing is bothering me so much that im hesitating to put in time in this server, and that thing is racials, and the fact that every single server is heavily alliance favoured mostly filled with humans and their retardedly op WOTLK racial i really really cant understand why on such a heavily customized server with all abilities ready for taking, we have to get stuck with racials that are so unbalanced and unfun, and see such faction imbalances. give us the option either to choose racials or completely remove them.

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