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  1. A simple idea to tune down on the absurd scaling you can get with boring talents. Any talent that increases a stat by a % should only apply to specific armor types; as an example Sinister Calling in the subtlety rogue tree would give 20% agility from leather armor while Lightning Reflexes from Survival hunter would give 20% AGI from mail armor. Likewise stances could see some changes Shadow form should only reduce threat gen on shadow spells and healing effects. You can't cast any healing spells in shadowform but this retains the threat reduction should someone use Vampire Embrace. Its too easy to instantly remove 30% of threat as a dps with the current form. Strength of Arms from the Arms tree should buff battle stance, either making it similar to Improved Berserker stance or changing it into extra haste or ArP ect. Deadliness in the Subtley tree should only work while in no stance or in stealth/shadow dance, as it would on a rogue.
  2. Lightning shield is very underwhelming compared to other abilities. Can we get the Improved Shields enhancement talent to instead increase its spell power co-efficient to 100% per charge at 3/3? Buffing Static Shock would also be a nice diversity change for some hybrid specs since its otherwise underwhelming aswell. Increasing it from 2% per point to 8% gives it 40% chance on hit to proc a shield charge at 5/5 making it a more reliable source of damage, maybe even make it proc off of nature spells as well since its fits the fantasy of the talent.

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