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  1. Last week I was like "lets log off forever" then PTR came on and allowed me to try out a new build and I am sticking around until I am geared and bored. I think loads of new people will quit after using 3 respecs, realising they cant afford any more respecs (how many 15$ respecs can you realistically afford) even though they have a few builds they would like to try they just quit.
  2. no scroll bar tried mouse everywhere just doesn't work for me
  3. not sure why but I cant scroll through any enchants all I ever see is one screen and it is impossible to scroll down tried two diferent browsers
  4. This is beta but this is what I call soloable not some try hard with amazing gear trying to minmax enchants. Keep in mind all dungeons are scaled to be way harder than vanilla exactly to make them unsoloable for all intents and purposes I wouldn't class what that guy was doing as "look brd is soloable"
  5. Have you seen his gear? Sure you can solo brd after getting full lvl 60 epics and a dedicated build. Try do that on any of the new servers in blues when drops from the dungeon can actually upgrade your gear. Sure I can solo RFC at lvl 60 but what is the point?
  6. You can't solo BRD this only happened in beta mobs hit you for 2k in one second now
  7. I think there is a problem in the way this server is presented as a funserver we get increased exp rates and much better random loot which makes leveling a typical funserver experience. Now the issue is when you hit 60 and realise how expensive it is to respec (particularly if you are new and have no idea where to get 150g from). You just have to allow for people to play around with the classless system and at the moment it isn't possible which kind of defeats the purpose of the system. My suggestion is: unlimited respec until 60, after 60 a 48 hour COOLDOWN to reset again for free. This cooldown can be removed with a reset orb or individual abilities tweaked with scrolls. This way people will want 4 specs and will buy them so when one spec is on cooldown they will switch and reset another that isnt Please try this out I am certain that the money players don't spend on respec they will spend to get 2nd 3rd and 4th specs there will be no loss to you but there will be gain to the playerbase. Thank you ff
  8. Holding off is ok but if they mistime it you will have bgs that are ruined by bwl geared players who have best pvp and pve gear. If they release pvp epics those wont be much good for high content pve anyway so I dont see a problem. Besides who is going to spend weeks in bgs to gear up for pve? While you have plenty of players who spend weeks in raids then when fully geared just faceroll pvp players in their joke gear.
  9. Need new set and weaps most builds rely heavily on a good weapon atm pve is the only way to get one

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