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  1. Very pleased to see nerfs to Oneshot and Agi sustain builds finally! My only concern would be it making CC / Kite Casters extremely strong, since they're already if not some of the most viable builds for pvp. Personally i'm very excited about the Ret Paladin changes, i'm likely gonna theorycraft on that once it hits, i'm craving an viable 2H build with Crusader Strike / Exorcism and stuff for pvp. Overall awesome changes, and it feels like thoughts have been put into these. On an sidenote, please release AQ gear in world on LS already. Best regards Bavne / Traxx on Laughing Skull
  2. Who is this absolute Madlad! The amount of Puzz he will slay, when showing grills this video
  3. Changes seem fine, But giving people who hide in raids instead of wpvp on Laughing Skull an even bigger advantage gear-wize is just dumb... Make it so PvP'ers on Laughing Skull have an alternative way to get gear from current content, the state of server is laughable, only PvE guilds left.. The economy on Laughing Skull is super inflated as well.. When people go out into world, they're not worried about losing gear, they're worried about losing RE's, because the methods of getting Orbs is horrible. Best regards Bavne
  4. I 100% agree Best regards Bavne
  5. Super glad to see these CC changes! An very welcome change ❤️ Best regards Bavne
  6. Hello, Myself and many others have no reason to play Laughing Skull in it's current state, and the release of AQ is not gonna change that. The following suggestions is regarding the dwindling state of Laughing Skull: Add the dailies from Seasonal to Laughing Skull with the following effects: 1. You get tokens from doing the daily world quests 2. You can spend X-amount of tokens to get an random gear item from current raid tier "AQ" 3. Daily quests reward Mystic Orbs These changes will add: 1. Give people an alternative way of getting geared other than raiding, on an server promoted to be focused around wpvp 2. Encourage more wpvp, with actual rewards, and not just about who bring the biggest raid to some cache.. 3. Newcomers to Laughing Skull will have easier to catch up on gear 4. People will try exploit it with having multiple lvl 60's, but that is no difference than raiding on multiple lvl 60's... Only that those multiple lvl 60's doing dailies will add to more wpvp for everyone, and not just be hiding in an raid. With all the dupes of gear and gold in the past, some got fixed sure, but there are plenty still that is working on Laughing Skull, I would strongly suggest to either reset the server completely, or make gear more accessible for everyone, and not gated behind an raid.. Best regards Bavne
  7. For once I actually think Beastly makes a little sense. A "Regular Melee" that runs with Bladestorm / Killing Spree, and does loads of damage, is awesome in big fights, in groups with dedicated healers. You charge in, pop cooldowns into a Bladestorm and Killing spree, if focused too much by then, you blink back out, and wait for cooldowns. Where an Melee healer, is far less usefull in big fights, but better in small scale brawling I would say, since you've to stay in the fight 100% of the times in order to be somewhat usefull, since you have no burst or big cooldowns. While maintaining 80% of the time in CC. And people saying that TG is the issue, have no clue what they're talking about, i've got friends playing 1H Dual Wield, doing just fine. What is missing if anything is viable single 2Hander, and not just judgement. Personally my last build got completely gutted after last patch, and i've used 400-500k honor theory-crafting on it every since, on how to make it viable vs current meta. People who keep complaining about melee often forget that we spent insane amount of time in CC, while ranged / healers run around freely, and can easily escape any fight if they're good, without risking it. And saying that for my instance 1.1k crit heals on myself in basicly BiS gear through heal reduction is OP, makes no sense.. They have no idéa about dmg reductions and health% passive heals it feels like, and what you have to give up, in order of being able to keep yourself alive for just a while longer than Burst Melee's ___________________________________ I've seen early as today, a guy equally geared I dueled, who Bladestormed into my already active Evasion, and then got angry about why he lost, and said he would make a forum post, calling for nerfs. That is 1 example of countless ones i've seen.. People are way too fast on their assumptions. Regards Bavne on LS
  8. Sounds like you've not even played on Laughing Skull, and just says whatever you've been told by someone who didn't do very well. I've not been in a dungeon, raid and overall spent a max of 2 hours farming mobs in my whole time being on Laughing Skull, basicly all I do is small scale wpvp, got pretty much full BiS and thousands of gold from just doing this. This is true with most of my friends in-game. Can easily see that it brings an issue regarding to resilience, and agree they probably should do something about it. I'm 100% in for them to enforce baseline resilience on Andorhal too, since if they don't, it will be too easy on Laughing Skull to just be a BG Hero and buy pvp gear, that can compete with the gear you get from wpvp. Regards Bavne on Laughing Skull
  9. He clearly mentioned me in his post and wanted a discussion to happen, so gave him the answer I think it deserved. But i'm glad you answered with such a thoughtfull response too, you seem to be a prime example of the behavior I just mentioned... Best regards Bavne on Laughing Skull
  10. @Beastly You're by far one of the most toxic and lying people, ingame on ascension i've ever come across. I've perm ignored you ingame already, and i'll ignore you here, best of luck and wish you a fun experience on Ascension.
