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  1. Cool Idea! I love most of them but Dwarven probably look better in a Boar Form and Gnomes could use the Mechanical chicken http://www.wowhead.com/item=10398/mechanical-chicken
  2. Try to get hit, or pick the talent that gives you rage after a dodge. Critical give more rage, so more crits is always good. Omen of Clarity give you a free spell so can be usefull and can proc of any auto attack or bear spell, Endeless rage is like the botton of my choices but can help you if you reaaly need more. At lvl 60 you probably dont have much rage problems if you are tanking just make sure to build some with enrage before pulling. Cheers!
  3. "Welcome to Oz, we are far away from Kanzas" Again forgot what you know of retail wow, here the people Hit hard and fast, or they survive, like hell they do, some people are almost invinvible in 1vs1, they cant kill you but you can kill then (try a solo fight agains Cachtme). But thats the beuty of it, it make you think outside the box and forget what you think you know of traditional old wow.
  4. I respect your opinion but I dont agree. We got a bag full of nerfs already. I dont think that the solution is make the bag grow bigger. Instead learn to live with the meta builds and try to claw your way out in PvP. If you think that nerfing would make veteran any worse, you are wrong, nerf dont target players: traget servers, so Veteran simple respect and move to the next big build, and will continue to own you in regular basis. So dont try to "fix" what is not broken, this server is for OP builds or else instead of "Ascension" the would have called it "Decension". Cheers!
  5. Best idea EVER! Not even 48 hours, even 72 hours and still a good Idea! I support you! Cheers!
  6. Fight Renamed, Wazed and Lyrical you will fear casters. Melee is good, but other buils are good too.
  7. Just give everyone 4 "Racial Essence" in lvl 1 and dump all the racials on General Tab. And let the people pick their 4 options. Will help a lot on both PvP and PvE. Also will make character creation more like a Cosmetic option and less: "Oh I need to roll a Gnome for the extra 5% int for my mage build." Cheers!
  8. Agree, timeline is awfully outdated.
  9. Your ideas are not bad, but they need anorther server. Dont get my wrong: they could be fun to try in a new server, but right now old players like me are happy with the current syste. Some changes are good, but this is a massive overhaul.
  10. Chronosk

