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  1. ppl premade with broken melee/hunt builds, you ask for insanely high donations so you might wanna atleast act like u actually care about the server @staff
  2. Hey, please change the transmog coin to a permanent one (1 time buy, infinite times use) and adjust the costs from 3 DP to 10-15. The current costs are ridiculous, 3dollars / 100g / tons of honor to transmog a single item is way too much. its basically vanilla, 90% of the armor looks terrible and ppl would love to transmog their gear.
  3. Hey, yes i know that on a classless realm like ascension pvp will never be balanced, but that doesnt mean you cant try to improve it right? My suggestion is to nerf meleedmg in instanced pvp, as i said it will never be balanced but this is a joke, people killing other ppl in a chargestun, pets critting (with normal white hits) for 1,4k etc etc...
  4. First of all, i really enjoy this classless concept. However, 15bucks for a talent/abilityrespec is rediculous. Changing specs and experimenting should be the "core" of this server but its locked behind a paywall. Im all for donations, for example the cosmetic stuff, xp boosts, instant lvl 60boosts, mounts etc are great but i highly suggest you to lower the costs for respecs.

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