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    Making stealth have a duration of any kind breaks the entire feel and fantasy of playing rogue. Period. That's the biggest point that dude made though, and I agree.
  2. Can't we start another vote? One to delete andorhal aswell? This is getting crazier by the day
  3. Hi there, So I just made an account on this forum to be able to respond to this nonsense. I've been playing this server for more than a year now and so far had a smashing time. It pains me that andorhal got a higher pop though, releasing that server was a mistake to begin with, beta was the most fun ive had on here! That being said, yes sargeras is dying and yes a server merge might help and insure a bigger population in the end.. HOWEVER, why do us sargeras players have to give up everything? WHY? isn't there a possible compromise? I get that we cant force andorhal players to give in to highriskpvp. And i'd be willing to trade highriskpvp for a higher population overall. But what's wrong with soulbound not being a thing though? Are there any andorhal players that actually love that concept? It just makes so much more sense to be able to sell/buy all items, if only for the RE's. If you decide to just copy/paste all my characters to the andorhal server with the andorhal rule-set as is, then i'd like to thank the ascension team for all the fun ive had on here. Truly disappointed in this server not turning out the way I was hoping it would, but nevertheless had a smashing time on here! Cheers, Spit

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