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  1. Sure, developer focus is probably in the wrong place, but I feel your outlook on class creation and imbalance is also wrong. The main appeal of this server is to build and play whatever you want. It's why I've been on-and-off the server since 2017. It's a fun aspect, albeit very niche. However, if you're the kind of person to quit playing your class just because someone did better DPS than you, then I think class fantasy isn't what you wanted from the server. It feels like you wanted to create something OP, and you thought you had a strong idea, but someone else's idea was stronger. Of course there is going to be imbalance. When you have the option to choose your build with hundreds of spells and talents, that's almost impossible to balance. And that will always be felt the most in PvP. When you play PvP, you're there to win, so of course you would choose the most OP build to guarantee your victory. Take old Titan's Grip for example. I remember a time when it was the be-all and end-all of builds. You'd never see a level 60 without it. Nowadays, sure it's still common, but not everyone has it. There's more variety now than there was when I first played in 2017. Continued spell/talent balance by the developers is good, and I want them to continue it, but this will never be a balanced server. Imbalance will always exist in a game with asymmetrical play-styles. Even the official Blizzard WoW servers have this issue. There's no absolute fix. And if you're going to quit because someone else out-performed you, then this isn't your game. I hope you find your interest in class fantasy and build flexibility in the future, and that you do return. Best of luck. 👍
  2. After a brief discussion in Sargeras chat about a joke PUBG-like server for Ascension (and people asking how it would be possible), I had an idea for a new High-Risk server type that would play similar to popular Battle Royale games. So I figured I'd make a quick list detailing the basic idea of the server. Of course this is just an early idea, and is open to ideas and suggestions. >Pick race as you do normally >Spawn in race/faction corresponding major city (or even just a single city for all races/factions) with PvP turned off -This will be good for socialising and finding parties (or even guilds) to form before entering the world) >Start at level 60 (or lower if you want (If lower, there should be no XP gain)) >Choose your skills, talents and attributes like you normally do, start off with white-quality weapons and clothes -You can also choose professions to work on >Once you're ready, head into a portal that will drop you randomly anywhere in the playable world (excluding dungeons/raids) -If you joined as a party, the party will spawn close together -Spawn areas should avoid being too close to any high level mobs >In the open world, you will get gear from mobs in the world or in dungeons, or by crafting them >The whole world is PvP >Cities are blocked off and cannot be accessed from outside, and there should be no PvP safe-zones in the outside world >If you die, you will drop ALL items in a chest that can be looted by anyone, and you'll be returned to either a graveyard or the starting city (where you will get the starting white items again) -Alternatively, instead of returning to a graveyard or city, you're returned to the character screen and your character is deleted on death. This one is highly debatable as some players may prefer this while others may prefer the safer option of returning to a graveyard or city. There are valid reasons for both sides of the debate. As mentioned above, this is an early concept and is open to ideas and suggestions.
  3. Thanks guys. I'll take a look at these. Also, I tried installing Questhelper but it seems to be not working for me. Is it having problems with the server, or did I install it incorrectly?
  4. It's allowed. There's a pinned thread with the WoD model pack in this forum. But as mentioned above, it does mess with a couple of mounts and certain models that aren't used in WoD (ie the Book of Ascension is just a cube). Other than the rare visual bug like that, it makes the world look so much better.
  5. Well you are playing high-risk PvP. The fear of losing your items tends to push people more towards a strong meta just to survive. If you play Andorhal, you'll find much more creative builds.
  6. I feel it would be counter-intuitive to the point of the server. They want a server with near limitless opportunity. However, no matter which direction they go, there will always be outliers that are ungodly OP. You nerf Titan's Grip (or at least it's potential in PvP), and people will just find the next best thing. It will just begin a cycle of looking for the next OP bandwagon to jump on. There will always be people who do that, and there's not much the devs can actually do about that. In saying that, I've noticed the devs don't necessarily encourage it. We've seen on their Discord/Twitter/YouTube that they'll showcase actual creative builds if they're viable. And this positive reinforcement towards creativity is the only true way to get people off the bandwagon and to try to be inventive.
  7. Hey, I'm currently looking for some useful addons to use on this server. I've tried doing a Google search, but the most popular items listed in Google are threads from other WoW server forums which include outdated lists with dead links, or otherwise Curseforge which usually doesn't give much detail (screenshots or descriptions) that show or explain what each addon does. So I'm asking here for any recommendations that people here might be using. Anyone have any suggestions?
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