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  1. No, I said that AoE fights are the only fights I do well in. Consecrate, Divine Storm, and Consecrated Strikes RE do a lot of work in AoE, but single target is still lacking.
  2. How is Ret Paladin performing in your testing? I'm hardly Best in Slot on my character (a mix of AQT/BWL gear), but I can't really compete outside of AoE heavy fights. Would it be possible to get a tweak to Righteous Vengeance such that newer applications don't overwrite older crits?
  3. Howdy Ascension devs! I'm curious how you feel the classless system itself has held up over time. Is it meeting your expectations, or are there some fundamental mechanics you would like to change? Personally, I believe the game's ultimate goal of maximizing class fantasy requires a fairly large redesign of the current talent trees - both to reduce overlap and to better cover common fantasy themes. Secondly, could such a redesign be implemented on a separate server so as to not alienate those who prefer the status quo?
  4. This isn't one of the questions you asked, but it's very helpful information. Eventually you're going to want to experiment with your build. I strongly recommend not doing so on the live server, as that is very expensive and you only get 3 free talent resets outside of the one free reset you get at the beginning of the month from Chromie. Instead, head to the store page (don't worry, this doesn't cost money) and copy your character over to the PTR. You can do this as often as you want. That will allow you to experiment with build ideas and test how well they work without costing you all your gold on your live toon.
  5. While the buffs to Holy Hybrid in general are nice, I don't feel they address some of the problems with the build. These are the problems I still see with the build: 1) It's very starved for RE slots. To maximize the key pieces of the rotation, you need 5x Sanctity of Battle, 5x Purifying Power for exorcism CDR, and 5x Seals of the Pure. That's not even including 5x Vanquishing Storm if you want to boost Divine Storm damage. So right off the bat, you can't max out your full rotation, and getting as close as you can requires sacrificing a lot of stat boosting RE's that other builds can include. If there could be some consolidation, that would go a long way to helping this build out. 2) The cooldowns don't fit into a smooth rotation. Between Crusader Strike, Judgement, Divine Storm, Exorcism, Hammer of Wrath, and Consecration, there's not enough global cooldowns to take full advantage of each ability. Compared against most other builds that can focus on one or two abilities with some longer cooldowns to provide burst, Ret doesn't have enough time to fit the full rotation in. 3) It lacks a burst cooldown ala Bladestorm, Arcane Power (can technically make some use out of this, but not nearly to the extent a full caster can) or Bestial Wrath. 4) Righteous Vengeance doesn't apply to the biggest damage dealer of the spec, IE Exorcism. I'm also not sure, though I can't confirm, if the talent works properly and applies the full damage of all listed ability crits over the duration. A few suggestions to clear those problems up: 1) Remove the CDR from the purifying power RE and boost the CDR on the talent in Holy to an appropriate value. 2) Replace Divine Storm with a full blown burst damage cooldown. For example, (insert name here): When activated, your next X exorcisms trigger no cooldown and heal your party for Y% of the damage dealt. That would alleviate 3 problems at once by reducing the number of RE's needed, opening up a GCD in the rotation, and giving holy hybrid its own cooldown. 3) Add Exorcism and Hammer of Wrath to Righteous Vengeance so it can compete against Deep Wounds.
  6. Stmichael