    pvp weapons

    Ill hope they come in the next pacht
  11. So your Idea is simple: NERF everything! Good job mate! The only thing you forgot to mention was healing. Lets make all spell deal 1 damage and crit by 2! that would be awesome as balance! No more Op builds! My idea is simple: give everyone a bag full of potential and lets see who uses it better! This server is about freedon not balance!
  12. Agree, dont nerf the system anymore or we may aswell go and play retail.
  13. NO, NO and NO. Limiting the Freedom is never the answer, or we just may go and play retail WoW. Freedom is what makes this server great and I see a TON of diferents build owning in BGs. Even Ai, who I think is one of the Best PvPers in Andorhal, has to tweek his build from time to time, and sometime He losses. I seen a lot of diferent builds: Dots builds, Fire Builds, Hunter Builds, Runner Builds(Cachtme) Inmortal Builds who are ignored in the Bgs cause it takes forever to kill then. Just cause some players go for the easy build and copy the most straightforward strategy that doesn't mean that is the only end game functional PvP build. And stop complaining about balance, this server is not about balance is about FUN and Freedom with your build! if you are geting Killed in Bgs: Find New gear, put new Res on then and if everything fails respec some abilities for better results. Any time that the Devs Nerf something for PvPers the PvE suffers MORE. Cheers!
  14. My answer: know your enemy. You play in Andorhal? Stay away from Ai and some other Harcore PvPers. They are fully optimised for PvP in all aspects, build, gear and REs, so If you are against them: Run, if you can. Fresh lvl 60 have no chance against then.
  15. Agree, I always separate the PvP players from the PvE ones, simple reason: The build its never the same, neither the talents and the gear. If you want to PvP you need to invest time in your build to make it viable for PvP, thats a fact even in retail, so Ascension is no excepcion. But if you like to PvE and PvP is just for "have some fun time" You need to keep your build PvE ready, cause Ragnaros not gonna think when he is about to One shot you: "Oh let me skip this noob cause he is in his PvP spec". So my point: keep your priorities straight PvP or PvE, but you cant have both at the same time. And please dont call more damage nerfs cause Devs love to nerf here and PvE suffers more in every update. Cheers!
  16. Not again the PvP nerf topic! Please read all the PvP discussion out there. But tbh take this tip: invest in defensive talents/spells, put some points into stamina and get yourself a nice gear with decents REs. Anytime that someone need a nerf for PvP remenber that PvE suffer a huge loss. Cheers!
  17. Sad but true: You need at least 2 Specs in this servers: 1 for grind gold/leveling and the other one for enjoy yourself endgame content like raiding and Bgs, sadly like respecs: a second spec cost 1000 Gold or 68 000 Honor, pick your poison. I would like to see a respec tokens randomly drop from final dungeon bosses and raid bosses, that would easy the pain of grinding gold and bring more life to dungeons.
  18. My Point! Your build = Your freedom! You want to be a glass cannon and hit like 5k every time but have only 2k HP good for you, but its going to backfire at you sooner or later. You need more defensives and more survivality at expense of DPS: good for you! Compromise is most of the time the best solution! You wanna be inmortal and hit like a Barbie with a plastic umbrella: Do it! But never feel that: ok I have some points left... let me pick portals, travel form, acuatic form, astrall recall and lockpick cause the points are just there. In the end no matter the system: Good players will beat bad players, and good builds would serve their purpose more than the bad ones. Also PvP is not only the one thing here, PvE builds need more freedom. Cheers!
  19. First Balance here is already imposible, One Shots happens every day in Bgs with the veteran players owning the fresh ones (identical to retail wow). People already stack up buff for damage and defense. I only want to make the place more FREE, I have 3 specs on my main, and in ALL of then I got Filler Abiliities cause the points are just there, so everyone pick quality of life spells (portals, travel form, etc) and 5 or 6 buffs cause they have some Iddle points that could do better work elsewhere. I doubt people only using 1 spell, but if you see some Vanilla raiding videos for example: Mages only casted Frosbolt in their rotation, so 1 button rotation is your thing: Go ahead. To me is better to have 3 or 4 spell activille using them in a clever rotation that 1 or 2 spells and 10 buff that need recast every certain time, wich is what a lot of people are doing now. Is like evereyone take the same buffs. Also this server could use some KISS treatment: Keep It Simple Stupids! Diversity and Freedom are the keys for a fun game. Cheers. *Yo devs no hard feelings with the last line of the Kiss, is a joke!
  20. Like I said: We need only 1 resource for this or at least 2, Mystic Runes could do all 3 works: Random Enchant, Extract and Reforge from Collection. And please lower the prices for respecs and unlearn speels, is a grinding nightmare right now.
  21. Nothing to do? I still cant kill Hakkar or Spider Boss (High Priestess Mar'li) (Due to bugs). BWL is a whole new raid now! So you guessed: New Gear for everyone. After that Ahn'Qiraj and later Naxxramas and then TBC and the list goes on. We got a LOT of things to do if we want to keep our Guilds top shaped for new content!!
  22. Yes agree with you, Orb should be removed, instead let the bosses in dungeons reward with extra Mystic Extracts, and for a aplying a Enchant in your colection you only need Mystic Runes or Gold, more simple imposible, right? No, its posible to make it even simpler: Remove Mystic Extracts and Orbs, and let the Mystic Runes/Gold do their job, Only one currency for a simple system should be better and easier to understand for new players.
  23. Agree, make the Rank of the RE visible and let us read the unknown RE tooltips.
  24. Again One shot builds, PvP... You know one shot is more like good gear and good RE than talents. Ai hinself has say this many times, He got awesome gear and The most optimized Res for his build so yeah, One Shots and 2 or 3 shots gonna happen, a lot, against poor geared players, I got a few guild mates tha He ignores in BGs cause takes forever for him to kill them, so he pray on the weak and the glass cannons builds, a lot of build are glass cannons so the One shots are kind of common for then. But think in PvE if we continue to nerf Talents and Spells and bosses get pumped up with new mechanics and unfixed bugs: PvE Its gonna be a nightmare especially for fresh lvl60 and new players, I play in Andorhal, do a few Bgs and PvP but my main interest is PvE so I dont like nerfs. If Nerfs are for PvP do then in Sargeras, not Andorhal. Cheers!
  25. LoL I see people without TG doing insane DPS both in PvP and PvE, Why Titan Grips take all the hate? If you dont like it simple: dont take it, but dont force your tastes in others. Nerf its nerver the answer.

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