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  1. Problem i see with your idea is that you are applying it onto an incredibly small number of players. Right now people are struggling to find others in zones that are considered popular. With a server of maybe 500-1000 players applying your idea would limit the amount of people you can find and fight to 250 to 500 ( assuming the faction balance perfect ). And thats across multiple max level zones and other random zones around azeroth where players are at ( for some reason ), usually level 20 - 40 zones. Meaning you wont be finding anything at all quite frankly. 500 people arent enough to make a little train across a single zone like PL let alone enough to populate every zone currently worth being in across all times and timezones. In guild stuff is whatever.
  2. Mind you, whatever great idea you find after you spend hours upon hours upon hours upon hours upon hours of grinding for your cute "non meta" build, 50% of it will probably be better applied onto a meta build.
  3. To be quite honest, i doubt that the occasional rare DCs to specific people are whats killing the server. I dont want to be a joy killer but once you pass the DC every 15 mins you dont actually arrive to a place of fun and adventure... you arrive to LS the most neglected idea and concept since the dawn of mankind.
  4. I really do not think we need to add players additional ways to avoid pvp while not rewarding those who do it. That type of thinking is what is pretty much killing the server right now, in terms of world pvp. Terrible rewards, high investments with no yield. Personally, i would be your permanently "aggressive" flag and after i spend 2 hours flying around random zones just to find something to kill and its flagged as "defensive", quite frankly id close the game right there and then. Resurrect in town.
  5. Quite frankly it doesnt matter what we say here. Forums are being flooded with complaints regarding general pvp balance and wpvp and instead of doing dick about any of the shit that they call development decisions we get another raid, instanced pve zone, on a "world pvp" focused realm. But to entertain the idea: Every kill in world is justified. Red is dead. Its a PVP Realm if you dont wanna get ganked, play a carebear one. On the topic of losing gear that you worked hard for i believe i advocated plenty for an increase in drop rates and i stick to the belief that its the only thing necessary. I find it ridiculous to see someone complain about pvp on a pvp realm, it is simply beyond my comprehension.
  6. I dont think we need a "come back" mechanic other than find the player the way he found you. And depending on which zone you fight people often ressurect and catch up to the fight thats still going on. Combat is retaliation not a player tracker.
  7. I have to say i am heavily against stealth changes and against giving truesight on pick up in world. Using stealth is quite frankly, not that cheap compared to what else you could do with the same talents spent. Stealth is already much weaker here than it should be and there should be no reason to invest into it as much as everyone here does, against 0 stealth detection being picked up by the players. If a stealth build invests 5 talents to not be detected, 2 skill essences to stealth in the first place and then 2 more for vanish, possibly 2 1 for preparation and your build has no stealth detection investment then you should not be able to detect stealth. Truesight in the same light, would make all of this worthless. There is plenty of stealth detection to be obtained in the game already. I believe you could get enough to make stealth not even be stealth anymore. I have picked up an AOE ability on my single target character and it works just fine for catching stealth without any other detection than an RE. If someone is using only vanish, without talents, spending 2 skill essences, dont be a lazy mofo and spend 2 skill essences to counter vanish yourself. On a realm where everyone is naturally pvp flagged i dont see how you would determine who is PK or not PK and even then we need everything BUT options to avoid wpvp and options to punish people that try to participate in it.
  8. Its actually more than enough to compensate for a 15% damage reduction. And once again, i believe i mentioned it above, you dont play TG purely for ridiculously high damage, it just does that anyway. I assure you, if a TG were interested into doing 1shots on 5k armor targets, it could. I havent seen a 2x1h do anything comparable. Also pvp and pve are barely the same thing in the terms of reaching top of the damage chart even if you ignore everything else that goes into it. This is a PVP discussion post and not a PVE one. I wouldnt prefer to not call this as a rant thread. My intention is to have a constructive discussion in order to maybe come up with a solution and a way to make this server have more than 3 classes that destroy everything else. Everyone seems to whine about everything but noone ever gives any ideas or explains anything. Thought we could do that here.
  9. Commute gold drops only if you were to drop the item it is commuting. It is possible to die and lose no commute gold. And for the most part i believe noone commutes gear anymore, rather they commute REs, at least thats what i do. As even an epic is easier to come by compared to an epic RE.
