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  1. Exorcism has been there since the holy caster buffs. @yaowa
  2. Will righteous vengeance be changed to be able to compete with ignite & deep wounds? The same is asked with piercing shot how it works so far You crit 2k with aimed shot your target bleeds 175 every 2 sec if you crit 4k with arcane shot it now makes it bleed 350 every 2 sec instead of adding the damage from your previous crit, it just erases & refreshes. Same goes for righteous vengeance not to mention this wouldn't be bad if they were 4 second durations to make your rotation change and actually be based around what you can or can not do in that amount of time. booming echoes RE & the backstab RE to increase % of weapon damage still does the same thing.
  3. this is exactly what I wanted. Thanks a ton, you guys are what keeps this server running 😃
  4. very very good changes being made here. although I feel as if righteous vengeance and piercing shots should be changed to ignite duration. 8 seconds and either one of them not adding up accumulating crits like deep wounds and ignite BOTH DO, this change would really benefit ret builds going more diverse, this would allow more burst in pvp. But with all the modifiers just for Pvp You can slap one onto this as well. This would allow for many more specs to flourish especially 2h hybrid with the great new avenger gear 😃 also. p.s 8 set judgement still doesn't work =/
  5. https://gyazo.com/75653564e1f02b4467efd1c0a090e7a8 @itswicky although, ingame they haven't been changed.
  6. @itswicky appreciate the timely response. I would of rather seen some shadowbolt / soulfire synergy, but I appreciate the shadowburn change. off-note will this update fix the pvp 3 set & 6 set swap to combine other sets? aye?
  7. the only time they use battle shout is for warcry but that's 100% crit rating lol
  8. I'd still like to see the 3 set warlock changed, its very bland and awful compared to most. The other changes are very good . 😃 I like the way everything is going as of right now, makes me want to keep playing.
  9. agreed so. I've been playing shadow since early 2017, late 2016, somewhere in there. I still fear shadow will need love. I'd love to see some shadow & soul fire synergy. Would love to see what's in store for the AQ warlock sets.
  10. Great work. =D I really like the way these updates have gone; also.. winter's chill debuff and improved scorch debuff give 5% spell crit bonus. They are 3/3 talents. Why is shadow bolt's 5? It wouldn't break the game to see it changed to 15% shadow bolt damage for 3 talents, which also evens out the playing field for the 5% spell crit debuff. This gets rid of the 5 point talents that ascension had made a post about how they want more build diversity, this would offer a lot more build diversity.
  11. What is planned for the AQ 40 sets? Seeing the AQ 20 sets had a very nice re-work. Are the AQ 40 sets getting re-worked for their 5 set bonus, 3 set bonus or both? Some 3 set and 5 set are perfect for builds already in-game. What's the plan here?
  12. Good news everyone. 😃 https://gyazo.com/c2ca6ac9f0e17da6b6e8d92375242c4a @Kaladin
  13. This post was made from ignorance, there are fireball builds who hit 20k+ with 4k ignite ticks. I can get around a 10k smite now with cooldowns. I think smite is in a good place, although, still not top tier. It brings a lot of utility to the raid as well, if built correctly. Although, there are TGs who hit 2k & 2k with a whirlwind attack , let alone bladestorm. Smite is easily countered by nether protection.
  14. I'm going to start this off and get into the matters I believe that are troublesome on laughing skull. I believe Laughing skull population peaked right before seasonal release / BFA release. Ever since, the population has been dwindling down into an uncontrollable spiral. GMs & Developers their selves had said, "Laughing skull as a whole is unstable." I agree, Laughing Skull is unstable. I think the gap for FFA PvP should be changed rather than adding a system that fucks over anyone in their main city causing them to be separated in the guild they've been apart of their entire ascension career, not to mention there is few builds that strive at level 20, and when I was at this point, I was god awful at the game. I lost nearly every piece of gear I had--back on sargeras-- I wanted to quit, but thankfully I had not. Before this gets very off topic, I will allow myself to get back on track. I often find myself standing in org looking for something to do. So I go to Stormwind to find the same thing. I try to enter BGs but it gets old, knowing who will kill you and who you will kill. There is no competition in battleground when players are not on an equal playing field. 1v1 Zones are the best thing I've seen on the server so far; although, it is very buggy as well. The crow's chest won't spawn in 1v1 Zones I believe? Something along that matter. It's sad to say the past few day's I've seen more people active and it's because of the Coren Direbrew daily--More pvp outside org atleast-- and allowing people to do their daily dungeon with the convenience of teleporting to only that said dungeon is great. What would I do? How would I change things? Crow's chest has nearly died off. Most people are often able to get it naked, solo, and there is no point to bring a group because the chance of gear is one of the few things: Very bad; not worth auction house; already obtained; or finally, not expensive enough to sell into a group split. This in it's self is a bad way to start drama, although most of the loot did not come from the crow's. It came from the pvp which was very good and fun while it lasted. But now only new guilds are the people going for the crow's. Us veterans come to an ultimatum, "Should we control the crow's? Keep these new guilds who can't raid from progressing as a whole? Or should we allow our greed filled intentions take over for chances at that one expensive item that very rarely comes from Crow's Cache." If we control them entirely, eventually other guilds will fall off, we've seen it with Warmonger Clan, Goodfellas, and many others. I would consider a whole revamp on Crow's entirely, there has been rumors for Nefarian only items--ashkandi, nelth's tear, etc--drop in the world . Honestly, I think this is the worst idea. I would much rather see it get implemented into more group scenarios, allowing people to play with their friends. This is why PvE is more prominent than PvP on Laughing Skull, and Ascension entirely... To get the gist of everything, I am saying to add more things for daily activity, hourly activity etc, expand the chances of getting an item you need. Instead of adding Nefarian only drops to the world, add them to things like Crow's or very rare chance of obtaining them from Daily Quests that are not obtainable inside the city. One Daily has brought a lot of activity in its self back to Laughing Skull. I praise the creators & ideas of Coren Direbrew. But we need more content rather than new PvE releases, even though, AQ is so far scripted great. We can't wait for more. There has to be more Now that Dailies are on the table? What would be the exact rewards? I would find it best in ascension's interest to implement things to obtain orbs; Certain RE's that are good for some specs which allows people to use their orbs. Starter gear which was once great, (T1 & Non-shitty ZG epics such as things from Hakkar), of course with the rare chance of getting T2, and even rarer chance of obtaining current raid tier (Nef Items, AQ 20, but not AQ 40 until Naxx is close..) Mystic Runes, orb shards--WHICH SHOULD BE MADE TRADEABLE INSTEAD OF HAVING TO DEATHTRADE, MY BIGGEST PET PEEVE--I seen @Traxx post about Dailies. I completely agree with some idea's. Although some not so much. In conclusion, I would like to see steps in the right direction and would appreciate any criticism / feedback anyone has to offer. I hope to drag a lot of attention with this posts and have people expand off of said Ideas.

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