    1h + shield dps

    Possible? Yes. But you're losing out on a lot for using a shield over an offhand weapon, even taking Armored to the Teeth into account. There simply aren't enough offensive mechanics focused around a shield in the game. Now, if this was a leveling/soloing spec, then there's some advantages to taking a shield.
  7. Oh, almost forgot one other thing. As far as getting the Holy hybrid spec up to par, consolidating necessary RE's would help a lot. Right now, if I want to get the most out of exorcism, it will require 5 applications of Sanctity of Battle to boost its damage along with 5 applications of Purifying Power to lower the cooldown to just over 6 seconds. That's also not including Seals of the Pure taking up another 5 slots to maximize SoR. Right off the bat, almost all of my available RE slots are taken up boosting my primary damage dealers and not leaving me enough room for all the other stat boosting RE's current meta builds can include. It would help a lot if the purifying power talent were to reduce the cooldown of exorcism further (down to 6 or 8 seconds instead of 10) while removing the CDR from the RE. Or some other form of consolidation y'all find beneficial and fair.
  8. Holy hybrid has needed some love for quite some time, very glad to finally see it come through. As far as a means of keeping up with other melee DPS in PvE, might I suggest taking a look at righteous vengeance? It's difficult to determine exactly how it works, IE whether it's updating numbers dynamically to allow all ability crits to deal the full 45% extra holy damage over 8 seconds or whether newer crits override older ones. For example: I cast judgment and crusader strike back to back, both crit for 1k (to make the numbers easy to work with.) If the application from crusader strike updates the original, righteous vengeance should deal 800 damage over the life of both . If crusader strike overrides judgement, it only deals 450 over 8 seconds. If you're looking for ways to help out holy hybrid PvE, adding exorcism to righteous vengeance and allowing it to update damage values for newer applications would go a long way.
  9. I've been playing semi-regularly for a few months now, and that hasn't changed at all. It's probably unavoidable so long as they have the truly open character specialization. One thing the devs have done which helps a lot is that they've made the PTR open full time. You can transfer a few copies of your character over there (for free), pool your resources onto one toon, and experiment with your build as much as you like. If you're lucky, you'll even catch a dev on the test realm. If you ask them nicely, they'll help you out and give you resources, gear, or RE's to test your ideas with.
  10. There's a few choices, admittedly more if you aren't interested in PvP. But in this established meta, there's fewer viable choices in a game that is intended to be about class fantasy than there were in Burning Crusade, much less Wrath of the Lich King.
  11. As I see it, high risk is doomed, and the list from OP is more a wishlist for those still sticking around rather than a list of things that will help foster the revival of a healthy population. On top of the fact that the classless system lacks any semblance of PvP balance, World of Warcraft was never designed with permanent gear loss in mind. Given how important gear is to a character and how well they function, losing a few pieces of gear for whatever reason can put a new player far enough behind that they lose interest. No matter how bad the ganking got in STV or whatever kind of cheese was thrown at you while you were least prepared for it, the worst that could happen in retail (or no risk) is that you died and would have to spend some time running back to your corpse. On high risk, all it takes is 1 unlucky death to put you significantly behind the guy who just killed you. Two unlucky deaths in a row (the second being much more likely after the first), and you're now down a quarter of your gear and all the stats that come with it. I know that high risk wasn't designed for me or players that think like I do, I don't begrudge them that. But there simply aren't enough players aware of this game that truly enjoy what high risk has to offer.
  12. There's an important distinction between choice and the illusion of choice. You said yourself that players will always choose what is best (or rather, something that is viable as there are a small selection of builds that are roughly competitive with each other). So ultimately, you don't have true choice in the current system. You have a few right answers and a lot of wrong answers. Opening the game up to more legitimate choice requires a greater degree of balance, which the current free for all build system is incapable of. You brought up the point that duplicate talents and abilities need to be reworked to provide more variety, which is absolutely true. But doing so within the current system is doomed to failure. Balancing that many possibilities while maintaining any semblance of diversity among talent selections is for all intents and purposes impossible. This is why I recommend limiting builds to 3 spec trees. Doing so opens up the design space of each individual talent so that it can be unique and interesting, because the number of game breaking combinations will be far fewer and much easier to control without affecting its interactions with other builds, or at the very least minimizing the unintended consequences. It furthermore has the added benefit of making character building much more approachable, while also making the meta easier to understand and plan a counter for.
  13. It might help lower level players a little bit if they're confused about REs, as well as helping fresh level 60s experiment to learn what works and what doesn't. But the vast majority of the learning curve comes from builds themselves. You are correct though in that a more user friendly RE system would help the health of the game.
  14. To an extent, we already agree. While I believe updates and upgrades to the main website will have little effect on the long-term health of Ascension's population, your mention of things that shy players away early on should certainly include the learning curve associated with the classless system.
  15. As a small addition to the redesign I proposed, one of the benefits of limiting a character to 3 talent trees is that it frees up design space to make each talent tree special. As it is, adding new tools or spells to the game is often a disaster to game balance as it is difficult to control all the different interactions that spell has with all other spells or talents.

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