  10. Id say its fairly relevant as OP asks what build are not gear dependent and my answer is all of the builds you see. To elaborate i guess. If you have low ap base, dont take ap % talents, if you have low armor base dont take armored to the teeth, if you have low x dont scale x, fairly simple. Instead look to talents that increase abilities damages rather than your low stats since outgoing ability damage will always be higher than your ap. Of course you wont be as strong as having a high end build but there is nothing more stupid than going full damage when youve got none and ignoring defense when you got none. Walk into a bg in green leather and stack str and get 1shot. Walk into a bg with green leather with improved barkskin and barskin with stamina stack, and youll end up doing more damage because youre not dead all the time. Armored to the teeth and hunter vs wild ( armor or stamina into ap ) are a good way to get a starting jump in AP as scaling off of 3k armor is better than scaling off of 500 ap and since youll be stacking stamina with your stat allocation might as well get something out of it. And this applies to any build looking for AP. In general figure defensives out first and let the damage come after.
  11. I most definitely agree. I know not all people are up for "limiting certain talents" but it makes no sense how they just copy some players build anyway. I dont care either way. No matter what type of a system is made with balancing decisions such as these, it wont work out well. I personally see 2 options, limitations or freedom + actual balance. People i know have already repsecced 5 times to totally new build types because they dont know what to do anymore. Theyre still in blues just rerolling between 3 specs and slight modifications over and over.
  12. Main complaints about PVP in general seem to be: -Lack of build diversity -TG is too strong or casters are too strong -Stats are senseless My additional complaints are: -Legendary REs should be removed or changed drasticly All of these complaints kind of go together so ill attempt to adress them at once while making the following wall of text somewhat readable. Problem with build diversity currently from my perspective, are stats. In terms of melee there is absolutely no reason ( other than having a legendary RE which well get to ) to play anything other than TG and heres why. Currently every possible stat gain is turned on for every character, which means that melees get both ap from strength and ap from agility on top of that with various talents that convert armor into ap, stamina into ap, intellect into ap, god knows what else into ap gives melee characters an absurd amount of AP so how does this only benefit one specific build? The answer is fairly simple and its called AP coefficient. Different weapon speeds and types have a different AP coefficient. In short AP coefficient determines what % of your AP is converted into damage. So when the biggest melee stat is so ridiculously huge and blown out of proportions, would anyone here prefer to use a small % of it or a large % of it? The answer is fairly clear. Along with some talent choices every single melee can get the same amount of AP/crit/armor/dodge however if you want to make the most of it, youd probably want a slow 2h weapon for its AP coefficient. Ive tested the difference by equipping a 3.8 weapon with 275 weapon damage and a 1.8 weapon with 137 weapon damage on a 1400 AP character. While the difference in weapons themselves is 128 due to the AP coefficient the weapon damage differential was around 300, 172 more than the weapon damage without weapon speed would suggest. The weapon damage differential was as big as if the 3.8 weapon is actually worth 2 of 1.8 weapon. Equipping one over the other resulted in 172 weapon damage differential purely because of the coefficient, free damage so to speak. Well of course 2h weapons are going to have more damage in WOW, why is that such a big deal here? It is a big deal as this difference becomes more and more and more significant as characters obtain more AP. On 1.4k AP the differential was 172, roughly, but on 2k AP it will be much larger and on 2.5k and 3k even more and more so. At the upper end of gear and damage these AP numbers are not hard to obtain at all. When you get more damage for simply equipping a different weapon type, you get to a point where you do not need to invest into obtaining damage as much in terms of TE and AE which opens up the ability to get more survivability or mobility or whatever one may please. On top of that high weapon damage completely breaks a lot of abilities in the game such as killing spree for example and a lot of "hit with both weapons" abilities who were NOT MADE to be used with a character who has such high weapon damage in relation to everything else ( TG related ). Which brings us to our next point, build diversity and what i like to call "The clone wars." TG builds get a lot of damage from low investment due to the AP coefficient > TG has more options to obtain EVERYTHING. Magic damage builds ignore armor and have to invest less to push through the mitigation > Magic damage builds have more options to obtain EVERYTHING. Other builds who do not take advantage of these, and some other various concepts that the builds above take advantage of, just fall flat in comparison. To get the same damage numbers on a fast weapon you have to invest much much much more into damage leaving you either very easy to kill or without a lot of mobility or health and mana recovery. Which is where the empire strikes back and we get to what i call clone