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  1. @Xronize Lock and Load - Now has a 5/10/15% chance to trigger its effect, from 2/4/6%. The cooldown of this effect has been lowered to 15 sec, from 22 sec. Aimed Shot and Multi -Shot no longer share a cooldown. Master Tactician - Reduced to 3 points. Now gives your ranged attacks a 20% chance to grant 3/6/9% critical strike chance with all ranged and melee attacks, from a 15% chance to grant 2/4/6/8/10% critical strike chance with all ranged and melee attacks. Thrill of the Hunt - In addition to its current effect, now also grants a 33/66/100% chance for your Explosive Shot and Arcane Shot criticals to refund 1 sec of their cooldown, and for your Chimaera Shot, Multi -Shot and Aimed Shot criticals to refund 2 sec of their cooldown. This effect can only occur once per use of each shot. Is it just me or is this pretty good?
  2. Exorcism has been there since the holy caster buffs. @yaowa
  3. Will righteous vengeance be changed to be able to compete with ignite & deep wounds? The same is asked with piercing shot how it works so far You crit 2k with aimed shot your target bleeds 175 every 2 sec if you crit 4k with arcane shot it now makes it bleed 350 every 2 sec instead of adding the damage from your previous crit, it just erases & refreshes. Same goes for righteous vengeance not to mention this wouldn't be bad if they were 4 second durations to make your rotation change and actually be based around what you can or can not do in that amount of time. booming echoes RE & the backstab RE to increase % of weapon damage still does the same thing.
  4. this is exactly what I wanted. Thanks a ton, you guys are what keeps this server running 😃
  5. very very good changes being made here. although I feel as if righteous vengeance and piercing shots should be changed to ignite duration. 8 seconds and either one of them not adding up accumulating crits like deep wounds and ignite BOTH DO, this change would really benefit ret builds going more diverse, this would allow more burst in pvp. But with all the modifiers just for Pvp You can slap one onto this as well. This would allow for many more specs to flourish especially 2h hybrid with the great new avenger gear 😃 also. p.s 8 set judgement still doesn't work =/
  6. https://gyazo.com/75653564e1f02b4467efd1c0a090e7a8 @itswicky although, ingame they haven't been changed.
  7. @itswicky appreciate the timely response. I would of rather seen some shadowbolt / soulfire synergy, but I appreciate the shadowburn change. off-note will this update fix the pvp 3 set & 6 set swap to combine other sets? aye?
  8. the only time they use battle shout is for warcry but that's 100% crit rating lol
  9. I'd still like to see the 3 set warlock changed, its very bland and awful compared to most. The other changes are very good . 😃 I like the way everything is going as of right now, makes me want to keep playing.
  10. agreed so. I've been playing shadow since early 2017, late 2016, somewhere in there. I still fear shadow will need love. I'd love to see some shadow & soul fire synergy. Would love to see what's in store for the AQ warlock sets.
  11. Great work. =D I really like the way these updates have gone; also.. winter's chill debuff and improved scorch debuff give 5% spell crit bonus. They are 3/3 talents. Why is shadow bolt's 5? It wouldn't break the game to see it changed to 15% shadow bolt damage for 3 talents, which also evens out the playing field for the 5% spell crit debuff. This gets rid of the 5 point talents that ascension had made a post about how they want more build diversity, this would offer a lot more build diversity.
  12. What is planned for the AQ 40 sets? Seeing the AQ 20 sets had a very nice re-work. Are the AQ 40 sets getting re-worked for their 5 set bonus, 3 set bonus or both? Some 3 set and 5 set are perfect for builds already in-game. What's the plan here?
  13. Good news everyone. 😃 https://gyazo.com/c2ca6ac9f0e17da6b6e8d92375242c4a @Kaladin
  14. This post was made from ignorance, there are fireball builds who hit 20k+ with 4k ignite ticks. I can get around a 10k smite now with cooldowns. I think smite is in a good place, although, still not top tier. It brings a lot of utility to the raid as well, if built correctly. Although, there are TGs who hit 2k & 2k with a whirlwind attack , let alone bladestorm. Smite is easily countered by nether protection.

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