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  1. I hope that this could one day lead to a merge between Andorhal and LS. As long as the new server's can support the influx of players outside of Seasonal times, I think that would be a fine idea, and would also help make the worlds feel slightly more alive during Seasonals as well. One big Hybrid realm, it would feel alive, on and off Seasonal times, and it would let players play the way they want to. I think that's a mighty fine goal to strive for. But I can agree, splitting the population so egregiously is never a good thing, and it's always been one of the things that irked me about Seasonal Realms in the first place. But that's a topic for another time. I would like to see some life brought back into the main realms.
  2. Personally, I'm fine with the change. While I haven't really had time to experience the hybrid risk system, and can only speak of the concept as it is on paper, I was hoping that this system would have eventually been implemented on Laughing Skull and Andorhal, and that could hopefully also pave the way for a future server merge to help with population issues, once Ascensions's server's could support such a thing, of course. Personally, I play on Andorhal (having started on the old Sargeras server and enjoying the high-risk aspect quite a bit), I switched to Andorhal because it supposedly had a higher population. I think it would be a great thing if a high-risk option came to Andorhal, not being forced into it, and also having items not be Soulbound for both sides (that being one of the things I loved about high-risk). EDIT: To add onto my earlier point, with LS being Hybrid Risk, is there any real reason to play on Andorhal anymore, anyway? I can kinda see this killing the server. I hope they have something in mind to answer that issue.
  3. They're hybrid risk. So you can choose what you want, and you can switch between them at your leisure. There's a cooldown between how often you can switch, and you need to be in a faction city as well. Do note, that you can only pick one after hitting level 20.
  4. Hi there, Was having this same issue but was fortunately able to figure it out. On your character select screen, go into your addons. Make sure all addons with "Ascension" in their name is turned on. That should fix your UI.
  5. The guy above summed it up decently. Andorhal is Low-Risk (No items dropped on death), and Laughing Skull is High-Risk (Items dropped on death and almost nothing is Soulbound) Both those realms feel pretty empty when the Seasonal realms are up, since almost everyone is on those instead. Season 3's theme is Wildcard, where your abilities are chosen at random, and is also being used to test upcoming features such as the Hybrid Risk System (think Warmode from live WoW, only not quite as sucky), and Scourge Invasions. Seasonal realms are temporary. They only last a couple months at a time, and your characters get transferred to the main servers when they end. More info on the current season can be found in their official video here:
  6. Howdy folks, Just a quick question. Is there any way to use store purchases items on season realms? I bought the Archmagus set for my character on Andorhal some months back, and from what I can tell, there's no way to use it on the Seasonal realms? Would contacting a GM help? Any help with this would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Hi all. Returning player. Just wondering what the current player populations is on each server. Used to play on Andorhal, but stopped playing once the server felt kinda dead, but that was maybe about a year ago. What's the big server these days?
  8. Greetings Everyone. Just came back to this game after taking a few months break from it. Was previously on Horde Side - Sargeras. Transferred over to Alliance Side Andorhal, since I heard Andorhal was the more PVE server and that Horde was basically dead on it. Am I missing something, or is Stormwind normally this empty? Is everyone just hanging around in Silithus? I see like maybe 5-10 people in the Trade District generally. Is Andorhal a generally low pop server? Where is everyone? I'd like to play on a server that has a decent population to it, so if i joined the wrong server for that, please tell me. I was on Sargeras previously, so I don't mind high-risk.
  9. What I use for my addon downloads is: https://drive.google.com/drive/mobile/folders/0B8sNM02J-EB1ZUhwTnJXTVBnRUU its a collection of addons from 3.3.5, which is what the Ascension client uses. From what I could tell, they all work, with the exception of LUI, which I couldn’t get to work. No pictures or anything with this list, so it does require you to know about the addons, or atleast Google them. I use Shadowed Unit Frames for my unit frames addon and to place them more towards the centre of my UI. It’s a handy addon. Bartender4 is really good as well. Great for arranging your hotbars the way you want them, and makes setting up keybinds really easy. If you plan on raiding, your basic addon package would be DBM, Recount, and Grid (or Grid2). DBM is good for telling you when you’re dying, Recount is good for telling you if your DPS is shite or not, and Grid is good for watching which of your teammates are dying stupidly to standing in the fire. Joking aside, they’re all useful addons. TellMeWhen and Weakauras are also really good. TellMeWhen is useful for tracking your CDs, and WeakAuras is good for tracking your buffs/debuffs. WeakAuras is pretty advanced though and has a steep learning curve, unless you’re fortunate enough to find pre-existing strings online for the addon function you’re looking for. Atlas and AtlasLoot are good for giving you more dungeon info. Back in old days, we didn’t have the ingame dungeon journal to give us maps or tell us what dropped. Had to use addons for that. Atlas was the goto addon for it. For bag management, you’ll probably want either Bagnon or ArkInventory. Personally, I’ve always used Ark, so I can’t speak much for Bagnon. I say try em if you want and see which one you like better. Lastly, GearScore. Back in old days, characters didn’t have an “item level” that could be used to determine gear. WotLK and prior expansions used a system called GearScore, which required an addon. I don’t know if it’s needed in Ascension, since it is a modded version, but I’m listing it anyway. If youre looking for anything in particular in terms of addons, or something I didn’t list above, let me know, and I might know of some.

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