wars. Builds listed above, casters and TG, have EVERYTHING. Infinite mana, infinite health, infinite resources to do damage, infinite movement or absurd damage reduction. Builds who cannot achieve everything listed above are simply "bad and unviable" builds. If you are a melee who doesnt have infinite mana, cannot spend 10 to 15 TE into buffing up your healing, 10 TE into buffing up your damage reduction while still doing ridiculous amounts of damage you are worthless at the upper end of gear ( example: cat builds, that are only used on low levels )9. On the other hand we have magic damage builds who just ignore % damage reduction that melees come across ( armor ) while still having ( A LOT ) it themselves who on top usually run around with pets for 15 to 20% more damage reduction flat. Secondly, most defensive cooldowns are anti melee cooldowns. Evasion and Barkskin are purely anti melee. Deterrence is better against melee due to the fact that caster dots will still tick through it. Dispersion, Iceblock, Divine shield and Dispersion are at first something thats equally usefull to all. However warlock pets, hunter pets ( though with more investment and yet not as strong ), even mage pet, dots, starfall are all abilities that casters can use to do a ridiculous amount of damage while sitting in a defensive cooldown. On top of just a ridiculous amount of "passive" damage that comes while they are cycling their 2 - 3 minutes of cc reduction and invulnerability, being able to reduce so much damage for so long ( along with super high armor values and pet damage reductions who are up the entire time ) helps most builds wait for procs and have the control of when they are going to attack and when not to attack. It is incredibly difficult to catch a caster without some type of ridiculous damage reduction or invulnerability up and even when that happens they have about 40% to 50% physical damage reduction from armor and 15 to 20% from the pet. So there is really no surprise that TG is so dominat as a melee, its not only because of its absurd damage, its also because of its absurd healing. While these casters are invulnerable for long periods of time it certainly comes in handy to be able to heal yourself. Everyone is the same. Every proper melee is TG because its a build type that benefits from avoiding every balance patch originally implemented into the game allowing the build to spread out and get good healing and survivability to compensate for not having natural SP for healing. Every caster has natural SP and naturally ignores armor which is a very big source of damage mitigation for and against melees thus they too need to invest less to get the same result giving them more freedom to pick up every defensive cooldown in the book and ridiculous amounts of damage reduction. The discrepancy arises when a melee has to go through armor + defensive cd + general damage reduction + resilience where as caster ignores armor and defensive cds are not as relevant to them. To toot my own horn here, i usually do get a few iceblocks against mid air pyroblasts, but for that i have to stand still only to be pyroblasted again right as i leave IB where as you can easily use evasion and continue to live your life normally. Ultimately we get 2 build types and thats pretty much it. Every BG or group wpvp looks like a starwars episode. You have your 5x <generic TG build here with some talents swapped around> and 5x < caster with some talents swapped around >. We might as well all be wearing the same pieces of armor as well for immersion purposes. These build types are just too far ahead of anything else imagineable. We have 2 "special mention" build types that will lead us into the final part of this wall of text. Before anyone says how i have not mentioned hunters id like to state that in this post i used the word "caster" very loosely. In general i believe it was fairly obvious that the issue is in the damage type rather than the ability or scaling and hunters are not exception to the caster rule as they still ignore armor and so on. The other special mention are mutilate builds. For the most part i find it hard to consider these actual builds rather than a product of something that should exist. Normally mutilate, compared to backstab, is an ability that does more damage, generates more combo points and doesnt need to be used from the back but in return costs A LOT more energy. A long with the energy cap and energy regeneration available to mutilate and backstab in the original game ( effectively assassination and subtlety / dagger combat ) balance these abilities to not hop too far away from another. On Ascension that is not the case because of our, long awaited final topic of this whine post, legendary REs. To be short and quick to the point as i wasnt so far i believe. Remove legenday REs or drastically change what a legendary RE is. Builds revolving around legenday REs are hard to balance, having to balance REs seperately is not good from the perspective of amount of work necessary. The aim should be to reduce the number of things that are necessary to tune and balance not increase them. 100% crit rate RE, what? Permanent metamorph form, what? Half energy cost on the hardest hitting dagger ability in the game, what? Were already pretty much at a point where if your build doesnt take advantage of a legendary RE it doesnt match an incredibly similar one that does. Preposterous. An RE shouldnt be something anyone ever considers balancing. And most certainly should not only influence specific builds in such ridiculous ways. Thank you for reading, i imagine it was an effort.
