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  1. Wrecking crew is still 15% and Rend legendary is not reseting
  2. Will STR stat get a buff WIll Regular Arms get a buff When will next Balance patch be released ?
  3. i dont know why but i feel like arms needs at least 1 more RE , ive been testing and Mortal strike is good , rend is kinda good as well but i wud like if overpower RE can be added (i know there is a 10% crit but no ) i dont wana sound like a greedy person or something like thet but i always felt like thet since i started playing arms it dosent need to be overpower but something i just gave an example
  4. yea i have RE problems as well but no big deal 1 guy helped me out and talents dont show the changes , tested arms on a dummy 2.8k - 3,1k dps ty for these changes
  5. ah i apologise 3-33AM XD ty for reply
  6. i like the changes , have a question will the 2h 10% re stack (5 times ) or just once ?
  7. whats DPS on the Nef and Cromagus ?
  8. count me in for testing (if) it is released
  9. arms sucks now , i changed to arms again and i'm pulling 1.5k DPS in raids and i'm fully BIS geared (this is sad ....) , i wish arms can compete with TG but TG is way way way better , if this patch changes this i'm gonna be so happy
  10. i apologize up front but can you explain more about arms change is it focused more on PvP ? if it's a yes can you give some love for PvE side
  11. the problem he wants to say is thet there is no vendors for armor and alot of stuff eaven there are some avalable things from there own caracters its not enough they want the old version of PTR witch wud be good >.>
  12. will there be another buff to warrior arms spec (not tank one >.>)
  13. nvm now i see its offline , i dont know if i can remove this post
  14. can't get into realm , nothing happens i clicked on andorhal and nothing

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