  11. Don't want to come of short tempered, but I spend alot of time and effort into the server, in which I only do world pvp, i've not been in a raid / dungeon. My main interest is world pvp with friends. And when I keep bashing my head against people duplicating items / 12 minute caches, and 15+ raids zerging around, negating all types of wpvp, unless you're in one of the 2 Zergs. These things really have made alot of my friends ingame quit recently. And this blow tonight, with T2 loot in world is fine, but just made the above issues even worse, and just made 2 other good friends on server quit too. Which makes me super bummed out, and even less viable for us to contest any type of wpvp. It's simply impossible to do wpvp unless you're in 1 of the 2 Zerg guilds, and i'm 100% sure this is making a lot of people quit server once they hit lvl 60, because they simply can't participate in anything. I've spoken with members from the Zergs, they're using stealth alts to determine the other groups strength & numbers, to make sure they only take fights which they will not risk anything, while they meanwhile call out for "Lets have big Wpvp fights, but then shy away whenever such fights are about to happen due to this." It's simply not a viable state the Wpvp is in right now. My current suggestions to fix these issues on the server is as following below: 1: Elemental spawns or similar event on Eastern Kingdoms, really needs to happen. 2: More Caches with less loot that spawns at the same time, to prevet people to just use summon alt, to jump around each Cache. (To try split up the zerg groups into smaller groups, since bringing 15man raid to 1 of the 6 caches, would not be very beneficial) 3: No groups larger than 5 in world, will obviously make people just go out in 3 groups of 5, but at least they will AOE and not being able to heal their allies. as a drawback. Also there is a good option to make a drawback which happens if you're more than 5 in a group, that gives %less stats or something similar, the more member is in a group. Which again will likely just make people form multiple 5man groups, but I still think that would be a good start. _________________________________________ This is a calculation we've made to compare the active pvp'rs on each faction. Which really shows that Alliance is left in the dust, with both Eemental Spawns and Caches, and makes almost everyone change to horde due to this issue. And that the Orc racial is scaled around Wotlk, which makes it absurdly powerful. As well is there only 2-3 cache spawn locations that Alliance can get to faster than horde. 1: Wetlands 2: BRM 3: Karazhan which is questionable due to horde portals to Stonard /Bavne on Laughing Skull
  12. As I said, I think the drawback to group limit size is fine for a start, and I don't see how you would get around the fact, that you can AOE dmg and not heal your allies in the other groups.
  13. Then what is your solution? All i'm reading from both Aaron and Othanic, is criticism but no answers at all
  14. Being in different groups is still a good drawback in my point of view, and a small step towards the right path for server. Different groups will make so AOE hits friendlies and you won't be able to heal allies in other groups either, making it way more possible for smaller groups to compete, and give the Zerg a drawback that way. It's 100% not the best solution, but indeed an efficient one still. Though if devs don't want to find any solution for this, they should rather just remove caches for now, until they can come up with something else.

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