  13. Currently the gearing progression on LS is incredibly slow and incredibly contrary to the world pvp idea. In order to get RE's and mystic orbs for them world is a terrible place to do so. The drop rates are super slow and it forces a lot of people to farm in their "farming specs" and to farm completely naked. These adjustments are something that indicates that in order to progress you need to do a PVE build and avoid PVP. Even with such adjustments the rate of drops is ridiculously low. Which forces the players to do INSTANCED PVE for orbs and runes or do BGs. Prior to the BRD drop rate nerf it was common for a player to do BGs for runes and BRD for orbs because doing battlegrounds for orbs is, once again, incredibly slow especially considering how expensive REs get. And currently, the only efficient way to get that done is to do battlegrounds. Hours upon hours of being in an instanced zone and not actually doing world pvp as the intention is/was when creating the system. When it comes to actual gearing up, gold grinding, and being out in the world. Things are too slow and too risky. Most even mildly geared players rarely leave safe zones and when they do, they dont do so alone. For this reason people usually join big guilds or create random parties and roam in 10 man or 15 man squads which in turn, everytime it is posted on the world chat, makes others less likely to leave and do anything but enter an instanced area or a safe zone. Nobody bothers leaving the towns and instances alone and instead they wait for groups, which in turn makes players leave cities less often and for lesser periods of time. And a big reason to things working that way is because doing anything but is not worth it. Getting gear takes a ridiculous amount of time and currently LS auction house looks like a clown show. And all that takes in return is to die ONCE to a big group of blue geared players to lose it all. Most people avoid such a risk. High risk should yield high rewards. But killing 10 players, dying once, and farming for 10 hours in between only to end up with less overall strength and currency in return is senseless. While PVP is somewhat cool and all, when you get absolutely nothing for it, it feels like a waste of time. When you also lose hours of grinding during it? Well that just feels like a money sink and more of a chore than a fun past time. And thats what LS currently is, a chore. Farm gold for 10 hours, farm BGs for hundreds of hours, squander it away in an hour or 2 of wpvp. What needs to be changed: -Drop rates that make it more worth it to be outside than within instanced areas. Gear is quicker to obtain than orbs, making orbs actually obtainable in the world would increase the time spent in the world, for anyone trying to get them by a great amount and as of now gear is easily replaceable with gold, but orbs wont be meaning players will have to spend some time out in the world each time they lose a piece. Runes following the same logic. -Implement a high risk high reward system that would incentivse players to farm in better gear, through higher yield. ilvl determined drop tables or anything of the sort would make it so players who are not afraid to risk their hard earned items earn more in general to balance out the fact that they lose more if they die. -Possible additional rewards for world pvp kills. Some players were entertaining the idea of increased honor gain from world pvp and total removal of battlegrounds. Another idea ive heard is making players also reward a type of currency that could be used to buy gear pieces and a ranking system, similar to BG reputation, based on world pvp kills that would allow greater gear to be bought. I would personally be happy about wpvp kills also giving some gold in addition to honor as gold is the most liquid currency. ( not necessarily from the players bags ). What not to do: -Further nerf drop rates -Remove irreplaceable processes of obtaining gear and overall character strength before they become replaceable ( BRD nerf, potential BG removal ) Id believe that reasons for these are obvious but then the BRD nerf happened so i want to make one final statement in regards to recent changes. Everything is slow, dont slow it down further more. High risk without any reward is something noone is going to participate in.
  14. The big problem about the stats is not that agility is somehow the best stat ever. And trust me if you try to tank with full agi gear over a might set youre gonna get dicked. The problem with stats is that theyre all active at once. Warriors get 2 ap per 1 point of strength but they have no benefit of agility in terms of AP in the original game, however here everyone benefits from everything. This stew of random stat gain kind of makes certain builds come on top and just annihilate everything else.
  15. I want to add to the topic of trying to respec and progress. With these incredibly low drop rates and slow honor gain. If you want to respec you get no honor for orbs, no runes and you get less gear gold. If you wanna get runes and orbs, you get no gear and your respecs take away from the orb gain. With how low the rates on everything are you pretty much halt half of your characters progress to do something else.

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