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  1. With the release of the addon, this tool ceased to be necessary and should be considered discontinued.
  2. Heh. Open the website on Chrome from an iDevice. Unclickable links as far as the eye can see.
  3. @Skray I believe the way tiers are enterpreted changed with the new system. It is no longer based on color. if an RE only has one rank, that rank is Tier 1 regardless of the color. This is supported by the fact that the lowest rank of any RE can roll on ANY gear, including legendary REs as you pointed out. They don’t break the rules, they are T1. Furthermore, let’s examine an RE with 5 ranks. The 4th rank (1st epic rank) is Tier 4 and currently locked behind Nef gear or MC Legendaries. 5th Tier has yet to be seen because that iLvL is currently unattainable. Tiers are not determined simply by color, it is determined by how many ranks (tiers) of the particular RE exist.
  4. No. Only 1 legendary equipped at a time will be active.
  5. There are directions for creating submissions to the table (see above). I don’t actively spend much time at the altars in game anymore, so further updates are going to be community reliant.
  6. @wutm8 not bad suggestions. Definitely. The only one I see an issue with is #3 will make extracts even harder to get, because you’ll want to convert runes to orbs instead of their current purpose.
  7. You can solo a select few of the boss, at pretty decent peril of dying (which slows down your farm rate each time you do). If you want to farm 6+ bosses per 15 minute run and do it without any chance of dying, then you probably want a bit more than those basic blues. On top of that, you have to go through the grind of pvp hell which many players don't enjoy (because that's obviously such a well balanced thing right now). And you'll need to have an empty spec to devote to your farming (which will take some more time as well). So you have several days investment to just start scratching BRD solo runs. Again, geared players doing solo runs had too much of an advantage vs new players or undergeared players. I have guildies with over 500 orbs. How much pvp is 500 orbs? How much world grinding time is 500 orbs?
  8. I personally enjoy the longer life cycle of this treadmill. In retail it was so easy to be BiS everything in no time and then bored as hell until the next raid released. This at least gives me things to keep working on.
  9. I do not. That is second hand information that was relayed to me. So I apologize. There are few REs with only a single rank. So if you don’t want to farm, pick a different one. What you get out is determined by the effort you wanna put in. My quick count is that there are at least 5 other REe that effect shaman healing spells. People want the top notch everything, but then bitch that they need to put in effort to get or maintain it. Expectations friends.
  10. @Bluefish Congrats, you've found one of few REs that only have 1 rank. but that also doesn't stack. you only get the effect once. So put it on your best (least likely to be replaced gear) and then you're good for a while. From a dev perspective, the drop rate in BRD was way off compared to other means of getting orbs. Now it's more in line vs PVP or world grinding large mob packs. That's really my biggest point. Again, I miss the higher drop rate, but it put too much distance between the people geared enough to solo BRD and the people that relied on other methods because they didn't have the gear yet.
  11. You don't NEED to do anything. The #tryhards and #nolyfs will always be top dps because they will spend hours a day farming orbs. Scale back your expectation a bit. Do you need the extra 1% of an epic RE? Are you willing to spend the extra 40% more time farming to get 10 orbs for an epic vs a rare? Rare is only 6 orbs. It's perspective friends.
  12. I've edited my post. 2 hours per EPIC is what I meant to say. I've been logging this since the nerf and I've gotten 45 orbs in 9 hrs of farming and many of my guildies can confirm the similar rates. 32 bosses is not a large enough sample set to say I'm wrong. That's 1 hr of farming for me (at the very longest). You had some bad luck and got 2 in that hr, but the next hour might drop many more. I'm talking bout averages here. Also, many players are approaching BWL as the only source of upgrades now. And most people will only get a single upgrade from BWL per week, if your team can even down it. That means you only really need to upgrade 1 pc of gear a week. Assume it's epic, that 2 hrs of farming. (call it 4 for the slower farmers or less lucky). Again, not worst grind I've come across in an MMO. I'll be farming BRD regardless. It's a good way to make hundreds of gold per hour without relying on selling things at the AH (big bonus when you do get things to sell as well). And also they didn't change the rate of rune pieces. I love collecting them to hunt out new REs and get them in my collection. Take all my commentary with a grain of salt, I do miss the old drop rates.
  13. Most of my guild is still continuing their BRD solo runs for Orbs. We do get less than before, but the drop rate is still the best in the game. Most of us are getting about 5 orbs an hour this way. So 2 hrs for epic REs. That's not too bad. Sure we'd love the old drop rate back, but it's not too bad.
  14. Just released v1.2 There are several new REs added in this version and also a fix was implemented to address the table scrolling in FireFox (special thanks to diglio)
  15. Added. Thanks. Keep them coming everyone!

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